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    gas fitter

    There isn't a practical test to take, you just have to provide copies of qualifications, detailed work experience and where and how you obtained your qualifications.
  2. chlodanamy

    Visa Granted Now What

    Use this link it tells you how and where to send your passports to http://www.uk.embassy.gov.au/lhlh/visaevid.html
  3. chlodanamy

    Visa Granted Now What

    I am in the same boat and had the same confusion, I have emailed my CO to ask the question. No reply yet, will keep you posted.
  4. chlodanamy

    What Visa??????

    My friend and his family are interested in migrating to Australia but is put off as is struggling to see which visa to apply for if any, can anyone help?????? He has been self employed/had his own business for the last 3-4 years as a dent man (repairs dents on cars) has contracts with car dealerships and also carries out private repairs. He really wants to set up the same business in WA and doesn't want to go back to being an employee. His annual turnover isn't enough to apply for a successful business visa and doesn't seem to have enough points for an GSM (just turned 40). Anyone any suggestions?????:goofy:
  5. chlodanamy


    thanks, I am in banking hubby gasfitter/plumber, just have heard a few bad reports on Waikiki itself and was after some more opinions. I like the look of Safety Bay.
  6. chlodanamy


    Buddymum I must be having a blonde moment, but don't know what you mean by your response, can you explain? many thanks
  7. chlodanamy


    Has anyone got any comments on Waikiki for somewhere to move to for a family of 5, including 3 kids 8, 5 and 3?? schools, employment any information you may have on the area would be gratefully received.
  8. chlodanamy

    June 18 2010 perth arrival

    may I ask what line of work did you both get jobs in?
  9. chlodanamy

    State sponsership

    I also might potentially be a bit confused if my OH's trade disappears off the SOL but is still on the ss list?!?! does anyone know where we would stand?
  10. chlodanamy

    Migration Agent or not?

    thanks for that, although don't think they help you with housing/jobs - I wish, unless anyone can tell me otherwise.
  11. chlodanamy

    Migration Agent or not?

    thanks, I don't think that our circumstances are complex and can definately handle the TRA and SS alone but when looking through the actual visa application form my need help with some of the questioning, therefore do I just go for the basic package of getting an agent to assist with completing the application rather than looking after the whole process for me? and use the money saved for when we get there. decisions, decisions:confused:
  12. chlodanamy

    Migration Agent or not?

    Just wondered do most people use a migration agent or not?
  13. chlodanamy

    Visa/Sponsorship questions

    thanks Kev any advice/info is welcomed. Looking at the potential draft SOL on another thread (can't remember which one) looks like gasfitter isn't on there anyway but general plumber is, only another week to find out for sure so the decision might be made already, we will see.
  14. chlodanamy

    Visa/Sponsorship questions

    Thanks Kev if you get a approved skills assessment as a gasfitter via TRA is that enough to be classed on your visa as one? or might you still have to then get assessed as a general plumber?
  15. chlodanamy

    WA State Sponsorship Time Update

    can any answer my question please, as gasfitter - is that occupation on the state or regional sponsorship list? and am I correct in thinking that the regional one only permits you to live and work in the regions of WA and not Perth and that it is also a temporary visa?