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  1. Yep, maintenance costs can be significant. Find out if it has a salt chlorinator as this saves money on chlorine. However, they are very time consuming, and the time spent maintaining the pool and time spent swimming in it is pretty equal. Nothing nicer than putting your arm in a freezing cold filter to remove leaves and debris!! Arm comes out blue in winter... Miss the time spent swimming in it when we had one, but not the time spent digging out leaves, balancing water quality, and feeling conned everytime I walked out the pool shop. If you have kids they are good as you cannot swim in the sea an guarantee not getting stung by jelly fish which is agonising. In short, personally I think it is all pretty much equal, and would suggest basing your house selection on other factors unless you have young children who will be kept quiet for hours. Others may disagree, of course!
  2. Seabird50

    457 and skills assessment?

    If a person is sponsored and matches a job description requirements, and is offered the job, do they still need to have their skills and qualifications assessed? I have a daughter who lives in the UK and wants to join myself and her sister in Australia following her separation from a long-term partner. She is 27 and has just completed a Level 4 Association of Accountancy Technician (AAT) qualification, which is an accountancy not a payroll qualification. The skill assessment process requires a degree level qualification, or equivalent for any the accounting position types. If a University looks at her course structure and outcomes, is that useful? How would this change if I lived in a designated regional area? Finally are there migration routes for workbased training, or would this still fall under a student visa given that it is more than 20 hours of paid work per week? Thanks
  3. Seabird50

    In Adelaide wanna move to Queensland

    Hi Not sure about the Schools and their specialities. If you really want good bush on your doorstep, easy access to the City and a good quality area it is worth looking at The Gap or Chapel Hill. These sit on different sides of Mount Cootha. The views from Mount Cootha at night are just amazing, and there is a cafe there that stays open late. Chapel Hill is not such a good route into the City, unless you take the train, but is probably even greener (just) than The Gap. Both of these areas are really beautiful and only an 20 minute drive into the City. I hadn't even heard of the Gap, despite it being pretty huge, but my partner lives there so we got a house close to him when we arrived. Have a river at the bottom of the road that I go to every morning, brush turkeys and masses of sulphur crested cockatoos on the patio, a bearded dragon (around 1 m long) in the garden, and heaps of random birds I have yet to identify. It's a bit like Pandora. The Gap is prone to storms as it is on the West of the City, and further from the coast than suburbs to the East. Sure others will tell you about their suburbs. If you would like any more info or some photos let me know. Seabird.
  4. Seabird50

    In Adelaide wanna move to Queensland

    Hi Six It No problems, glad you got on touch. I have ended up in a fantastic job here, largely because the Company has such a solid reuptation and is full of people I really get along with. My job in Adelaide was okay. In all fairness Queensland is a tougher market because Regulations here are not as robust as they are in SA in some of the sectors I work in. Send me a private message with a bit more info on what you do and what level of position you are looking for and I'll try to offer some pearls of wisdom. My company have brought over staff from Europe and the US, so I am sure others do the same. Hear from you soon Seabird.
  5. Seabird50


    At least they didn't have "autotune" back then!! Sure Kurt wouldn't have been so legendry if they did...
  6. Seabird50


    Loved this... Cheers!!
  7. Seabird50

    Music tuition in Brisbane

    Thanks Windswept, some great advice. As yet she still needs to get her driving out of the way, so probably easiest to start with to teach from home. She is off to Melbourne and New York later this year singing with The Australian Voices, which will be the first time she has sang overseas. However, although the Choir is classed as professional, I am not sure if it actually pays the performers as such. In Adelaide she had a very busy time as a solo performer, including solo oratario and singing at the Town Hall, and she would get quite a few weddings and funerals that all helped with the bills. Unfortunately TAV don't perform weddings etc. so solo opportunities are limited at the minute. She is looking for a music theatre group at present, preferably that cover some G&S as well as more contemporary material. She also left behind a vocal scholarship that had covered her tuition for two years. So all in all she is starting over again in Brisbane and it was a tough decision to leave in part on the basis that she had a strong local reputation in SA. The problem was though that opportunities to go further were limited. Getting into TAV will hopefully kickstart things for her and mean she soon has a new musical family and at least be able to make up the same ground here. Will get her onto Gumtree, as I can see my bank balance disappearing quickly :eek:
  8. Seabird50

    Music tuition in Brisbane

    We arrived in Brisbane from Adelaide in January as I have a new job, and my daughter wanted to come to further her Music career. It has been really good for her so far as she has just joined one of Australia's leading Choirs (see link if you want to see something different!) and is receiving master classes with a former International opera singer. She now needs to make a start with her piano and vocal teaching that she was doing in Adelaide whilst at the Con there. This was much easier in Adelaide where she had a social network. Here we do not know people yet. If anybody knows of any good places to advertise that would be really helpful, or if you know of any newly arrived or exisitng friends etc. that may want a teacher that would also be great. Beginners to intermediate is fine, and she can also offer flute. Perhaps most interestingly, it is the chance to learn more than one instrument, such as voice and piano, alongside each other. Enjoy the video in the meantime - certainly not like anything you would have seen before... :laugh: Seabird50.
  9. Seabird50


    Daughter's new choir that she joined after moving to Brissie in January, very clever and funny... and should anyone wish to see them live.. YouTube - The Australian Voices - Horizon Enjoy!!
  10. To let people know that I have just discovered a really useful system for getting internet connected. I have moved several times in Oz and each time had at least a three week delay in getting Internet connected, in one case it took 2 months! The 2 month episode was using Dodo for my phone line and Adam for my internet. Dodo wouldn't let me get a phone connection booked until I had a rental agreement on the house to show them, then I had to wait for phone connection. Adam wouldn't let me even book the intenet until the phone was connected and then there was another 4 week wait, along with other delays too. Just found Internode, considered the best internet provider apparently. Move from Adelaide to Brisbane, get the keys to the house one day and internet AND phone connected the next. This is because I selected VOIP and because Internode will let you advance book your connection. How much easier?? Just wanted to let everyone know, and will try to remember to let you all know if it happens as promised. :biggrin:
  11. Seabird50

    Stopovers on way from Adelaide?

    Thanks Cerberus Will try that en route. Did you stop between there and Brisbane?
  12. Seabird50

    More independant interstate removals?

    Thanks Cerberus - my son's band almost called themselves Guardians of Cerberus for a bit... Anyway have decided to go with Youpack so thanks..
  13. Seabird50

    Stopovers on way from Adelaide?

    Looks like the big drive from Glandore SA to The Gap, Queensland, will happen on the 7th or 15th of January, so need to book some accommodation. Looking at driving over three days, so two stops. Going through Broken Hill on shortest route, I suspect, unless folk have other suggestions. Do need to complete the drive in the 3 days, with dog on tow. Any advice and links to accommodation very welcomed. Seabird50.:daydreaming:
  14. Seabird50

    did u live in essex area ?

    Well finally have job offer in the bag, start on the 24 January in West End. Daughter hears today whether she was accepted to the Queensland Conservatorium, stiff competition 80 applicants for 15 places. Got to get shippers ordered and get the RAA to check car over etc. ahead of making decisions on what should stay in Adelaide to be reused or recycled, and what should come North with us. I also met a significant other in the interim months between visiting for my 50th and returning a few months later for a job interview who lives in The Gap, so will likely end up somewhere off or along Waterworks Road. So exciting times ahead for us, and it would be great to meet up with some fellow Ex-Essex-ites to share the accent round. Got told yesterday how much of a cockney I sound, but then the guy comes from Lincolnshire. Wonder if we feel at home because everyone here in Oz says "mate" just like us Essex folk... Have a great weekend folks, us Adelaideans get to start ours half an hour earlier in the sunny summer months. How I look forward to the humidity when we arrive, not to mention how much I won't miss the Adelaide winters Brrrrr :wink: Seabird50
  15. Can anybody please give me a direct or even indirect answer. I am moving from SA to Brisbane in January and have been given a limited relocation package. Wanting to make the most of the offer, and having little in the way of spare cash, I need to know how much it would save me to pack the container at my house, and unpack at the other end. Fortunately I have a friend up there who is helping us find a place to go straight into so hoping to be able to just transfer the container door to door. Who offers this sort of service (company names ideal but otherwise types of organisations), and what is the difference in cost? Many thanks Seabird.