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    Short term rental Perth April

    Try www.ozhouserental.com Tracey is very helpfull and there are quite a few properties both north and south of the river.
  2. Heathfamily

    Travel insurance

    Thanks for your reply, do many take out travel insurance?
  3. Heathfamily

    Travel insurance

    Wheres the best place for one way travel insurance? Just want cover for us when we fly and maybe a few days when we land untill we sort out medicare. Any recomendations?
  4. Heathfamily

    UK tax office

    Not sure where to put this so I put it here. When emigrating do you need to inform the UK tax office? Has anyone done this? Thanks.
  5. Heathfamily

    UK Overdraft

    If you have an NAB account and use Moneycorp the transfers are free as many times as you like as long as its over £250.
  6. Heathfamily

    Buying a car

    When buying a car what paperwork is needed to drive it away from a dealer/carlot and also private? Thanks. Will be going to WA if that makes any difference.
  7. Found it http://www.racv.com.au/wps/wcm/connect/internet/primary/my+car/buying+_+selling+a+car/car+seller_s+tips/buying+a+used+car scroll down to cooling off. Hope that helps
  8. I think you get a "cooling off" period, I am sure I have read it some where, I will try and find it.
  9. Heathfamily

    Amazon UK christmas delivery to Australia deadline

    Do you use an Aussie card/bank account for payments or do you need to keep a UK one?
  10. Heathfamily

    LPG fuel

    Hi, I have been looking around at cars/4x4s to buy once we get over in Jan and have seen a few that run on LPG as well as petrol. Is LPG available from petrol stations or is it hard to get at only a few places. We will be in Port Kennedy if that helps. Thanks in advance.
  11. I have an NAB account setup for when we get to Aus. I need to know if I will be able to setup a monthly direct debit from my NAB account to my UK account to pay a loan that I am hoping to leave running in the UK. Any advise on this? I have opened a Moneycorp account to transfer funds from UK to Aus. Can i do this the other way every month?
  12. Heathfamily

    SOR v NOR Football Players Wanted......

    Hi, I would be interested in playing. I will be over the end of Jan and will be in Port Kennedy area so SOR. Not played very much since school, about 27yrs ago!!!! OMG didnt realise I was that old!!! I am not a great player but am willing and think it will be a good way to meet people.
  13. Heathfamily

    Kindle ?

    Do you have an aussie card registered to your uk amazon account?
  14. Heathfamily


    If you have a visa already you dont need one. If not I think you may need a holiday/visitor/tourist visa. have a look here http://www.immi.gov.au/ hope that helps.
  15. Heathfamily

    Houses seem horrible...

    I hope for that you have a mansion!! Where abouts are you, we have been looking around Port Kennedy and rentals are around 300 to 450 a week for a good size 4x2.