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  1. louise28

    friends near caloundra

    Have a look at Sunshine Coast ex pats social group on Facebook if you are on there. May be something of interest.
  2. louise28

    Oh so proud

    That's fantastic! Myself and my sister were raised solely by my Dad, and I've no doubt they will look at you when they are 30, the way I look at my Dad. He's my hero!
  3. In QLD, the first home grant is 15000 for a new build. You can't get a grant of $7000 anymore for an established home unless you brought it pre 2012.
  4. louise28

    Gittany murder interview

    Watched both parts, I can't work her out. I think there's an element of grabbing your 15 minutes of fame with her. Yes, like you say, after they went through the possibilities of the victim herself going over the balcony and the testing of the prints being unreadable if she had, I'm not entirely sure why on earth the witness would say what he had seen if that hadn't been the case. The CCTV footage of him grabbing her around her mouth and dragging her inside, does not make me think, as this Louise had said, he then started making her a cup of tea and then she jumped?! Very bizarre lady and I don't think she will be around too long, certainly not 26 years for him.
  5. louise28

    Who is your favourite comedian?

    Love comedy... Probably have too many I like Al Murray Alan Carr Miranda Hart John Bishop Sarah Millican Michael McIntyre Jimmy Carr Peter Kay Used to love The Fast Show and Smack The Pony.
  6. louise28

    Whats Your AFL Team?

    Eagles in this Queensland house containing a pom and a Tasmanian! My oh HAS to go for Tottenham so I have to go for the Eagles!
  7. louise28

    PIO Cricket Discussion Thread

    What a shower! Why oh why is Root in at 3, he's like a rabbit in the headlights. Bell is our best bat, not a number 5 player. And what was KP doing, its a test match, at least try to play yourself in before getting your knickers in a twist and getting frustrated after only being in for several balls... We won't even get their total with 2 innings. If Clarke's got any sense, stick us in again and carry on ripping us apart... Job done.
  8. I sent my form 80 completed with my initial application. Wasn't asked but did it anyway.wanted it to be as complete an application as poss
  9. louise28

    Current timeframe for on shore partner visa?

    I got all my bits certified by a JP at the local library. Didn't cost a cent. Can you do that where you are?
  10. louise28

    Current timeframe for on shore partner visa?

    Hi, yes it was an 820, I handed mine in at the Brisbane office. My bridging visa was confirmed along with my application acceptance letter 10 days later. Which then kicked in when my WHV expired in February. Good luck!
  11. louise28

    Current timeframe for on shore partner visa?

    Good luck. My onshore visa was processed within 4 months. Thinks its luck.of the draw!
  12. louise28

    Christmas is comming.. :)

    spending it at home in Buderim with my Mum and other family members. Cannot wait.to get back to the coast as currently working away in Emerald, qld and itching to get back to the coast and 'home'.
  13. louise28

    how many visas could you really have!

    Yeah I had heard about the Irish lad using a second passport. Silly boy. But this person has a complete new identity so to any government etc they are 2 different, unrelated people. Such a shame they have got away with it. Pees me off when so many of us spend thousands doing it the right way..
  14. Bit of a random question but intrigue is getting the better of me. A person I know of, who is Taiwanese was in Australia and used their 2 working holiday visas. (1st and 2nd yr) and returned home, where it has come to light they have changed their name, New passport and also very much changed their appearance and are back in Australia on another working holiday visa! Now I was told that this is legal, yes I get its legal to change your name etc if you so wish. But regardless of your name etc you could only obtain a working holiday visa once (including 2nd yr) in your lifetime. Surely if this is all legit every tom, Dick and Harry would be pulling this off? To me they have played the system and will now get 4 yrs in oz on working holiday visas? As 2 different identities but the same person.. or am I missing something? Obviously they got through immigration at the airport and are now free to do as they wish. It just doesn't sound right.
  15. louise28

    820 visa granted!!!!!!!

    Nice one! Got mine last week after applying in Dec.. must be getting through the pile now! Congrats