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  1. Piewie

    Who's leaving Australia in 2016

    We're gone end Jan back to my old job yipee but still I will miss certain aspects of Auz.
  2. Piewie

    Dog Box going free Perth WA

    We have a dog box that we used to bring our small Labrador from the UK to Australia. We have no need for it now, but as it is in such good condition it seems a waste to trow it away, especially as it cost so much to start with. Size 22" x 38" x 32" High. Our dog was about 22kg a small Retriever/Labrador. Free to anyone who wants it we are in Perth.
  3. Piewie

    Shipping Perth To UK

    Anyone have any new ideas here. I have managed to sort out container in Perth and shipping to the UK. We are going to do the packing etc. Then in the UK we have a problem as we have yet to secure the help of a broker there. Any ideas?? Please help money is tight need to save every cent. Many Thanks
  4. Piewie

    Shipping Perth To UK

    Try Freemantle Customs Brokers 94305744 he has quoted us $3695 for the Container, Port Fee, Delivery and Collection and his arrangement fee + some GST on about $1000. Obviously packing it is our concern. Does anyone know any good brokers on the otherside that can do the arrangements and transport from Tilbury?
  5. Piewie

    Changing address on UK driving licence

    I have just realized our licences have expired. Are we allowed to drive on our Auzzie Licences until we get our UK licences renewed?
  6. Piewie

    Calculating Net Salary

    Hello everyone. We are returning to the UK after 5 years. Basically got my last job back with fairly reasonable salary. In trying to budget I was wondering if there was any sites out there that can accurately calculate my Tax and NI contributions. Any help appreciated. Kindest Regards
  7. Piewie

    Jeremy Corbyn, thoughts?

    He does not know the words for the National Anthem!
  8. Piewie

    457 visa and sponsorship - who has done this?!

    The law says you cannot pay for a 457, that is a cost that must be born by the employer. If your husband has a trade he will be doing many skills assessments as Australia does not like other qualifications and will want you to re-train.
  9. Piewie

    processing time of 457

    Five years ago it was very quick a week or two, I'm not too sure about now as I think the 457 draw card has more or less expired. A word of advice 457 is a work permit by another name be very sure about the company etc. inquire from them about your path when the visa expires and how they will help you then.
  10. Piewie

    Moving back to the Uk

    Hi Shelly I think your friend ment 28cubic metres, which is a 20ft container. I have just spoken to Chess and without packaging I am looking at around 9000. I will be calling Pickfords in a bit. Thanks for the advice though
  11. Piewie

    Is your trade on this list?

    What a load of BS. They list Air conditioning and Refrigeration on a skills shortage list? These sort of people are over represented in the Unemployment Sections especially as the bad ones are now returning from doing nothing on the mines as the jobs have dried up. The likes of Hays are now offering about $30 an hour for these jobs and on a temporary basis self employed.
  12. Piewie

    Why move back to the UK when :-

    And the latest quarterly growth figures out for Auz show the economy growth at less than GREECE. Recession here we come!
  13. Piewie

    Informing HM Government

    Thanks Terry The electoral role is an important item and we used this last time. Cheers
  14. Piewie

    Informing HM Government

    Thanks peterc1983 and Quinkla I remember back then, that I looked at this form P85 but in my mind this was for claiming back tax. Because I did not believe I was due any tax relief I did not fill it in. When we arrived in Auz at the end of the UK financial year I completed my tax return online (because my mail from the UK was redirected for 6 months I received postal notification)and changed my address to my Auz address. Subsequent to that I had various tax stuff arrive at this Auz address. The following UK financial year I did the same when the notification that it was due arrived direct from the tax office. However I subsequently moved house and state and only redirected my mail for six months, so the next notification never arrived at my new address. So I never filled in a tax return. My thinking then and now still is that I had been out of the country for two years and not earning any UK pounds and only a couple of pounds in bank account interest. Originally I was offered a contract for 3 years and a 457 visa for 4 years. I thought then that we would come have a look and return. After a year I was seriously cheesed off with the way I was being treated by my employer but was not ready to return so we applied for permanent residence which was granted within 6 months. We have now stayed the 4 years that was originally planned and I have a job offer back in England and the WA economy is in a definite downward spiral. So I am just checking out my options to clear the ground in case we decide to return in March. I like Qunkla s statement "I work on the basis that there is little anyone can do to me once I have gone and it would be easier to ask for forgiveness than permission should I return." I also spotted an advertisement outside our local Wespac Bank which said that the transfer of UK Public Sector pensions would be banned from April 2015. This got me thinking that if we stayed my better half would need to get on with transferring it here. So hence that is why I am here now. Thanks for the responses so far and any other would be appreceiated.
  15. Piewie

    Informing HM Government

    Hello Everyone We have been in Auz nearly 4 years now. I was recently reading a post and there was mention of informing HM government that we had left. Do you have to inform the Government that you are leaving? If so how can we correct this now and what are the implications if any? Especially if we were to return in March, which might happen. This would have been a little over the time of our original 457 work permit. Any answers appreceiated.