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    Soccer Mornington

    Hi Paul , I know a few blokes who play football in Mornington at indoor sports centre where inflatable world is , next to optima . Hope that helps
  2. cwl

    Mornington muddle!

    Hi vinnievansurfer , how are things going now ? We moved to Mornington 3and a half years ago and love it . We wouldn't move from the area . Kids are primary school age 7& 11 ( eldest going to Padua next year) . If need any advice on the area , let me know . All the best
  3. Hi Hope someone can help with my enquiry ? I have been in oz on a permanent resident visa for 4 months. I have come up with a business idea and would like to sponsor an individual who I know in the uk to help with this venture . Is this possible ? what visa process would I have to go through and roughly how long would it take ? Many thanks in advance for your help Cwl
  4. Hi cd chaplin We have been in mornington for 5 months and loving it too. We used a local babysitter for the first time this weekend, but always good to have a back up...... Just in case.... Get in touch Caroline
  5. Hi there. We have just moved to mornington from Kent. We have been here 3 months, and we are settling in well. The winter has been quite lovely, the locals think it has been a terrible winter. We have had sunny days, drying clothes outside, on the beach, Other days rainy but it rarely rains all day like the uk. You usually get to the sun at some point of the day. We are looking forward to summer now, when all the locals should come out of winter hiding and get to meet more people. We have a 7 and 4 year old. Our 7 year old goes to St macartans school which is great. It is a big school but we thought it was great as it is 3 years old, very Eco friendly and naplan results are great. We have a great rental house, which we couldn't afford to buy , but can afford to rent. It's huge, loads of space for us all, views of sea and pool. It's early days settling in. I have good and bad days,I miss my family terribly. But very lucky as my brother s moving over this week and parents come over for a holiday in December - can't wait. If you need any info , let me know and all the best with your decision.
  6. cwl

    Thank you to poms in oz

    Just wanted to write a post to say many thanks to all the people who have replied to my posts and offered advice over the last 2-3 years. We are finally off to mornington on friday ( 2 days to go) and very excited to start our new life. I will certainly keep an eye out for any social meet ups and events in the area to get to know some people. Mornington - see you soon. Looking forward for the sun coming out and heading to the beach. Cwl xxx :smile:
  7. cwl

    Aquis and insurance???

    Where a bouts in Kent are you eng 32?? We are in tunbridge wells off to Melbourne in June
  8. cwl

    Aquis and insurance???

    We have just used letton Percival and they were a very good price
  9. Hi bennyboy, We are in Kent and had Doree bonner in today for their first day of packing. Day 2 tomorrow, loading onto our container thursday and sailing out of Felixstowe on Saturday. I can' t fault them at all. Very thorough, efficient , the cheapest quote we got and nice blokes. Good luck with your choice. Xx
  10. cwl

    Mornington Penisula

    Hi cdchaplin I noticed you are a nurse living in mornington. I too am a nurse and am moving out in June , we have secured a rental in mornington. Can I be nosey , and ask where you work and what speciality of nursing you are in? I have a bank job secured at Frankston hospital. I was wondering what it was like , or whether beleura hospital was a preferred hospital. Sorry to hijack the post. Thanks Caroline
  11. cwl

    Life insurance policies

    Hi Does anyone know the situation with your life insurance policies once you move to oz. Is it still valid ?? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. Hi All First of all I must say a huge thank you to all on Poms in Oz who have helped with my many questions along the way. We headed to Melbourne to get our visas stamped. We had not sold our house in the UK so had to do a reccie trip to get the necessary stamp in our passport,and we had a 3 week holiday staying with friends in Eaglemont, near Ivanhoe. We had already decided before we left that we wanted to live in the Mornington area and so were eager to get down there and take a look. We really hoped that it matched our dreams and I must say we were not disappointed. We arrived at Mornington beach on a beautiful afternoon to see the local senior school (Padua ) having their PE lesson on the beach. Wow ! you wouldn't get that in the UK (health and safety and all that !). The beach was lovely and clean , and very shallow so the kids could paddle out quite far .We looked around Mornington and Mt Eliza at rental housing and it all seems quite stagnant! The rental market at present does not seem to be moving that quickly and there wasn't alot on the market. (We are looking at renting between $700-$1000) per week. We checked out a school for my daughter who is 7- St Macartan's parish Primary school and thought it was amazing ! It is very eco minded and the school boys that did our tour were exceptional.The school appear to have great results and was only built 2 years ago so all very spacious and clean. We loved the fact the Melbourne was very clean and relaxed and friendly. Mornington has a great Main street that has everything you require. We chatted to a few people on the beaches the few times we went down and everyone was very friendly. The beach at the weekend is very family orientated, we saw a few Tesco bags so we know there are Brits there and found out that Mornington's population is 10 % brits. Unfortunately the Mornington meet up organised by Poms in Oz was cancelled due to rain but I am looking forward to meeting you all soon. My friends from the city loved it so much that they are now looking for jobs down in Mornington, so they can move down! Best of all we got home on Saturday - and today Monday we have finally exchanged on our house. We are planning to make the permanent move in June this year!! Sorry if things don't make sense- I have serious jet lag !
  13. Hi We live in tunbridge wells and plenty of people commute from around here to London daily. The ashford train is a fast train into London from Sevenoaks / ton bridge/ tunbridge wells and out to ashford. From tonbridge the train journey to charing cross / Waterloo east is 35 mins . Ashford would probably be 45 -50 mins. The cost of commuting is a factor - you are looking at £3500 - £ 4500 per year. You will see it as a daily grind - there are always issues. Snow - no trains. Autumn - leaves on the line. People miserable. Standing room only. I wouldn't call it fun - but loads of people do it. Good luck
  14. We went up there in person and the security guys are SO grumpy and rude, ( typical jobs worth Brit ) but once you are inside they are as nice as could be
  15. Hi, We are in almost the same situation. Apart from we put our house up for sell in the autumn and although we have accepted an offer , it seems to be taking a long time to go through the whole process. We are on the cusp of exchanging, but need to o o Melbourne to validate the visas. Therefore we have decided to do a reccie together and stay for 3 weeks looking at all the suburbs and then hopefully when we get back we can pack up and go or good , or put the house back on the Market. Yes , it is a waste of money, but I try and focus on the positives and kids are really looking forward to seeing the place first before the big move. Hope you work it out. I would hate to be separated from my husband or kids so we would do everything in our own pace.