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  1. Illawarra Coal was divested by BHP earlier this year, one of many businesses divested to help improve the bottom line. If you actually took some time to read multiple articles rather than just the first one that pops up you would find out many more interesting facts. Like how another of Illawarra Coal's sites have just finished strike action, in part as they are in negotiations and want better pay. The union seems to have realised if the strike continued if would have actually risked the viability of that and the other 2 sites. Anyone can read the award documents online and there isn't really much of a need for better pay.
  2. Irrelevant reference at that. West Cliff mine isn't part of BHP anymore. I see Coal miners everyday, and come from a long line of miners. You would actually be surprised how many do support The Greens. If the same subsidies were given to renewables, making them as viable as coal mining then many miners would just follow the work. Tbh with the number of lay offs occurring in coal mining these days due to the plummeting demand and therefore price, only someone very short sighted would think there is a long term career for many in coal mining.
  3. MicheleW

    Liverpool FC tour,Australia 2015

    Should be a fun night. I've only been to 2 English football matches previously and they were both Watford vs Sheffield United, and had a great time with friends at those games. Given that you won't be here for the game I'll give them a shout for you.
  4. MicheleW

    Liverpool FC tour,Australia 2015

    The OH and I are going to the match at Suncorp. Our tickets are in the Liverpool supporters section so that should be fun. :jiggy:
  5. MicheleW


    Congratulations Stacey, it couldn't have happened to a nicer person.
  6. MicheleW

    Titles for unmarried partner

    TBH Stacey, I couldn't actually care or not if they dislike my comment, I answered the question asked in the original post and I can't see their responses anyway.
  7. MicheleW

    Titles for unmarried partner

    I will often call my OH my wife, as that is what she is in all except the paperwork.
  8. MicheleW

    Let's imagine..... but would Tony go quietly??

    There is a precedent to a leadership change in the Liberal party, let's not forget the Gorton / McMahon years where there was a change due to a challenge.
  9. MicheleW

    Wild Australia the best of.

    I love pictures such as these, photography is such an art. Thanks for posting.
  10. MicheleW

    Hero or villain?

    I'm undecided - in some ways a hero, but is it really any of his business - I don't know. :unsure:
  11. Very true, with additional stickiness from the gum. So really, just avoid the sticky BBQ smoked ribs and all should be good. :wink:
  12. Hmmm, don't think I will be going to that restaurant next time I'm in San Francisco.
  13. Not being protective - it just isn't interesting as it isn't fact it is simply your misinformed opinion.
  14. Restaurants does not equal fast food outlets :no: and amongst the highest ratios of car ownership does not equal the most amount of cars. 0 from 2 At least get the title of the thread correct.