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  1. family S

    Return Resident Visa (subclasses 155 or 157)

    I would sure like that PM!
  2. family S

    Return Resident Visa (subclasses 155 or 157)

    The problem was we couldn't sell our house and when we finaly did, my husband got sick. He's now working hard in school and work to learn an other profession. Right now we don't have a chance for a good job in Australia. With his new diploma we have a much better chance getting a good start. He'll be to old for an other skilled visa in 4 years. That's why we were hoping to expand our current visa.
  3. We have our permanent resident visa for almost 5 year now and it's about to expire. But we still haven't made the move. We're really want to move in about 4 years and were wondering if a RRV is an option? Or any other visa? Anyone with some experience with this?? :unsure:
  4. family S

    Tasmania or the UK??

    We're not sure about that yet. But we want to have the option to choose. ;-)
  5. family S

    Tasmania or the UK??

    We were planning on moving to Kingborough. The biggest fear is not finding a job and scared of being homesick... Because of my friends and family, not the Netherlands. How did you all make the dissension and left?? The cold feet are killing us! :eek:
  6. family S

    Tasmania or the UK??

    Thanks for all the help with this roller-coaster!
  7. family S

    Tasmania or the UK??

    Great to hear the other side of the story too! How is life in the UK for you, because it sounds to me like your life became very busy. We've been to the UK and to Tas, but we've only seen city's in the UK. What I don't like about the Netherlands is; they want everything and they want it yesterday. If someone sends you an email they get mad if you wait until the weekend to answer it. At the supermarket everybody is in a hurry...
  8. family S

    Tasmania or the UK??

    Yes we've been there and loved it. :rolleyes: That's one of our big concerns about moving! How do you deal with things like that??
  9. family S

    Tasmania or the UK??

    The unemployment in the Netherlands is 8,7% and rising... But construction jobs aren't the biggest problem in the Netherlands, education jobs are. What about Tas? Tasmania still sounds great and we're really looking for that lifestyle. But what about family in Europe and the education system in Tas?? And how do you get by the first months. (Sounds like cold feet, doesn't it.... :laugh:) (It's great to finally be talking about these things, because friends and relatives just want you close by. :cute:)
  10. family S

    Tasmania or the UK??

    Good point! We're leaving the Netherlands because homeschooling is illegal, but they don't provide education for all kids. Because the Netherlands are to crowed and the government is to controlling. The Netherlands is going to fast for us. We constantly have the feeling we were born 100 years to late. We decided to move to Tasmania because they could sponsor our visa. Homeschooling is legal and children are accepted in schools when you enrol them. And the kindness, the space and the friendly people. Edit: My husband is a plasterer and I was a welfare worker once. We just want to slow life down and get a good school for our kids.
  11. family S

    Tasmania or the UK??

    As you may know, we're Dutch and after reading a lot of stories about people missing their loved ones back home, we started having doubts about moving. We have our visa, almost sold our house and ready to go, but we can't decide if we're going to move to Tasmania or the UK. So maybe you can help us? Pro's en con's Tas and the UK: :chatterbox::arghh::twitcy::nah::yes:
  12. family S

    car hire

    We rented with http://www.bargaincarrentals.com.au/ They were cheap and good. We got a discount through http://www.ourdeal.com.au/ Maybe they have an other deal again soon.
  13. family S

    large plastering companies in Tasmania

    Thanks!! I'll give them a call, we're staying near Sorell at the moment. :wink:
  14. We're on our validating trip to Tasmania and we're getting a idea what living is Tassie is. I love a lot of things, but also worry about a lot of things also. :nah: One of them is a job for my husband, he just realised over here that an own plastering company is not his ambition. He's really thrown by this.... :no: Now he's looking for larger companies he can apply for a job. Or at least get a feeling what plastering in Tasmania is about. He will also ask his friend who has a handyman service here, but I would really appreciate your input too. :hug: