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    Moving to Melbourne Patterson Lakes ?.

    Cracking pub/restaurant at Patterson Lakes too.....The Cove. Had many a long afternoon/evening in there!
  2. Tomdickanarry

    Arrival and Settling In: Help!?

    Young & Jackson, one of Melbourne's most iconic pubs (opposite the entrance to Flinders St Station) has a rooftop cider bar......
  3. Tomdickanarry

    457 renewal, Medicare and health insurance

    To benefit from Medicare (under a 457 visa) you must have private medical insurance. However, you can buy insurance from the likes of BUPA and pay monthly. Simply cancelling a direct debit would achieve your aims but i'm sure they'd soon latch on to it after you did it a couple of times. You have a privileged position with the 457.....you should pay for annual insurance....or your sponsoring company should....suck it up princess!
  4. Tomdickanarry

    457 visa renewal

    I would start the process three months from date of expiration. Should matters not complete in time, you can secure a bridging Visa (any migration agent can process this for you). The company should start the sponsor renewal a month before to simplify matters. I actually completed my renewal in less time but the times i suggest above should cover you adequately.
  5. Tomdickanarry

    28 days to leave after visa expired

    I got the bridging visa to tide over the time between a first and second 457. I used an agent and it was a simple process approved in one day.
  6. Tomdickanarry

    Golf pro looking to test the water?

    Hi Lee.....golf is struggling in Australia. That is not to say that it isn't still hugely popular.....it is, but participation levels have dropped quite dramatically over the past seven or eight years. I can't really answer your question as to whether or not there would be a need for a British qualified coach or not. I guess so long as your qualifications allow you to ply your profession in Australia, there will be a requirement for golf pro's. Aussies don't look at nationality much. There are so many immigrants in Australia, you are just another number, whether Aussie born or not. There is another PIO member who is a golf pro in Melbourne (Dan Williams). A link to his member profile is below, from where you can send him a private message. He's a helpful guy and would likely be able to answer your questions. Hope this helps. http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/members/98486.html
  7. Tomdickanarry

    Where to start a new life in Victoria?

    Have a look at Mooroolbark/Croydon/Kilsyth/Montrose/Lilydale. You will be amazed at what you can get for your money out there. All apart from Kilsyth and Montrose are on the rail link to the City. All are within easy reach of Eastland shopping mall by car or bus and all are on the edge of the Dandenong ranges, a beautiful National Park area with loads to explore and enjoy. You can achieve all your other criteria in this area too.....good luck!!
  8. Tomdickanarry

    General Cost of Living

    Kew is a lovely area, so depending on your budget you could take a very short commute! Most of the surrounding areas to Kew are generally nice. Camberwell, Balwyn, Hawthorm, Ivanhoe etc. Toward the city, you have Richmond, which is a little more edgy and hip.....but it all comes down to budget in Melbourne. Depending on what you can afford, many of the areas mentioned may be out of your reach and then it's about what is the most reasonable trade off for commutable distance.
  9. Tomdickanarry

    Top 5 Places to See when we arrive in Melbourne

    Get yourself up to the observation deck at Eureka Tower (just behind the Langham Hotel on Southbank).....it gives you a great perspective of the City, it's layout and positioning within the wider bay area and suburbs. While in the City, make your way to the MCG....do a tour and visit the National Sporting Museum. There are many, many more things to see and do in and around the City. Melbourne Zoo is excellent, Victoria market is always worth a bit of a mooch around and there's a really good craft market at St Kilda on Sundays which you can tie in with a beach trip and Luna Park funfair. Don't leave without at least looking at the cakes on Acland St......but beware, once you've looked....you'll buy!
  10. Tomdickanarry

    Another 'burb question

    There are three bars on Burke Road near the train station and a further one up by Mont Albert Road. There's a rooftop bar at the Rivoli cinema and a nice beer garden at Paradisio opposite. Plenty of people state that Camberwell is supposedly 'dry'......having lived there for four years, i promise, it isn't. I love the boring tag though......it keeps the riff-raff out which is just how we like it
  11. Tomdickanarry

    Another 'burb question

    Hi Saviola....we live in Camberwell. It's perfect for a couple. We have a couple of bars in Camberwell itself and regularly take a tram down to Malvern where there are a few more, or Richmond and of course, the City itself. Three tram lines through Camberwell and three Metro train lines. One of the safest, most genteel suburbs and lots of good restaurants too. We pay $615 per week for a modern three bed town house.
  12. Tomdickanarry

    Melbourne Golf Discussion

    Are you the teaching pro at the little heathmont range?
  13. Tomdickanarry

    Is there Site Manager work in Melbourne ?

    I make your stud adhesive
  14. Tomdickanarry

    Point cook bugs etc

    What a bizarre question! Why on earth would you think Point Cook might have a specific 'bug life'? For what it's worth.....three years in Melbourne......never seen a white tail, two redbacks in the garden, seen two hunstman while out walking, the odd lizard again, while out walking and of course, 'roaches, against which you protect with spray around the home at the first sighting and you usually aren't bothered again for six months.
  15. Tomdickanarry

    Best part of Melbourne to live

    Stop it....my sides are hurting! :twitcy: