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  1. Hi Keith It really depends on what you have done in the UK. Its an Industry of who you know not what you know, and any non Aussies usually struggle in the first few years to find their feet. There is a resistance as you you do not understand the BCA/NCC Codes, the construction techniques are different, WHS/Environmental issues - you are basically retraining. COVID has made a big impact on Residential so their will be a glut of Construction Pros' in the market and they all have contacts who will give help give them a leg up or Chop Out as they say here. PM me if you wish to discuss in detail - once I know exactly what you do, I might be able to give you some more positive direction. Pete
  2. QuantitySurveyor

    UK Buy to Let Mortgage Solution

    Little update. So, after a bit of confusion with HSBC, we are now on the path of the application. The confusion was firstly dealing with a local branch, who did not think we could qualify, but put us onto the Expat team based in Jersey. This would mean opening a Premier Account with minimum 60k GBP. Fortunately for us, we have had a good innings in Australia and had sufficient funds to get over this hurdle (we have been saving hard). We were approved in principle for a Buy to Let Mortgage. We were then asked, since we live in Australia we may wish to deal with the Hong Kong team due to the time issues. We organised this via the HK team. Things were getting a bit stressful due to having to wait to get an appointment and we lost 2+ weeks from our initial phone call to HSBC. We were advised the mortgage would take 8-10 weeks to complete. Our present mortgage term expires in mid October. When we spoke to HK while back in Oz, we were advised by a really switched on chap, that we did not have to open a premier account, as long we had a UK bank account we could organise the mortgage via the UK. When I explained we did not have an HSBC UK bank account, I was advised this did not matter, as long as we had an account with any UK bank, we could apply for Buy to Let mortgage through HSBC. I was then transferred directly to the UK at HSBC expense (as they called me) and spoke to a mortgage adviser in the UK who ran through our financials. We are underway. As Aussiepom has explained, it get's stressful as this appears to be the only option, and you keep expecting to hear "computer says no" but so far so good. We have to send in the usual pay slips, insurances etc. and HSBC will take care of everything including the legals and valuation. When I asked, I was advised it will take 3-6 weeks to complete the mortgage. I still feel nervous and anxious, but it just seems to be so easy, after 12 months of googling and trying to work out what to do. Thanks Aussiepom. You have fed me a lifeline. Eternally grateful, pomsinoz has been a fantastic resource - from the beginnings 8 years ago on applying for a visa, the process, and citizenship, and also the legal/financials from guys like Alan Collett and John from Moneycorp. Will keep you posted.
  3. QuantitySurveyor

    UK Buy to Let Mortgage Solution

    Thanks, I have a phone call arranged to go through the initial process, will keep everyone up to speed.
  4. QuantitySurveyor

    UK Buy to Let Mortgage Solution

    Thanks for this. I'm in the UK on holiday at moment, leave next week. Quick question - do you have to be an existing customer with a UK account ? ta. Pete
  5. QuantitySurveyor

    Remaining relative visa

    This thread might be worth a read. We hoped at one stage to get our daughter over on this visa, but the recent changes in the past 3-4 years meant it was just a non starter due to the capping and timescales. At least you have lodged yours in 2011. http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/93110-other-family-visas-cutbacks-delays.html
  6. QuantitySurveyor

    Remaining relative visa

    I assume your partner is in the same situation per below ? your (and your partner’s) only near relatives are settled in Australia and are all Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizens
  7. QuantitySurveyor

    Unoriginal thread.... Best curry in Melbourne?

    Ditto. http://www.downundercurrynorthcote.com.au/ Great for takeaways, I would say better then Basecamp. Much better. The best Tandoori Chicken I have come across is in the Northlands Shopping Centre - Food Court - the curries are damn fine also. Part of the problem, is that most are not Indian, but fusion. Australia just don't get Curry the we Brits do - so the there is a lack of proper Tandoor Ovens and much blandness or too much salt to overcompensate. Some of the ones thats get rated are very poor. I always ask the Taxi Drivers, "Two Fat Indians" always comes up as does "Punjabi Curry Cafe" in Fitzroy. In High Sreet Northcote - The Sri Lankan is pretty good, but The Tibetan is a fantastic little place.
  8. QuantitySurveyor

    QS/Project Surveyor/Contracts Administrator

    Thanks for that, I'm actually In Melbourne - I think I lacked confidence in what I could do here in Oz, and didn't want a big position that may have not worked out until I felt comfortable. It's all just the same really.
  9. QuantitySurveyor

    QS/Project Surveyor/Contracts Administrator

    Can anyone tell me realistic Salaries ? What Systems you are using ? Some real insight into Whats possible - I've found I apply for Senior roles, and up end feeling/being a Junior QS. 45 BSc MCIOB MRICS
  10. QuantitySurveyor

    AIQS Assessment - How long should it take?

    Give them a call/email. Think it took me 5 weeks post from UK to delivery UK. Pete
  11. QuantitySurveyor

    Quantity Surveyor Freelance/Temp Advice in Sydney

    Hi Mate, I'm not sure of current market levels but I have see rates in the past advertised from $40 to $65 range, assuming $40 for a junior and $65 max for a very experienced QS with local knowledge. Why not ask your recruiter for advice ? If you don't have one, I know one locally who can help. Can I ask where you have moved from ? I'm in Melbourne and really struggling to find work at the mo - it just seems really tight. Will have to consider other options pretty soon. eg. NT, NSW, QLD or even NZ. Can I also ask what your definition of infrastructure work is ? ThanksPete
  12. QuantitySurveyor

    Social care

    Hope this helps Claire. My partner does the same thing, and we are currently researching the market for NSW. http://www.communities.qld.gov.au/disability/key-projects/criminal-history-screening/criminal-history-screening-frequently-asked-questions#anchor-what-is-a-positive-notice Pete
  13. Just a general post, and wonder if anyone has any thoughts on this ... Coming from the UK, especially with the current exchange rate, being unemployed in Oz can be a very expensive holiday :eek: My plan was to head over end of September, as leaving it any later means almost being in the run up to Christmas, in that, by the time you have applied for a job in October, managed hopefully to get to an interview, it leaves a short window of time and perhaps things are a slow start in the new year ???? Any thoughts ? Pete
  14. This will also be interesting for me, I have just had to rely on on the web to try and get a feel for things. I head over in September on a PR visa, but like everyone else, you hope to hit the ground running and get established asap, given all the stress that goes with it all anyway !! From what I have gleaned (and it's only my own anacdotal/subjective research) 1. Infrastructure/Civils/Services experienced QS/CA's appear to be in great demand. 2. Residential/Commercial/New Build/Refurb maybe not so much at present (although that doesn't mean non existent), and especially with the exception of candidiates with Large Projects experience. eg. Mega Mill $'s. Regardless, experience in each field seems to count, just like anywhere. 3. As usual, any specialist type experience/skills is highly desireable, especially if you can be flexible in your location. 4. BSc good, MRICS not wholly necessary, but will hold good favour especially with PQS firms. 5. PR visa's stand you in good stead, unless you have the specialist skills desired where firms will "headhunt" and consider the full sponsorship/relocation package - but due to the current market with local expat QSs returning home as a result of the GFC, these are fairly limited if not almost non existant for your general QS/Estimator. 6. Be prepared to accept a slightly reduced salary initially, as local knowledge is important, even although there is still a general skill shortage for experienced people. 7. There is a reluctance to offer positions to WHV's as these are usually used as stop gaps for young travellers to earn some money/experience. I am 41, 20 years experience in Social Housing refurb mainly, with a BSc, MBEng, and MCIOB but looking to join RICS or AIQS prior to landing. I have worked at senior level as a Commercial Director, Commercial Manager, PQS and Estimator, as well as a PM for a local housing association - I do not have a clue about the OZ market, OZ construction, OZ contracts or Buildsoft etc ??? So obviously, you never feel wholly confident until you get your feet below the desk and get a feel for it all. My Salary Expectations ? I suppose anywhere between 100 to 150 but I am being flexible in order to get my foot in the door. I have checked the various agency sites over the past 5/6 months and get the feeling salaries are being tempered slightly at the moment. These are just my thoughts, and it's just a my instinct having been trying to alay my own fears about the market, job situation etc. Like I said, these are just my thoughts, please don't hold me to this, just trying to help. Cheers Pete
  15. QuantitySurveyor

    Thank You Poms in OZ

    Visa Granted. I feel so relaxed, the pressure is finally off. Good luck to everyone, Sincerely, I can't thank this place enough. Pete & Michelle xxx ps. my 25 yr old daughter is over there as a student, and now we can apply for last relative visa for her ... :jiggy: