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  1. BritChickx

    Corona Virus

    Getting pretty anxious at the amount of medical staff that are getting ill and/or dying, mostly from lack of PPE or treating people who are yet to be confirmed. I'm part of several nursing groups on FB and it's pretty dire across the whole country. I'm prepared to go on placement if they allow us to in the coming weeks but I'd be lying if it said it didn't make me nervous. A lot of staff exposed were young and had no health problems!
  2. BritChickx

    Corona Virus

    Glad you're safe and on the mend
  3. BritChickx

    Corona Virus

    My grandparents are feeling slightly better today. Have managed to get downstairs and have a cup of tea and biscuits, they've lost loads of weight through not eating so hoping their intake will improve in the next couple of days. Think they'll come out of it alright now.
  4. BritChickx

    Positive things about now

    My partners dad is on immunotherapy for stage 4 throat cancer, spread to his lungs. It's been an almost 2 year battle so far. His latest scan shows that the tumours have all disappeared!! Unfortunately it's systemic so they will return, but super happy for my partner and his family, the longer its kept at bay the more years they all have together.
  5. BritChickx

    Corona Virus

    Thanks, I will. Pretty anxious at the moment. I would highlight that they don't have any known medical conditions but it doesn't seem to matter now. I'll be getting them to call 111 again if no improvement by the end of the week.
  6. BritChickx

    Corona Virus

    My grandparents seem to have it, but no cough or breathing difficulties. My nan has been unwell for about 10 days now, grandad for about 5 days. They rang 111 and were advised to stay home and drink plenty of fluids. So hoping they come out of it okay and recover at home.
  7. BritChickx

    Day to Day Diary of Coronavirus/Covid-19 2020

    'Are the hairdressers still open? I wouldn't call that essential. It's a beauty thing. They're all closed here in the UK. I haven't had my hair cut for 2 months as it is, was hoping to get it done this month, so I'm definitely going to look rough if this continues haha. Hope your sister is okay!
  8. BritChickx

    Day to Day Diary of Coronavirus/Covid-19 2020

    Are you having community nurses come to visit you? Please be careful x
  9. BritChickx

    Day to Day Diary of Coronavirus/Covid-19 2020

    Week 1 of quarantine done... In that time we've been told we're not going out on placement, to we might go on placement and be paid for it whilst finishing off second year, to then we might have a 6 month management placement in year 3 instead of a 3 month placement. Soo still waiting! One of our assignments have changed as it was meant to be a presentation. They've changed the bus times to Sunday hours, so I can't get to work (I work for a hospital agency), so unsure about working at the moment, can't afford taxi's. It's a nearly hour walk so I might just brave it and start walking. Any excuse to get steps in is a good thing at the moment! Been phoning family more and checking in with them, all okay so far. Hope everyone is keeping safe and well
  10. BritChickx

    Corona Virus

    Rang my nan up just now for mothers day, as my grandad passed a few years ago she's on her own, she's upset at being more isolated than she already is. She has health issues. My mum and auntie and uncle are going round to visit but separately, I feel really bad that I can't be there aswell but it's for the best. I was planning on going home for a week over Easter but I think i'll have to stay here, as it'd mean getting in two trains or two coaches (they will be reduced or cancelled soon anyway) going through London, and my home town is one of the worst hit cities currently .
  11. BritChickx

    Corona Virus

    That's insane for your eldest's girlfriend! No way should she be in, we had a similar situation at work here though this week. Some management still only caring about the numbers and not people's safety. Hope she stays at home and doesn't cave to pressure, but easier said than done. Our placements have been cancelled so no idea what that's going to mean in terms of progressing to year 3 in September. Just having to do learning/assignments from home now
  12. BritChickx

    Corona Virus

    Hope everyone is keeping safe and well @simmo hope you are getting on the mend, definitely call 111 if you're not able to breathe properly. I don't know anyone who has it but my partners dad has cancer so we're trying to get him to stay indoors, as well as grandparents, but they are stubborn! Our uni lessons have been cancelled but we are still being told we are going out onto placements, but not due to go out until next month so we'll see what happens. I'd rather go in to be honest as it'll only complicate our learning further down the road. If we go on placements we won't be allowed to work with anyone with suspected or confirmed cases. So at the moment having some down time, will go home and see family in a few weeks hopefully! Oh, we also can't buy any proper food at the moment, need to try again today!
  13. Hi all Hope life is treating you all well! I'm still around, plodding along with uni! Currently having a lazy day after a hectic week on placement.
  14. BritChickx

    What are you listening to ?

    The boys are back! Very excited for the new album
  15. Iknowb... have had a bit of a hard time lately so unfortunately had to take the decision to take a break from uni and restart in september. Itll mean graduating it 2021 instead of next year but its the best thing to do for my health. So im a few months back home and will hopefully gain some motivation back.
  16. BritChickx

    Hello from tonyman

    Hey Nick hope you're doing ok im here intermittently to browse and post the odd thing but quite busy these days myself.
  17. Hello been a lil while. How is everyone? Im still around and still at uni. I recently finished my placement on ITU which was really good. Been having a rough time lately so been lying low and focusing on myself. Got 2 more assignments and 1 more placement for the year so the craziness continues!
  18. BritChickx

    Why are British trains so bad?

    My experience with trains havent been great in the past year or two. I tend to need to use Southern or Southwestern and most weeks theres delays or strikes. A lot of the time the trains are messy, so they dont clean up much/at all throughout the day. The last train I got, changed route slightly due to a cancellation of another train and the guy working/doing announcements didnt have a clue which stop was which, he kept announcing the wrong stops! When I brought this to his attention he had a no Fs given attitude . Been starting to use National Express coach lately instead. Takes longer but its cheaper and more reliable.
  19. Nope! So really odd. Unless they didnt think we were easy targets. Either that or that they're that obsessed with getting the perfect photo, but I doubt anyone is vain enough to stand in one spot all day.
  20. Having a good time in Venice but got a query if anyone has any thoughts. So earlier today we were on one of the canal bridges and a couple asked us to take a photo. We did, we ask for them to take one of us which they did. We walked off and they stayed on.. didnt think too much of it. When walking back to our hotel 6 hours later we find them in the exact same spot and they looked like they hadnt moved. They had a scandanavian accent. They didnt try to steal anything but wondering if theyre scammers of some sort? Really odd.
  21. Definitely not! My hand luggage has wheels and seen many others. It is easier to carry though with the many bridges (steps) and cobbly floors.
  22. Hope everyone had a good Christmas and NY Iknowcb... off to Venice in a few hours
  23. How is everyone doing? All ready for Christmas? I'm still plodding along at uni. Got ITU as my next placement which I'm really happy about! Somehow still at uni but awaiting my first assignment of 2nd year results, had a dream I failed it last night, hoping it doesn't come true xD