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  1. BritChickx

    What are you listening to ?

    The boys are back! Very excited for the new album
  2. BritChickx

    Sunset/sunrise Photos

    Sunsets and sunrises have always been my favourite kind of photo's. I only have one and it's one I already posted on here. As we were in the sky I guess it wasn't a sunrise or sunset. . . I would love to see what ones any of you have :cute: it could be from anywhere, not just Australia :cute:
  3. Iknowb... have had a bit of a hard time lately so unfortunately had to take the decision to take a break from uni and restart in september. Itll mean graduating it 2021 instead of next year but its the best thing to do for my health. So im a few months back home and will hopefully gain some motivation back.
  4. BritChickx

    Hello from tonyman

    Hey Nick hope you're doing ok im here intermittently to browse and post the odd thing but quite busy these days myself.
  5. Hello been a lil while. How is everyone? Im still around and still at uni. I recently finished my placement on ITU which was really good. Been having a rough time lately so been lying low and focusing on myself. Got 2 more assignments and 1 more placement for the year so the craziness continues!
  6. BritChickx

    Why are British trains so bad?

    My experience with trains havent been great in the past year or two. I tend to need to use Southern or Southwestern and most weeks theres delays or strikes. A lot of the time the trains are messy, so they dont clean up much/at all throughout the day. The last train I got, changed route slightly due to a cancellation of another train and the guy working/doing announcements didnt have a clue which stop was which, he kept announcing the wrong stops! When I brought this to his attention he had a no Fs given attitude . Been starting to use National Express coach lately instead. Takes longer but its cheaper and more reliable.
  7. Nope! So really odd. Unless they didnt think we were easy targets. Either that or that they're that obsessed with getting the perfect photo, but I doubt anyone is vain enough to stand in one spot all day.
  8. Having a good time in Venice but got a query if anyone has any thoughts. So earlier today we were on one of the canal bridges and a couple asked us to take a photo. We did, we ask for them to take one of us which they did. We walked off and they stayed on.. didnt think too much of it. When walking back to our hotel 6 hours later we find them in the exact same spot and they looked like they hadnt moved. They had a scandanavian accent. They didnt try to steal anything but wondering if theyre scammers of some sort? Really odd.
  9. Definitely not! My hand luggage has wheels and seen many others. It is easier to carry though with the many bridges (steps) and cobbly floors.
  10. Ty hope you're well?
  11. Hope everyone had a good Christmas and NY Iknowcb... off to Venice in a few hours
  12. How is everyone doing? All ready for Christmas? I'm still plodding along at uni. Got ITU as my next placement which I'm really happy about! Somehow still at uni but awaiting my first assignment of 2nd year results, had a dream I failed it last night, hoping it doesn't come true xD
  13. Really struggling to get motivated for second year. Finished my first placement of 2nd year now. I've got a 4000 word assignment that's due in 4 weeks, only just starting it now. Everyone says the 2nd year blues are a thing and I'm definitely feeling it! Looking forward to a much needed break at Christmas. Hope everyone here is going good!
  14. Could be pink Gin, which is quite tasty
  15. Just had a lot going on in life. And I felt like on here a lot of people drifted away and so making conversation with people wasn't as easy. I still come on to have a nosey every now and again though. I do think about you and your family often though and hope things are going somewhat ok x
  16. BritChickx

    Long Distance Relationships

    Just wondering if any of you have any stories regarding LDR's... whether they worked out for you or not? I've been with someone for 3 months now, we used to be friends and reconnected, and it's turning out to be something serious and we've spoken about our future plans together. Only major thing is the distance. He lives near my home town and it's a 2.5 hour drive each way (he drives, I don't). We have spoken about how often we're gonna see each other and aiming for most weekends unless something's going on, but I know life gets in the way and sometimes it's not possible to see someone long distance each week. This would be for two years until I finish uni and move back closer. I've always been against it until now, just because I'm quite a 'needy' person in that I like to physically see someone to feel more connected. Just wondering how others have found it?
  17. BritChickx

    Long Distance Relationships

    Yeah I am planning on going back 1 weekend a month ? I dont mind that its a 4 hour journey just depends on my uni time table or if im on placement. But hes said its easier for him to travel so hes going to be coming to me more.
  18. BritChickx

    Long Distance Relationships

    Thanks for the replies. We are determined to make it work. It's a 4 hour train journey for me so he'd be the one driving up most of the time, we've agreed at least 1 night a week at minimum but more when we both have the whole weekend etc to ourselves. He did mention trying to look for a job nearby so he can move closer, but we will see. Thanks for your input ? I know it can work if both people put in the effort.
  19. BritChickx

    Long Distance Relationships

    I know, not ideal but we both know we're in it long term so I'd rather do it than not have him in my life.
  20. BritChickx

    What you learnt in school

    Still haven't used algebra
  21. Hey everyone, what's occuring? Everyone having a good summer/winter? Been a bit off the radar lately!
  22. Thought I'd make a new tunes thread I'm hooked on this right now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtlgYxa6BMU Okay not sure how to get the video up...
  23. Thanks for the concern. Nothing horrendous (for me personally) just loads of changes happening lately and hard to keep up with it all. I think I do suffer from anxiety a bit which doesn't help matters.
  24. Been so stressed lately ?
  25. Cannot believe it but I've finished my first year at university! :D I have a year 2 prep lesson, otherwise that's it now until September :)