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  1. Chezza81

    WA Govt updates site - no SMP news yet!

    I know what you mean! I definitely can't get on though, tried on my laptop and phone. Now getting a 'system unavailable message'.
  2. Chezza81

    WA Govt updates site - no SMP news yet!

    It's down again folks..... Proxy Error The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server. The proxy server could not handle the request GET /skilledmigration. Reason: Error reading from remote server
  3. Chezza81

    SMP Countdown

    I've heard from a federal Mp's office in WA that DIAC are working through the all of the SMPs but they are all at different stages so it seems that they may be released at different times.
  4. Make sure you have all of your qualification certificates and university transcripts! They are quite particular about the information that needs to be on there. If you plan to work in a state school you will also need to register with the Department of Education to get an employee number. I've worked at a school since May having been sent to do a day of relief there through Class Professionals and I think Randstad are also coming to Perth (used to be Select Education) so might be worth checking out their website. If you don't want to go through an agency, it's a case of e-mailing your CV to the schools that you want to work at as many have their own list of relief teachers that they contact first before going to an agency. Cheryl
  5. Chezza81

    WA State Migration - down again!

    Service Temporarily Unavailable Sorry!The server is currently unable to handle the request due to a temporary overloading or maintenance of the server. It's down again! More changes? Let's hope so.....
  6. Chezza81

    WA website

    Yeah just checked again and it's all good shame there isn't any info yet!
  7. Chezza81

    WA website

    This is so frustrating I just keep on getting the following message Service Temporarily Unavailable Sorry!The server is currently unable to handle the request due to a temporary overloading or maintenance of the server. I thought it was because i was trying to access the page on my phone but it's the same on my laptop! Interesting about the WHV, any info would be great, I'm nearing the end of my second whv and have been pestering state migration for almost 6 months now about sponsorship to apply for a 487 visa. Cheryl
  8. Anyone else tried checking the WA website? It was working earlier but just tried and getting the message 'Bead Request (Invalid Hostname)'...maybe there's an update coming? Fingers crossed!
  9. Hi You need to get statements of service for any posts that you have held, it needs to state the number of years you were in the position for, and if you had any unpaid leave, if you had none it needs to state that. With this the dept of education will put you on the right level of pay. Hope the info is of some help! Cheryl
  10. Hi Emma Massive apologies for the delayed response! It's the end of Semester 1 and I've been writing reports for classes I've never met, the usual you know! I've been in Perth since Nov 2008, I came on a WHV but have fallen in love with the place and haven't managed to leave. I'm still trying to sort out my visa, but will stay no matter what! I'm a History Teacher, but currently find myself teaching English, maths and Health, I think you have to be quite flexible when you first get her but once in school, you knoe how it works! I'm based in South Perth, I find it easy for heading South or North and it's near the city and the river which I love, I tried living in the suburbs (Leeming) but hated being away from friends and the taxi fare was a pain! Would be great to meet up with some fellow north-easterners when you get here! Have you decided where to base yourself? There are lots of English people in the Joondalup area and even south like Rockingham and Mandurah. If I were you, base yourself near the city and venture out to these places and decide where you are better suuted. If you are coming July/August think about the season also!
  11. Hi Emma I can give you a bit of advice on the whole teaching thing over here, you need to register with WACOT to work in any school, and if you plan to work in a state school you need to register with the Department of Education. If you haven't already I would start these now as it took forever to get things sorted! As far as getting relief work you need to get in touch with individual schools yourself. You can register with Class Professionals, an agency for relief work, if you're interested in long term work also check out Smart Teachers. I've been lucky, after 2 weeks of relief work I've ended up with permanent relief work in the same school so I know where I'm going everyday! PS How's life in the North East? I'm from Newcastle, I worked in Wallsend for a few years and Consett for a while. If you've got any questions just ask! Cheryl
  12. Chezza81

    487 Visa - Anyone taken this route?

    Hi Gill Thanks for the reply Yeah, it's my 2nd WHV so no chance of another one! I'll give both Teaching Australia and the WA State Migration office a call and see what they say. I'm registered with WA DET and have my ID no to work for them. As far as I understand they've put the 457 sponsorship program on hold, it has been for quite a while now. I originally came to WA after meeting with reps from the DET at a skills expo in London with the hope of sponsorship but shortly after I arrived they pulled the plug! If I'd known they were going to do that I would have applied there and then but they suggested I come over on WHV first :arghh:. I will definitely still get in touch with Sue Carpenter though just in case they start it up again soon. I am hoping, with the planned changes in the curriculum, that being a qualified History teacher will work in my favour. Also, I'm registered with Smart Teachers, they have been helpful, hopefully if any SOSE jobs come up with sponsorship they will get in touch! I know they have asked a couple of schools already if they would consider it but unfortunately no luck there! I guess the first step is to get my skills assessment done because either way I'm going to need it and then take it from there. Thanks Cheryl
  13. Hey everyone! New to pomsinoz, well I've been looking on here for months but finally registered! Well, after a few months of thinking I would have to return to the UK when my WHV ends I've discovered I have another option, the 487 Visa. I was wondering if anyone has taken this route whilst on a WHV? I'm about to have my skills assessed, I'm a Secondary History Teacher, and from what I understand this can take up to 8 weeks. Then I hope to apply for WA SS. One of my main concerns is the processing time for state sponsorship, the WA website reckons 3-4 months but from what I've read on this website people seem to be waiting a lot longer! Can I apply for the visa before SS is confirmed. My WHV expires at the end of Oct this year and I'm a little concerned that the SS might not be sorted by then! Cheers Cheryl
  14. Chezza81

    Supply Teaching

    Hi Hanna I'm just going through the process of registering to teach in WA, to ensure I go on to the right pay level I've had to provide statements of service, detailing how long I worked at a school for, what point on the pay scale I was on and any periods of unpaid leave. I'm not sure if it's the same in NSW, but it's still worth having copies of it, some independent schools here have requested it. Make sure you have certified copies of all of your qulaification certificates and uni transcripts as well!