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  1. jatkins

    Ormiston College

    Hi Tina, What school are your children at?
  2. jatkins

    Ormiston College

    Hi All, Has anyone got kids at Ormiston College, Brisbane? Based on research on this forum and elsewhere (including there impressive naplan results) we really liked the look of the school (although we've never been or had a tour) & have applied for places for our three daughters, in readiness for us finally making the move over later this year. As we anticipated when we submitted the enrolment forms, they don't currently have any 'in year' places for our girls, but we're on the waiting list. Does have anyone have any experience of how long the waiting lists are at Ormiston? We've not really been able to pin this down with them to anything other than a place 'could become available at anytime' We don't really want to have to start them in a the local state catchment school then move them again as and when places become available. They would be going into year 4, year 1 & prep. We visited the Redeemer Lutheran School when we came over to activate our visas, seemed very friendly & at the time they had placed for all 3 of our daughters, but at the time we weren't ready to make the move. We'd still consider this School - but on balance would prefer to be further towards Bayside (Ormiston, Wellington Point, Cleveland areas of Brisbane). Has anyone recently enrolled at at The Redeemer? If so were places still available or again is there now waiting lists here as well?
  3. Hi All, Our 175 visas were granted in June 2012, activated in March 2013 & expire June 2017. We plan to emigrate this summer, 2015. Would I be right in thinking that if we arrive in Australia before June 2015, stay in Australia for 2 years then come back to the UK that we would be able to apply for resident return visas? If we arrive after June 2015, can we still apply for a residents return visa after our 175 visa has expired in June 2017, even if we haven't been in Australia for 2 out of the 5 years?
  4. Thanks for all the advice. I'll get all the info ready before we arrive.
  5. We are heading for the Redlands / Bayside areas of Brisbane, around Wellington Point / Ormiston. We have applied for school places from here in the UK for our 3 daughters and will be due over permanently around May/June time
  6. jatkins

    Advice please on everything!! 😳

    Wow, that's a lot of big questions! I can't answer them all but if you haven't already head to the immi au website for advice on different visa classes/possible entry points. When we applied for our 175 visa I think it was about £2k. For houses, if you've not looked already realestate.com.au this will give you the lowdown on suburbs by price etc and give you an idea of what you'll get for your bucks. Don't know to much about schools in adelaide, but if you want to start research on school performance, myschool.edu.au is a good place to start.
  7. Hi All​, What are peoples experiences of securing their first longer term rental property when they first arrive in Australia? Specifically if you don't yet have a job/job offer, will having 6 or 12 months rent available to pay upfront be considered as acceptable by agents? We sold our house last year and have funds which we have started putting putting into the NAB account we opened from the UK - so we can show we have the $$cash. We've organised short term accommodation for the first few weeks when we arrive, during which time we'll looking for work - but this is expensive! We'd obviously need something longer term pretty asap. Cheers....
  8. jatkins

    Are you moving to Australia in 2015?

    The Atkins Family, Me (John, 37) Kelly (39) Poppy(9), Daisy (6) & Phoebe (4). After many years of putting off making a decision, we'll be moving over to Queensland end July/early Aug, probably around the Bayside area, Wellington Point or Ormiston. We have already completed on the sale of our home (living in rented here in UK at the moment, whilst sorting out the loose ends with work as we run our own business here) so we have the funds to buy in Oz when we're ready - although we have bought a smaller family home here in case things don't work out which we've already got rented out. Just finished the application forms for Ormiston Primary school, hoping to get a place for all 3 for July/Aug. All systems go!!!
  9. Hi, With our house finally sold in blighty, we're (me, wife & 3 girls 3,5 & 8)trying to pinpoint a potential area to base ourselves once we make the move in next couple of months. When we did our reccie/visa activation trip last year I must say I'd overlooked Frankston - having perhaps read a few negative comments about the area on forums before we were in Melbourne last year. However having looked at the cost of houses further North & closer to the city, I'm wondering whether Frankston (or particularly Frankston South/Olivers Hill area) is worth considering. Has anyone any experience of Frankston High School? Seems to be a positive vibe on it from what I've read elsewhere, but haven't really looked at the primary schools yet. Houses seem to be on bigger plots, with 4 bed houses available from $500-$800k+, which is about our budget. As I say when we were over last year we didn't really spend much time in Frankston (in fact I think a pit-stop in a McDonalds was about all we saw when stopped on drive further south!) Comments + & - welcomed! PS Whats the commute like to CBD?
  10. jatkins

    Weather in Melbourne and other queries..

    Don't know so much on your visa issue, but with regard to explaining to the kids, we are in a similar position with three girls, 3, 5 & 8. Best advice I can give is to keep talking about the positives of the move with them, but be honest with them about the things they might miss. My eldest daughter has some pretty close friends and extended family living within a stones throw of our current home and i'm not sure she really appreciates what going to happen and all the implications for her when we move. But we look at the move as an adventure and keep telling the kids the same. They've all been to Australia more than once so they some have expectations of what to expect with weather etc, and we took them for a look around a school (which they seemed to love) i'm sure my three will have aussie accents after a week of school....! And i'm sure if your kids get settled into school get stuck in to some aussie fun with other kids their age, they'll fine in the end. Think it will be much harder to move once kids are in their teens.
  11. jatkins

    Melbourne or adelaide??

    The lower cost of living and smaller commute are really is attracting me to Adelaide over Melbourne. The slightly more changeable weather in Melbourne doesn't worry me that much, as many have said it can't be worse than the UK (when we were in Melbourne last year it was baking! But when you look around on realestate.com and the research we've done on the trips around Australia (and Melbourne particuarly) you don't get much more your $, especially around the bayside areas of Melbourne. After an initial bit of renting We'd probably be looking for a 4 bed house with a budget around $7-800k, that seems to buy a heap more in Adelaide than Melbourne
  12. jatkins

    House sold!...... Now a question.

    Thanks for the info & link, much appreciated.
  13. Yep, posted their first, but no takers on the question!
  14. Hi, Pending the sale of our house going through Feb/March this year, we will finally be Adelaide bound in the next couple of months. I've been a mortgage broker/financial planner in the UK for the last 12 years and completed the initial Australian based equivalent exams last year. Any mortgage brokers / financial planners on the site? Any tips/guidance careers or jobs info on the market would be much appreciated. I've always worked on a self employed commission only basis, and would be happy to consider this or salaried roles.... Any experience or advice will be appreciated...
  15. jatkins

    House sold!...... Now a question.

    Thanks for your reply, Just to confirm, If we waited to migrate in 2017, just before visa is due to end, would we have to stay there for 3 yrs without leaving the country or 4 yrs with no more than 12 months in total out of the country? Is the 2 years out of the 5 only relevent if we were there by 2015 to apply for a 5 year resident return visa? Kind Regards