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  1. BritChickx

    Compare how fat you are with rest of the UK

    My BMI is 24 so technically only just in the healthy range. I have put on weight recently and do need to do more to stay in shape and tone up. I'm hoping to do more exercise from summer once placement is finished.
  2. IKNOWCB... I've nearly finished first year of uni ? where the hell has the time gone?
  3. BritChickx

    Happy Birthday Britchickx

    Thanks everyone
  4. BritChickx

    Happy Birthday Britchickx

    Aww thank you ?
  5. BritChickx

    Happy birthday Karl Marx

    Yayy for sociology enthusiasts ?
  6. Survived first week of placement! It's going to be pretty tiring and there's been an issue but I like the actual ward I'm working on. Majority of staff have been friendly and helpful! It's my birthday tomorrow getting on a bit! Got family coming to visit today so going to enjoy the sunshine! Happy bank holiday weekend everyone!
  7. BritChickx

    what are you doing right now?

    Thanks. Had a crappy first day and got bad vibes. Hoping its a one off and things improve.
  8. BritChickx

    what are you doing right now?

    Is it summer yet? This placement is going to hurt
  9. BritChickx

    Noosa National Park

    Would love to be back there right now!
  10. Thanks everyone I may need to vent on here haha. Gorgeous photos by the way ^^
  11. Starting final placement of first year on Monday. Not looking forward to it though, 15 hour days (with commuting) and writing a 4000 word assignment. Is it summer yet?
  12. BritChickx

    What will vanish over the next 20 years..

    Probably DVD's and Blu rays... something else will take its place.
  13. BritChickx

    What would you never do now but did then?

    I'll come back to this thread in 20 years haha. Been more of a liability in my 20's than in my teens haha.
  14. Thanks Kate although just thought I'd say that while nursing is a big motivation to get back to Australia, it's not the sole reason why I want to be a nurse. Genuinely want to pursue it as a career, regardless of whether I can make it back or not . I am hoping nursing will still be on the skills list in a few years though. Have you heard from Adonna? It's been a long time since she posted!
  15. BritChickx

    what are you doing right now?

    Watching Me Before You
  16. BritChickx

    What's your Favourite Takeaway?

    Chinese ?
  17. Thank you :). Not doing brilliantly but im plodding along haha
  18. No way! You gotta go back, check it out properly .
  19. Being back home over Easter has been a much needed break and distraction from other things recently. Really good to spend time with the family. Got a mountain of coursework to return to at the weekend, slightly anxious about that haha. Only 4 weeks until we start our final placement of first year. I only have a few months of first year left now
  20. BritChickx

    What Are You Listening to Right Now?

    Thanks for keeping the thread going guys will post some of my own soon. Anyone using spotify?
  21. I know right! We were happy to be back and getting 5 a day again haha. The national parks are on my list especially Berchtesgaden national park so will need to go back for a hiking holiday!
  22. Yeah, on the whole life has been good. ?
  23. BritChickx

    what are you doing right now?

    Really sorry to hear that. I hope he makes a quick recovery x
  24. Thank you ? I went to Munich! Also a day visit to Nauschwanstein castle
  25. Off to Germany tomorrow ? been in a low funk recently so that will definitely cheer me up!!