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    Changes to the Skilled Occupations List - Occupations Added

    You need a skills assessment and that's the stage where you need work experience to get it. Check TRA website.
  2. alex2010

    Changes to the Skilled Occupations List - Occupations Added

    .... which means some applications with priority Group 5 will move higher to Group 4 and finally will be processed....
  3. Hello Bonnie, I tried to explore your proposed pathway to a bridging visa when a person has applied for 189/190 offshore. This looks feasible to me only, and only if an applicant already held a tourist visa at the time of applying for 189/190. Please see Schedule 2 010.211(2)©. I might be wrong but I have gone through a stressful process of a visa application and I have found out that the best approach is to check directly legislation. Good luck to everyone.
  4. Hi there, anything I am saying should be double checked with an RMA and this is only my opinion: Firstly, a visitor visa is only for a genuine intention to visit Australia. As per my understanding, you might be asked by an immigration officer why you are coming to Australia on a tourist visa whilst having a pending application for a permanent visa.... If your intentions are not genuine, your visitor visa could be cancelled. Secondly, 190 visa can be granted while you are in Australia. You might also be eligible to a bridging visa if you manage to come to Australia depending on further circumstances.
  5. alex2010

    Category 5's facts & stories

    Re- pre Sept 07 - there are onshore applications only except for 495/496, otherwise offshore apps have been capped and ceased. re - post Sept 07 - as long as DIAC follow current priority arrangements, they should process gr5 in the order applications are being received. However, this ministerial direction might change...
  6. alex2010

    Category 5's facts & stories

    hi, I would trust DIAC website. Pre Sept 2007 application first incl 495/496 and then post Sept application. I think virtual_bajwa can expect a CO to be reassigned shortly next year.... good luck. alex
  7. alex2010

    New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    hi cat5er, brilliant calculation but don't forget DIAC do not work much during Xmas time... alex
  8. alex2010

    Visa-renewal or citizenship ?

    hi everybody, I have a hypothetical question in regards to this topic. Can we apply for a RRV after 2 yrs in Australia so 3 yrs before expiry date to travel? I know it sounds weird but would such an application be approved? thanks, alex
  9. alex2010

    General Skilled Migration - the future

    hi dono, you never know what could happen with immigration policy. If the government gets a feeling that there could be many 65 pts applicants in June 2012, they will not hesitate to prevent this from happening. alex
  10. alex2010

    Class Action for support of G5 has been started in Court...

    Hi everybody, I would like to express my sympathy and support to all cat5 applicants. As a former applicant I was affected by Sept2009 changes and I know what means to stay months and years in limbo. I was lucky enough to get a visa this year. Good luck to your court hearing!!!! Alex
  11. alex2010

    General Skilled Migration - the future

    Hi there, where did you get information no one will be able to apply for gsm for the entire year? DIAC initially mentioned - 1st July 2012 EOI will start, early 2013 first invitations to apply. Therefore, there will be a half year gap to clear their backlog. However, do not forget on shore transitional applicants who will not be affected by EOI until the end 2012. I also believe DIAC will suspend accepting all offshore gsm applications earlier than 1st July 2012 to eliminate last minute rush like it happened in 2010 which would give more time to process old applications. Alex
  12. alex2010

    Skilled Migrant Advice

    Hi there, As long as you meet all legal requirements, there is an obligation to grant a visa. However, there is no legal period when a decision must be made. A good example is current prioriry group 5 where people have been waiting for many years for their visa. A general rule of thumb is to lodge your application ASAP. The government plans to start EOI system from the next financial year which means it will no longer be enough to meet all legal requirements, but applicants will compete each other to be invited to apply for a GSM visa. Simply said, who has more points will be invited to apply. Consult your situation with a registered agent. They will tell you your chances. Alex
  13. alex2010

    Stuffed up with resident return visa

    Hi, If you lived 2 years out of the last 5 as a PR in Australia, it should't be a problem to obtain a RRV. However, do it quickly. You should be aware that you must be living in Australia as a PR at least 9 mths out of last 12 mths immediately before you apply for a citizenship. You must also be residing some time legally in australia in the last 4 years before applying - check DIAC website for details. Therefore, if have lost your PR by obtaining a diferrent visa, it may affect your eligibility to a citizenship. Alex
  14. alex2010

    no update on aspc.processing@immi.gov.au

    Keep going and you will be rewarded and you will get your visa. It looks like on 1st July 2012 - DIAC will start EOI (Expression of Interest) which means there will be no new applications after this date until 1 of January 2013. That will be your time when DIAC will be clearing their backlog. In my opinion many people will try to beat the July 2012 cutover, but the government will surprise us and suspend accepting all new offshore applications some time before like it happened before July 2010 changes.
  15. It depends on terms and conditions of your current insurance. You may continue to use it even if you have a medicare card. If I were you, I would check your current insurance. If you have a private hospital cover, you will get a government rebate as mentioned in this thread somewhere earlier. You can claim this rebate directly through your insurer or at the end of financial year through your tax return by getting a tax offset.