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    Changing ENS Visa Application from Transition to Direct Entry

    That mistake will probably cost you $3k. I think you will have to re-apply under the direct stream. However get confirmation! Ask for a refund, I doubt you will get anything from the money hunger b#%$@*. Don't ever assume logic or common sense. You are dealing with robots! If you said TRT on your form well they will assess you under TRT. Maybe see a migration agent for best advice. Tough break and best of luck getting it sorted. Hope you get a refund!
  2. owendoyle

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Finally got my visa granted today after an epic wait of 15 months (or 467 days)! Thanks pomsinoz for being a great resource and good luck to all those waiting. Visa: ENS 186 Occupation: Science Professional Method: 186, Non-DRC, Direct Entry Location: CoE Parammatta Timeline: Applied for Nomination - 30/01/2012 Nomination Granted - 20/09/2012 Applied for 186 Visa - 25/09/2012 Case Officer Assigned - 30/04/2013 Meds and Police Clearance Submitted - 08/05/2013 Visa Grant - 10/05/2013 Owen :ssign19:
  3. owendoyle

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Wondering the same. Hoping a few days but could be a week or two. I guess it depends on your CO and what they are currently doing, some go on leave for a week occasional.
  4. owendoyle

    DRC186 visa time frame?

    3 years full-time, with 20hrs+/wk being regarded as full time (to the best of my knowledge).
  5. owendoyle

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    I think you should send Immigration an email (nsw.pse@immi.gov.au). Outline your case. Include name, DOB, TRN. Say you have been waiting for quite a while and much longer than the service standards. They should have you assessed by now. They are processing some DRC cases in as little as 6 weeks! Good luck!
  6. owendoyle

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    **This is an automated response. Please do not respond to this email** Email Updated on 23 April 2013 ALLOCATION TIMEFRAMES We will no longer be publishing allocation dates by processing centre as we are using a number of strategies to manage the caseload more efficiently. Generally we are managing allocations via the following: Priority 1: Decision Ready, complete applications in ANSCO 1 & 2 occupations (by date of lodgement) Priority 2: All other Decision Ready applications (by date of lodgement) Priority 3: ANSCO occupations 1 & 2 requiring further documentation (by date of lodgement) Priority 4: All other applications by date of lodgement Agents should ensure that applications are as complete as possible at the time of lodgement. Case Officers may contact them with another opportunity to provide information if the case officer considers they require further information in order to make a decision. Contact by the case officer is by no means automatic or required under legislation. We are working through our large caseload in the most efficient manner possible and thank you for your patience during this busy period. ____________________________________________________________________________ Bull$^#*! Proof that immigration have scrapped allocated timeframes and now heavily prioritise DRC applications. All respect to migration agents but giving them the golden ticket to much faster processing times is quite simply ridiculous, especially when its done retrospectively. Dep. of Immigration.....you are the bane of my existence!
  7. owendoyle

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Congrats Ben! Looks like DRC is the way to go if you want a visa processed in a respectable time-frame. How long more do you think Big John? Their processing times are pretty off, especially with DRC's being processed so fast and non-drc taking ages. http://www.immi.gov.au/about/charters/client-services-charter/visas/8.0.htm I'm approaching 7 months now (14.5mts inc nomination) so in similar situation.
  8. Big Congrats mate!!! I'm glad the incompetence of the Dep of Immigration didn't cost you your visa. Big stress relief. I still find this quote quite hilarious! You can not rely on advice received from DIAC general enquiries over the phone and they can not be held liable for giving the incorrect information. Imaging going to a doctor and your then told, you cannot rely on the information you have received from this office. They would all be sued.... Still waiting for my 186 14.5 months on. I'm am estimating getting processed some time between now and my retirement! :twitcy:
  9. owendoyle

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Congratulations!! Damn long wait... Was it non-drc? (without agent) My application was a day after yours so here's hoping!!!
  10. owendoyle

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Congrats!! LATEST UPDATE RE. ENS 186: On Sat, Apr 6, 2013 at 7:54 AM, NSW PSE <nsw.pse@immi.gov.au> wrote: Thank you for your email. At this stage your application has not been allocated to a case officer. Once the application is allocated, a case officer will contact you within 7 days of allocation. We are currently allocating applications received in July and August 2012. Thank you for your patience. Administration Team Permanent Employer Sponsored Entry (NSW, QLD, ACT) Parramatta Centre of Excellence Department of Immigration and Citizenship Telephone: 13 18 81 Fax: 02 8861 4439 Email: nsw.pse@immi.gov.au
  11. owendoyle

    ENS 186 sequence issues

    Thanks Rupert. I don't have much patience left with IMMI unfortunately. I am led to believe that "IF" they have your application when they are processing the nomination application they will also assess your visa application in tandem. However if you apply after the nomination is approved then you are at the back of the queue again (like mine). Visa consideration only occurs once the nomination if approved. It just depends if they have it there with them or not. The fastest way is currently applying DRC (decision ready) through a migration agent with nomination and visa sent together. You can be approved (all things going well) in maybe 4 months. Best of luck with yours also.
  12. owendoyle

    ENS 186 sequence issues

    The benefit is if you apply together (nomination and visa) they will be assessed together (waiting time: 4-7mths). If you apply nomination first (4-7mths), then visa (4-7mths) you could be waiting upward of 1 year! (or 15months in my case) I'm in that exact situation now (waited for nomination to come through, then applied) and am in the 15th month of waiting (though there was a backlog last July with rule changes). My advice: Send in your visa app once you get your TRN. I would imagine a Uni should have no issues sponsoring especially if they have done previously. They just have to give the "best" advice in your case and "recommend" you should wait so your $3000 fee is not at risk if in the very slim chance they are denied nomination approval. Just remember if they don't get approved you will lose your fee so try be as sure as you can that they meet criteria.
  13. Depends what country you are from. Ireland has a reciprocal agreement under 457 and cannot get a medicare card on that visa, on the other hand UK citizens can apply for a medicare card on a 457. Many cant get a medicare card until they apply for a PR visa (like 186) and I presume the OP didn't given the following question....
  14. I am currently on a 457 visa with a current 186 application sent in. You can apply for a medicare card once you have received your acknowledgement letter that you have a valid application. I have one now and have used it. To get your card pop into one of the Medicare Offices with a copy of your 186 application and acknowledgement letter and passport and you can apply for a medicare card. The card is only temporary, 1 year expiry. This "may" enable you to access centrelink (though I am not sure on this). If they just need a medicare card then I guess you can.
  15. owendoyle

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    That's a great post RobertaSparrow. Thanks for sharing that link. Good summary of what we were told in dips and drabs. I guess I was right with IMMI case officers working on specific occupations, therefore having slightly different time-frames. They actually do seem to be getting their act together now so you should be processed in no time being a "recognised" DRC application.