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    Where does the word Pom come from?

    I understand it as being short for POMpous stuffed shirt which was a derogatory term applied to the British Governors and Administrators of the Antipodean Colonies behind their backs by the colonists under their juristiction. When the inhabitants of Australia declared themselves independent after the death of Queen Victoria they became braver and used the term in general conversation. All you have to do is call them an Aussie T**t and they will get the hump and stop talking to you, problem solved.
  2. Fox

    A new start..alone!

    I would! You've got to follow your dreams and grab opportunites that come your way. Some you win and some you lose, but at least you'd have given it a go.
  3. I find it hard to understand why anyone would deceive a child over anything. All you have to do is explain everything to them in a rational and unbiased way. Then they will think about it and ask questions when they have them, and all a parent has to do is answer honestly. This will reassure the child that they can trust their parents and therefore will be happier to go on any adventures that their parents want to take them on.
  4. I agree with whichway1. It is not the responsibility of adults to refrain from talking to children who approach them and ask something, if that kept happening then children would grow up thinking that the world was full of wierd and unfriendly people. It is the responsibility of parents to educate their children in the ways of the world whilst doing everything they can to keep them safe. It seems that the mother of these children is feeling guilty that she had failed to get her message across to the children and rather than take responsibility for that she has tried to pass the blame on to you and your friend.
  5. Freddie Mercury and Bon Scott
  6. Thankyou. Having started to wonder about all the negativity on here this is a timely reminder what all the effort is for and not to listen to the doom mongers. You have summed up perfectly why Australia beckons.
  7. I wanted to be a Royal Marines Commando but I've ended up in Engineerng as a Project Planner.
  8. Fox

    Best of luck to Tony Lemming

    All the best Tony and good fortune for your future.
  9. Fox

    A very interesting expat perspective

    Once again the luddites of the British Press spread doom and gloom.
  10. Fox

    Geoffrey Hughes

    No fuss, no airs or graces, a fine actor and gentleman.
  11. That's a statistic based on there not being very many of them compared to other industrialised nations, and the fact that the Yanks the Chinese have said it's not them honest. The United Nations, Governments and policy makers will manipulate statistics to support their latest way of taxing people and then indoctrinate the gullible with it.
  12. For me it's the fat belly, the aches and pains and the lack of energy....or is that 'coz I'm just bone idle? :biggrin: