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  1. Don't start til next year :-(....I left it too late to apply for this year. I can't wait 5 years to see Aus so I'm gonna go there in 4 years time and work for a few months as a nurse on a WHV, if I still need a years experience after that I'll just have to wait! Thanks for the info everyone :-)
  2. wow that's great! I looked onto the link too - took usually 3-7 months!!! So quick. Has definately made me feel a bit better. Don't wanna be waiting years for my visa to be granted lol. If I applied straight out of uni, would the visa take longer to be granted? I really don't wanna hang about lol! Wanna get working as a nurse in Aus as soon as!!!
  3. BritChickx

    New to this forum

    Hi ....I'm new here too....well been here for 2 weeks. I have an even longer wait, 4-5 years! But will be worth the wait I'm sure. Hope the pace of the process picks up for you, and that you'll be in Aus sooner than expected. Keep positive!
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    Thank you! I have a diverse taste in music....in fact a diverse taste in most things lol....just depends on the artist, song and lyrics :-)
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    Great song!!!
  6. BritChickx


    ??? Confused.com !
  7. BritChickx


    Is that what it is? Adiago for strings? As I did think about that one, but thought it was too obvious lol.
  8. Thanks .....just gotta wait 4 years now though ....I am thinking of doing a uni placement there if possible though.
  9. That's what I was planning to do at first, but I have only just gotten a full time job (took me 9 months ) and I was hoping last year to get a full time job asap, save up some money, go for a year and then be back in time for university next year (because I don't want to leave it any later), but plans have gone wrong. I'm gonna slowly save whilst at uni, then when I graduate come out for a year on a WHV, maybe try to get a few months work as a nurse out there, then if I still want to move, come back to England then start the process!
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    Oooh.... I have to go to work, if you haven't found it still when I'm back I'll have another look for you
  11. BritChickx


    Is this it? YouTube - Trance - Take Me Away (4 Strings)
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    I am looking, but not sure what one? Is that the song title or the artist name?
  13. Yes, that's the way I see it :-) as sad as it sounds, I feel like I belong there, and not in the UK!
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    Glad you like it too :-) I could listen to this over and over!
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    Np :-)
  16. BritChickx


    Brian Eno - An Ending Really relaxing.....and the video is nice :-)
  17. Trust me it wasn't easy to decide......and who knows maybe I'll change my mind after uni, but I doubt it because I feel certain about this ....can really see myself as a nurse :-) plus I know the only way to move to Aus is to have a degree or a skill/trade, so uni is a must!!! Good luck to both of you, Katherine and Stevie on your plans, hope it works out how you want it to :-)
  18. Another bump :-) would love to hear from more people!!!
  19. What are you studying? I'm hoping, and quite sure that nursing won't be taken off the list....which is handy as it makes it easier for me lol. I'll never give up this dream
  20. Oh and me too ....(look up things about Australia) ....I'm thinking of doing a placement there whilst at uni :-)
  21. Ahh you two are in the same boat then! Yeah as I'd be a qualified nurse I'll be okay to move there, just so far away! Good luck to both of you, you'll have to keep me posted as to when and how things get on :-)
  22. Thanks for sharing :-)
  23. Hehe....no I don't think you had mentioned the weather actually....
  24. BritChickx

    A Funny Politician. Honest.

    Who's everyone voting for this year? :-)
  25. That's good :-) yep your move is much easier!!! I want to move there for the lifestyle, not just for the beaches etc :-) hope your move goes well!