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    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    Hi everyone, I've been coming to these forums for the past two years since we submitted our first PR application (175). That has gotten nowhere and last year we submitted another application (856). We just got notified today our PR has been approved. I won't bore everyone with the long wait (I've been in Australia for more than 13 years) but I thought I'd post our timeline because everyone else who posted theirs really gave me comfort over the years. Documents (nomination and PR) sent to immigration (Parramatta): late October '10 Officially receipted by immigration: 1/11/10 Transferred to Perth office (by immi): sometime in Nov '10 Nomination and PR: approved 27/01/11 Visa type: 856 Management Consultant, ETA country Approved: 87 days - Our application was sent with 1 doc missing, so not a DRA, this doc was provided soon after though - As above, nomination and PR approved at the same time (so no notification about nomination approval) - We did not receive notification of the assignment of a CO - Submitted by employer's agent - We never called / emailed immi to check since I thought it was still to early to do so If there is anything else anyone wants to know, I'm more than happy to share. Good luck everyone! :yes:
  2. That sounds promising! Thanks for that VickyMel, I guess sometimes I think of it as a one-way street and forget that I can probably ask them for some guidance. What you said definitely gives me hope, so thanks again!
  3. Thanks siamsusie Unfortunately, they do require that we apply in person (at the local police stations) and that's not really feasible for us as we are working here in Australia now. Hence, I was wondering if anyone has had the experience of either not being asked for the certificates, or was otherwise allowed to not provide all of the certificates. Again, many thanks for checking it up though - much appreciated!
  4. Hi, I was wondering if anyone might have had their visa approved without providing (all) the police clearance certificates for every country they lived in (over 12 months in the last 10 years)? My husband and I worked in China for a few years but are now working in Australia (applying for our PR now) and are at a total loss with the police checks from China (I know where to get it, the problem is that we are not able to return to China to do this and do not have the documents required to get this in any event.) Hence, I was wondering if anyone might have had their visa approved without providing all the police clearance certificates? (e.g. just provide the ones we can - from Australia and our home countries) I apologise if this has been asked, I have tried searching the forums but may have missed it. Would really appreciate hearing if anyone else has been in a similar situation and what happened for you / other suggestions as to what we could do. Thank you.