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    Big Decision!

    Hi there. We've been here nearly 2 years and it's a lovely place to live. The school is good and everyone is really friendly. There are surprisingly a lot of Brits in Avoca (good or bad, depending how you look at things). Beach is good and there's a local surf club. I suppose it depends what you want. Terrigal is also a lovely place and I would happily move there is we needed to. Good luck Jane
  2. Janie101

    Job on Gumtree

    http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/avoca-beach/chefs-cooks/commis-chef-cafe-42k-rsms-sponsorship-central-coast/1031952019 I have just seen this job on Gumtree and thought I'd share it. I don't know anything about the job etc but the area is on Central Coast, NSW. A lovely area. Happy searching ;-)
  3. Janie101

    Big Decision!

    The Central Coast is gorgeous. We live in Avoca which is a beach suburb. I don't know Lisarow it is more inland (but saying that only about a 20 minute drive for me). When I have driven through it, it appears more to be more acreage properties but as I said I don't know the area. If you are on Facebook, there's a great "Central Coast Expats" group. You may get some more info from there. If you moved here, you would not be sorry especially if you have young children. Sydney is an hour and half train journey away. Great on a Sunday as only costs $10 for a family of 4 ;-)
  4. Janie101

    Living in NSW

    Try Central Coast Expats on Facebook ;-)
  5. Janie101

    Sky+ box

    Thank you ;-)
  6. Janie101

    Sky+ box

    Thanks guys. Thought it was a long shot! OH said he knew it wouldn't work but was there anyway of using it as a a PVR ? (Know idea what he's on about) Cheers
  7. Janie101

    Sky+ box

    Hi there. Just found our UK Sky+ box (no idea why I brought it with me along with the kitchen sink !) but wondered if anyone had plugged it in and somehow got Foxtel? Long shot, I know but thought was worth asking. Cheers Jane:biglaugh:
  8. Janie101


    Yes. If you are a permanent resident, you will be entitled to Family Assistance. I could find you the link to the estimator if you need it?
  9. Janie101

    Visa Advice - Secondary School Maths Teacher

    Thanks folks. Am I right in reading that if you are State Sponsored you will no longer have the moral obligation to live/work in that state?
  10. Janie101

    Visa Advice - Secondary School Maths Teacher

    Thanks again. Is there still a SOL?
  11. Janie101

    Visa Advice - Secondary School Maths Teacher

    Thanks for this Lebourvellec - sorry it was 176 when I did mine. Was it July this year it changed?
  12. Hi there Can anyone recommend an agent who specialises in 175/176 skilled visas for Secondary School Teachers? Thanks Jane:wink:
  13. Janie101

    English Food Poms miss

    Pork pies in woolies at the Deli, not bad ! Blue Mountains.
  14. Janie101

    Winters here

    John You talk a lot of sense mate, with no double glazing, thinner less insulated walls, I miss just flicking on my combi, far more cost affective, I was in Perth the other week and its a damn site warmer than Sydney !.