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  1. I feel like a few drinks in the sun this afternoon .. My group of friends are either away or busy.. I'm Emma 28 and live in Potts point
  2. Hey people, I am Emma 28 originally from near Leeds and have lived in Sydney for 18 months - could do with meeting some new people for drinks/dinner etc I live in Potts Point, would be great if anyone is about for a few in surry hills/darlinghurst/city etc etc
  3. Hey I'm Emma 28 and live in Potts point, I work in the city am single and am looking for more "girlie" mates,, for going out with etc.. Be nice to catch up for a few wines on a sat afternoon.. anyone free this weekend ?
  4. Hey Kelly, No problems at all, I suppose it can be a lonely city - but so can any city if you dont put the effort in to meet people. This girl and I that met when we got over here were saying that it was great how we felt comfortable doing things on our own out here.. going for a coffee, theatre stuff like that - I wouldnt dream of doing that at home in the UK. (people would look at you funny) . But meeting friends is easy and the flatmate thing is a must, Its a massive step, however when you have been here two weeks it just feels the norm - everyone I have spoken to feels the same as well.. its a strange feeling ! Yes for sure we will meet up WHEN you get here (haha) and if you need any help - just shout :-) Em x
  5. Hey ! I am 28 and moved to Sydney almost a year ago (wow) its gone really fast. I felt the same as you, I have never lived abroad before and never even lived out of the same little town where all my friends and family are. I was excited.. but VERY apprehensive - I applied for a job in Sydney from the UK and gained sponsorship... I had never even been to Australia before ! haha,., Looking back a bit mad really !? I cant speak for Melbourne as I have only been there once, but I certainly can speak for Sydney - I love it ! I was totally on my own and through this website I have met some great friends, some going out friends and also a couple fo really close friends. One thing I would say about Sydney is, the amount of people that are here on their own is amazing and you never feel out of place or awkward.. its relatively easy to make friends IF you apply yourself to it.. I started goups on here, posted social meet ups and from that things snowballed and I met friends of friends etc etc. The best thing you can do is get out here and get into a house share, this can be a god send if you get the right people (the people were more important to me that the place when I first got here) Sydney is relatively safe on your own, obviously there are places you dont go - but otherwise I have never felt edgy here... well not like I would in Manchester or London - infact nowhere near as on edge. The lifestyle is great.. from the office you can be on the beach in 15 mins - the pubs, bars and reseturants are amazing and a new one pops up every day. I am single, here on my own and have gone through the last year with a lot of highs and a lot of lows.. but the highs for me have far out wieghed the lows. I went to fiji the other week for 4 days and I loved it so stayed longer - you cant do that from the UK. So in a nutshell my advice would be - If you are dreaming about coming here and love OZ, then do it.. infact do it now.... Otherwise whats the alternative ? I moved here because I didnt want to look back when I was 60 and say "oh well I had the opportunity, but didnt" and ya know what... if you dont like it and for whatever reason it doesnt work... you are only a day away and at least you could put your mind at rest.............. Wow.. long response there. Dont know if this helps at all, but they are my thoughts ! haha If you want to know anything specific - just ask Emma xx
  6. We are looking for recruitment consultants for our offices in Sydney. We are an established company with a strong presance in the market and are looking for experienced and trainee consultants to cover construction and engineering market. For experienced recruiters we can offer sponsorship. Great salaries great prospects. Send me a PM for more details
  7. Hi Ryan, So sorry ! I only just got your message it didn't come through on my email for some reason ! I will text you this aft and try get you to come on our next "gathering" Emma
  8. hey I am organising a night out on sat (26th feb) for a few of us.. there are couples and singles and people that know each other and people that dont... age group currently is 20-35 (ish) we will start off in the opera bar from 7pm... and then into the city and maybe the cross... please feel free to come along, there is a really good mix of people.. pm me and I will send my mobile number to arrange... hope to see you there :jiggy::biggrin::cute:
  9. Hey.. I am going to try get a group together for a night out on Saturday (26th feb) in Sydney... everyone and anyone welcome... I am single 28 and female... there will be couples and singles so come along... prob in the city and the cross.... whos in ?:jiggy:
  10. Hey ! thinking of organising a night out this saturday if anyone is up for it ?# Emma
  11. Ha ha ! Oops... In sydney ! :-)
  12. Hey everyone ! I'm Emma, I am 28 and live in the city... I have been here 8 months and met a few people but due to a few people leaving etc I have found myself with a circle of friends that are coupled off! One thing I miss about home is the girls ! Does anyone fancy a sat night out on the town ?
  13. Hi, I am Emma 28 from Leeds, working in the CBD and live at Darling Harbour... always up for a few beers.. got a little circle of friends at the moment and would like to meet new people!
  14. Hi, My name is Emma, I am 28 and a recruitment consultant... I have been here for 5 months and I have met a few people off here and we have got a good group going. However I am looking for more girls to go out with for wine and the like ! I live in Darling Habour and work in the city... Feel free to give me a shout on PM and I will shoot you my mobile number :-)