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  1. Given that our work account got deleted I just wanted to make sure everyone had an update as to whats going on at AHPRA I've just had another AHPRA Eligibility finalised up in Darwin. Submitted on the 16/12/13 and eligibility sent by email today. Please stop worrying, everything will be fine and applications are coming through albeit slowly from the larger offices but they are still coming through. I will leave this here once again (VIC) (03) 8708 9108 (03) 8708 9071 (TAS) (03) 6281 7921 (03) 6281 7905 (NT) (08) 8901 8507 (03) 8901 8514 (WA) (08) 6141 6010 (08) 9220 2103 (QLD) (07) 3149 4645 (07) 3149 4637 (ACT) (02) 6195 2607 (NSW) (02) 8071 2001 or 07 (SA) (08) 7071 5518 (08) 8366 5527 If you can't get through play around with the last digit of each number to reach a different extension but you will bypass the huge queue's on the main national number. Under NO circumstances let anyone know that you have dialed them directly as they will put you back in the Queue, If anyone asks how you go their number tell them you have been transferred from the switch! Hope this helps put some minds at rest and also helps you all actually get to speak to someone at AHPRA Anyone who hasn't submitted their applications yet and is about to Send it to Darwin, Sydney and Melbourne are slow, SA seem to keep asking for random things that simply aren't required. Good Luck!
  2. Nursing registration is national, Just because you apply to the Darwin office it doesn't mean you have to work in the NT, Darwin office are finalizing application far quicker than any other state at the moment with Adelaide being the slowest and bordering on useless, Into perspective one of our nurses applied to Adelaide in July and her rego still hasn't come through despite reassurances that it is in the final stages and being a 100% complete application, Another of our Nurses applied to Darwin 7 weeks ago and got her eligibility last week. Send your application to Darwin people! Any problems (And AHPRA will hate me for posting this) Call the direct numbers for the offices i've posted below and follow up each and every day. Richard Mullaly (VIC) (03) 8708 9108 Anne Jobson (03) 8708 9071 Lisa Wardlaw-Kelly (TAS) (03) 6281 7921 Lynn Ayers (03) 6281 7905 Jill Huck (NT) (08) 8901 8507 Lois Modoh (03) 8901 8514 Robyn Collins (WA) (08) 6141 6010 Ronnie Phillips (08) 9220 2103 Jim O'Dempsey (QLD) (07) 3149 4645 Barbara Landels (07) 3149 4637 Bob Bradford (ACT) (02) 6195 2607 Kym Ayscough (NSW) (02) 8071 2009 Alyson Smith (SA) (08) 7071 5518 Joey Beaton (08) 8366 5527 These numbers bypass the switch and the 1300 number which costs a fortune to ring from outside Australia and also reduce hold times. Bearing in mind that this information is now 2 years old if they don't work change the last digit to get through to a different extension and then ask to be put through to nursing registrations.
  3. We're currently looking to recruit 1-2 Midwives for a private hospital on Sydney's North Shore to start ASAP. The hospital in very well regarded within Sydney for both patient care and great working conditions (I have 2 friends who work there and love it!) Initially the work will consist of mainly night shifts due to shortages in this area but further down the line day shifts may be a possibility. Competitive packages on offer and sponsorship is also available. Looking for AHPRA registered Midwives who could interview in the next week or so with a perceived start of September 2012. For more info drop me a PM and i'm happy to answer any questions you may have.
  4. cdb

    Finding Sponsership

    Any industry provided that they can put a decent case together for immigration, In these cases the title "Project manager" seems to be thrown around quite a bit. Really easy and straightforward process if they'll sponsor you.
  5. <p><p>Thanks for the reply as to where I can send my ahpra registration application to, I had been told you had to present at the office in which you apply to when arriving in Australia. I am heading to sydney and I know the application to there can be a long process..... So would rather use elsewhere.</p></p>

  6. YYou can send it to any office as AHPRA is a National registration body, Applications we submit through the Darwin office are often processed more efficiently than if submitted to Sydney or Melbourne, I'm guessing they are just much quieter up there.
  7. In that case this! http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/UNIVERSAL-TUMBLE-DRYER-VENT-HOSE-CONDENSER-VENT-KIT-/390084121172
  8. Can't you just stick an exhaust hose out of the window similar to what's usually done with portable air conditioners? I vented my tumple dryer through one of the ventilation holes in the corner of my bathroom, Those little grilles in most houses go straight outside.
  9. I've just sent mine to Greece and it was $2300 + final vet check-up $190. Uk would be around $2500 due to the landing charge the UK impose. I used Skypets in Sydney who were very good but Singapore airlines who carried him didn't seem to treat him very well at all He arrived distressed with no food or water. Your cat will need a rabies jab 30 days prior to departing Australia also.
  10. I've dealt with both hospitals in the past and all the Nurses and Doctors i've ever sent to Manly rave about the place and they have a very low turnover of staff. One of my friends is a Mental Health nurse at the Manly hospital and loves it. I think if you've had an offer there you should jump at the chance as its notoriously difficult to get into, Also having lived in Manly I would highly recommend it. Its the closest thing you're likely to get to the true Sydney sider lifestyle and theres a massive ex pat community. Also Randwick isn't the best place to live. Manly any day!
  11. On behalf of one of our nurses who's having to move state for work i thought i'd post this up here as I understand the hassles involved with trying to secure a rental quickly on arrival in Australia. Its in a great location and available ASAP http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/wollongong-2500/apartment-unit/pleasant-sunny-and-airy-one-bedroom-apartment-/1001347321 Contact her directly or feel free to send me a PM if interested.
  12. cdb

    Apple Computer

    Can you not just go into your web browser and clear all of your Passwords and Cache prior to handing your laptop over? Transferring the files is really straightforward and you could probably easilly sort it yourself
  13. cdb

    Surry Hills pubs

    The Shakespeare is pretty good, Bit of a dive but great atmosphere and amazing food for very little money. Drinks are really cheap too!
  14. I'm always up for after work drinks in the CBD
  15. Unless you are a registered nurse with an Aged Care background you may find it difficult to find sponsorship as Australia seems to be full of care assistants looking for work and finding sponsorship for RNs is difficult enough in the aged care industry.