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    Suitable Jobs for UK Police Officers

    Hi, I believe you need to be a permanent resident/citizen to apply to Aus Police forces. You could look at security guards - I suspect they get paid well in the mines. Look on www.seek.com.au to check if you need any extra training. Good luck
  2. RonnieRonster

    Engagement Ring's

    I'm no expert, however I'd of thought you might be able to claim back the VAT if you purchased it from a suitable retailer, so long as you were going to export back to Oz and met the criteria. I also guess it would depend on the exchange rate.... I got my ring in Hatton Gardens (london) and got a good deal. I can let you the details if you want at least it would be somewhere to start looking.
  3. RonnieRonster

    Several Offshore 309 Defacto Questions

    Hello, I've got a couple of questions about De-facto visas and was hoping for some advice. Me and my OH are in a genuine committed relationship and have been living together as such for almost 2 years. She is keen to move back to Oz and I think it is a great idea. I applied for my WHV a while ago and have to activate this before July. I’m considering applying for a de facto spousal visa whilst here in London. I have a couple of concerns. The first is whether we would be granted the De-Facto visa. I know we meet the criteria although proving it is a different matter. We have lived together for 2 years. However, for the first 18 months her name wasn’t on the rental agreement. We moved 6 months ago and her name is on the current rental agreement. She has bills and lots of other documents i.e driving license etc to the old address. But does it matter if her name wasn’t on the rental agreement? So frustrating as I never thought it would matter. If we wait and the de facto gets refused, my WHV will of expired. So can I appeal the decision? Any idea how much that would cost and whether there is any chance of the decision been over turned? If we decided to go to Oz before applying for the de-facto visa, will the time we’ve been living in Oz be seen as time spent travelling? (the main purpose of the visa is stated as to be travel not to work/live). I don’t want to be 1 year down the line and still not be able to apply for the de-facto visa. I'm sure that we’ll marry in the future but I’m sure that proceedure will be stressful enough without time constraints. Also does anyone know if I can take my completed application the High Commission in London and submit the application to a CO in-person? I appreciate that it is just your opinions and it won’t be any guarantee but would appreciate some advice from people who have a lot more idea than myself. Thanks in advance Ronnie