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  1. Even doing a search on here I'm still unclear. My wife and I are here on her 457 visa and both UK Citizens, we had a baby girl 2 weeks ago. We have sent off for her birth certificate and had some passport photo's taken of her yesterday. We have the C2 form to apply for her UK passport what documents do we need to provide as the forms are confusing over wether we need to provide our passports or birth certificates too. Do we do all this at the post office or can we go to the British Embassy. Not particularly happy with sending our passports etc in the post. Any help or advice appreciated. Mike
  2. mike 6r4

    St Kilda, OK for a family?

    Yes it's not really family. You only have to go one suberb south though like Elwood and it's more family suited.
  3. mike 6r4

    Marking boxes

    Each box has to be numbered and the contents itemised. John Mason provided us with pre printed self adhesive labels that were numbered and had all our details on.
  4. mike 6r4

    Shipping car and motorbike

    Things vary from state to state, I moved to VIC and brought a car and 2 quads with me with no issues.
  5. You pay an extra charge to have it done, it's about £60 from memory.
  6. mike 6r4

    Declaring items less than 12 months old

    Unless it's packaged in a new unopened box don't worry about declaring anything.
  7. It took 5 weeks for my approvals to come through. I shipped without the approvals as I too forgot. John Mason were not happy to ship without the approvals in place and I had to agree to pay for the return shipping if import approval wasn't granted. It all came through while the container was on the water so no issues at all.
  8. We self packed so could only insure for total loss not for damage in transit. Insurance is just an odds thing. Consider the odds of losing a container overboard, logically for it to be lost it would need to be on the top and outside row (pretty remote odds). Then the odds of it happening, also remote. Then consider if it doesn't drop overboard that the crane will drop it - remote. We then asked the question, if we lost all the stuff would our life stop? Well it'd be upsetting to loose all the sentimental things. The car, motorbikes, pool table etc etc are all just toys. Yes it'd cost a fortune but we'd manage. To sum it up we thought sod it it's worth the gamble. The outcome? A 40ft hi cube container with a car, 2 quad bikes, and completely full of stuff................a broken £20 vase.
  9. Yes I imported my Mk2 Golf. They accepted my receipt I made up. Job done.
  10. It's based on the value here so a valuation in the UK means jack S**t. Create yourself a nice cheap receipt for it and you should be fine producing that.
  11. mike 6r4

    Shipping a quad bike?

    Depends on the state. I imported 2 quads to VIC, you still need import approval in advance of shipping. Also make up a receipt for the quad on your computer, same type as you would when you sell a car privately. They base the import value and therefore duties on this. My $6k quad was declared at $800.
  12. mike 6r4

    Shipping car parts in wooden crates

    Speak to your shipping company, you have to use approved treated timber that is stamped & certified.
  13. mike 6r4

    Taking Car on 457!

    Yes, I did, VIC.
  14. mike 6r4

    Are we allowed to take new items to Australia?

    They'll only know it's less than a year old if you tell them................
  15. mike 6r4

    how long did container sit in UK?

    2 days