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  1. dferri2000

    EOI 189 - do you need skills assessment in advance?

    Cheers Adam
  2. Asking for my BIL in the UK, the system has changed so much since I got my visa! BIL is a carpenter looking to submit an EOI for a 189 visa. Under the new process does he need to obtain a positive skills assessment prior to being able to submit his EOI? Also, assuming it will be a 'migration skills assessment' and not the 'offshore skills assessment' - TRA is not clear (to me anyway) which is which. TIA
  3. dferri2000

    Any new mums based south Gold Coast / Tweed!

    Thanks Tink
  4. dferri2000

    currumbin qld

    Haha yes LukeM
  5. dferri2000

    currumbin qld

    There's also the pines shopping centre closer than robina. Smaller but still has everything you need, Woolies , coles, kmart, butcher, chemist, post office etc. public transport down this end of the coast is not the best but will get you to the major centres. Nearest public hospitals are robina and tweed. Can't tell you much about schools but there are some great parks and only a few minutes to the beach. The Currumbin Vikings surf club is one of the best on the coast imo
  6. Hi all, I've been on the GC for 18 months but due to a dramatic pregnancy I didn't get out much and wasn't really big friends with any work colleagues. My son is now 6 months old and I'm starting to feel a bit home sick mainly because I'm lonely and feel isolated stuck in the house so much. Are there any other mums or dads out there on maternity leave who would like to meet up for a coffee? I'm in Elanora.
  7. dferri2000

    Computer repairs - Gold Coast

    Yeah that's what I was thinking, thanks for your help
  8. dferri2000

    Computer repairs - Gold Coast

    Tried both of those Elias but no luck. The first returns the same file checking with errors. for the second, once I get past the login screen I just get a black desktop so no way of getting to system tools and shortcuts don't work. Chrisinoz, thanks for the contact!
  9. dferri2000

    Computer repairs - Gold Coast

    It appears to be an error with the last update of windows installing and I can't get to the desktop, I'm getting "file record segment xx is unreadable"
  10. dferri2000

    Computer repairs - Gold Coast

  11. dferri2000

    Computer repairs - Gold Coast

    Can anybody recommend a decent computer repair place/person on the Gold Coast? My laptop has decided not to boot up and I'd like to try to rescue the photos etc on there. I'm in Elanora so somewhere in the south would be preferred. Thanks!
  12. dferri2000

    New Years Eve Celebrations, where are you going?

    Our little one is only 3.5 weeks old so can't see that we will do much. Might check out one of those fireworks displays though, thanks for the link Cal!
  13. dferri2000

    Roo spotting on the Gold Coast

    Thanks guys! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. dferri2000

    Roo spotting on the Gold Coast

    I used to see them all over the place when I lived in Canberra but they're a bit more elusive out here. Thanks for the tips Cal! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. dferri2000

    Roo spotting on the Gold Coast

    So my brother is coming over to visit and never having been to Australia before he's keen to see some Kangaroos in the wild (well not in a zoo). Living on the Gold Coast I see them around sporadically in 1s or 2s but can anyone recommend a spot on the GC where we're 'likely' to see them whenever we decide? Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk