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  1. Thanks, I will just write up everything then. I have started to varnish all wicker/rattan or whatever it is. I hope it will get through without costing a fortune!
  2. Hi, our shippers send us this customs form where they ask all these question of things you need to declare? Do you have to mention the feather duvets? How much detail do they want at the question of wooden items? Do you write ALL things wood from beds and tables to wooden kids train set and little wooden fruit bowl or little wooden paper organiser? I am so scared I miss something off that should have been on there. I have asked our shippers a few things, but I don't agree with not mentioning certain things. We have bedside cabinets with basket drawers and was told just to put bedside cabinets. I'm not sure that is the right thing to do. :no: What did you folks declared? Cheers.
  3. Boesman

    Where to stay near Heathrow?

    Just book the last week in a Travelodge for £150. How good is that!!!! Thanks again folks!
  4. Boesman

    Where to stay near Heathrow?

    Thanks guys for all of the above replies. Are gonna give them all a go right now!:wink:
  5. Hi, not sure where to post this. We fly out to Australia on the 12th of January and can't seem to find a cheapish place to stay near Heathrow. There are 5 of us and we will have only our luggage including camping mattresses. We need a place from Friday or Saturday the 6/7th of Jan till the 12th. If anybody knows of a B&B, hotel, cottage or whatever that doesn't cost a fortune we will be very glad to hear of it. We will need to take a BIG taxi to the airport so we don't mind the country side as long as not a 100 miles from heathrow. Cheers! Boesman
  6. Boesman

    Sellin my house in Uk

    Thank the good Lord we found a buyer a week ago! Was wondering how putting a house on auction would work? Could you have a reserve price? Perhaps that is something to look at for those who desperately wanna sell.
  7. Boesman

    Cheap Quote???

    We got a quote for £2900 for a 20ft container and three hours to load it ourselves. That was 6 weeks ago.
  8. Boesman

    Challenging shippers post-packing

    I would definately challenge them and would like to know who they are.
  9. Boesman

    House sale

    Whoooop whoooop, praise God, we have a buyer for our flat!!
  10. Boesman

    House sale

    We have dropped our price with £5000 and already it is making a huge difference in viewing numbers. We still make something on it (tiny bit), but it is the cheapest in our area (and also the smallest flat in our area ha haha). Let's keep praying......
  11. Boesman

    House sale

    Our flat is on the market with lots of viewings and a possible offer on the table (depending on the viewers partner that must still view the property tomorrow). We alreay bought our tickets for January and must sell! Also, our lease of the flat is 80years now. All who have leasholds will know what that means. So let us pray....
  12. Boesman

    Experience requirements

    I think it's 4 years.
  13. Totally agree, waste of time and money. PIO has EVERYTHING you need to know! Cheers!
  14. Ok, have quotes now from the top five companies mentioned and will defo use John Mason. They were by far the cheapest for the largest amount of volume quoted. Will let you guys know how it all went once we are there which is not soon yet.
  15. Hi, was just wondering if anyone has any suggenstions. We will have the shippers come and move out of our rental house 3 weeks before we actually fly. Where could one stay for three weeks without costing a fortune? We are in Crawley, West Sussex. A friend has offered us to stay with her as she has a big house, but I think between my three kids and her 4 kids, three weeks might get a bit long ...if you know what i mean:rolleyes:. Unfortunately it would be in December and January so too cold to camp. Cheers