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  1. dufont

    Wellington Point Schools

    Although it is almost 10years ago now, our daughter went to Wellington Point State School and she loved it there, we were very happy with it.
  2. dufont

    performing arts schools queensland

    Millennium Dance
  3. dufont

    Teaching in Brisbane

    I know of a teacher that had a PGCE and it was not recognised in Queensland, not sure why so she had to complete the Graduate Diploma in Education
  4. dufont

    performing arts schools queensland

    Some dance schools offer a 'professional year' and don't be put off by them also being a regular weekend/evening dance school as my daughter attended a reputable, high standard London dance college (on a full scholarship) and when she visited the dance schools in Brisbane she was astounded by the standard of the dancing. Many school age children complete their Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 RAD ballet, qualifications that in the UK are in the main only completed at the full time dance colleges.
  5. dufont

    Will I be earning enough to live in Brisbane?

    According to the ATO tax would approximately be $9097 per year, not 17.5, it is $3572 + 32.5c for each dollar over $37,000. the figure of 17.5K would be more accurate for someone not classed as resident for tax purposes. Even a temporary visa can result in being resident for tax purposes as long as you meet all the criteria.
  6. dufont

    HELP with FULL TIME performing arts schools

    Conroy Dance offer a full time course. http://www.conroydance.com.au/cpac/ The standard is high in Brisbane, in fact I would say comparable to some of the full time colleges in London.
  7. dufont

    How do you get/read your news?

    I don't think people should get hung up on 'who posts what' and 'where they post it from', it is a forum where people are free to express their feelings and opinions including posting links to news and other information they think people might like to read.
  8. dufont

    take warm clothes to Brisbane??

    I would agree with everyone else.....bring the warm clothes!! Getting up early for work means sometimes the temperture is 6 degrees, which is cold anywhere in the world.
  9. dufont

    Perth or Brisbane?!*

    We considered Perth but what put us off was that it was a long way to any other Australian city, so we chose Brisbane and love it here.
  10. dufont

    Where to go and The first few weeks

    We rented a furnished apartment in Brisbane for 4 weeks and found a long term rental in that time
  11. dufont

    10 days and counting!!!

    Congratulations, and good look with the move.
  12. Congratulations and good luck
  13. dufont

    Could we still make the move if we're 40?

    We were 44, 40, 17 and 10.....best thing we did
  14. dufont

    8 months in and we're moving back home next year. !!!!!

    When we first came, we didn't settle and decided to make the move back. Taking the pressure off to settle, in the end made us settle if that makes sense....and by the time we were looking at flights and cancelling the lease on the house we decided that actually, we didn't want to go back. We moved house to a different area and everything fell into place.
  15. dufont

    Reduce the Emigrating Stresses

    Great post Ali, I remember the feeling the first time we said 'do you remember when......', we now have memories from our life in Australia and it felt fantastic