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    Thanks Fireblade
  2. moven


    We have completed the test in March and awaiting the ceremony. We are going to Europe next month and just wondering if I am correct that our visas(PR) are still valid until we have attended the ceremony? In other words no return visas to be applied for etc. I will contact the dept to confirm but anyone got a quick answer? Cheers
  3. moven

    Employment in Perth

    Wife works in private healthcare and currently very quiet at work. Health insurance seems to be one of the first savings made when things get tight! Public system might be getting busier though. Best to find a job from over East prior to moving, if you can.
  4. Just needed to present at A&E with my Irish passport, without registering with Medicare. Full care given without any further questions asked. Bank account as above can be opened online prior to arrival in oz.
  5. moven


    Once the test is completed are you then classed as a citizen or do you have to attend the ceremony for swearing in?
  6. moven

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    PR Granted today the wait is over!! Good luck to everyone waiting for theirs!!
  7. moven

    457 for 14mths of work?

    The 457 can be for a period of 14 months rather than the traditional four years. You may if your employer allows apply for a 186/187 permanent visa on arrival(Approx. 3-6 months to get), not sure how immi would take it if the employer has only stipulated 14 months on the 457 though. Or, you could apply independent of your employer once here on the 457, based on your skills if you reach the points required. The 457 has its drawbacks, but is a quick way of entering Australia.
  8. moven

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi guys My timeline below. Hopefully not long to be long now!
  9. $125 is the going rate, should take around five hours for the average house. We had three guys for that rate per hour.
  10. moven

    The best path forward from a 457 visa

    Have a look into the RSMS pr visa or the ENS direct stream if eligible? A migration agent will fill in the blanks for a small fee or free consultation. WA is considered regional whether you live in the CBD or in the countryside. Try get a second opinion if one agent says its not possible, to be completely sure.
  11. moven


    Why not find an online course based with a provider in the UK, study time for a level 5 diploma in business studies or similar approx 6-12 months depending on how many hours you put in? Cost less than £1000, nearer to £600-700. Not sure if that will be taken into account for sponsorship as you usually require to have the post qualification experience.
  12. moven

    457 Visa to RSMS with same emloyer

    I believe an assessment would be required going that route. No formal qualification for my job title.
  13. Kipper2...Has hit the nail on the head with his post above. (Pardon the pun BTW)
  14. moven

    BBQ for PiO Expats City Beach

    Is it a swingers party? Just kiddin, sounds like an idea