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    Visitor Visa while awaiting PMV 300

    Hello everyone Has anyone entered on a electronic visitor visa while awaiting decision on a overseas lodged marriage visa application and what was their reception at airport customs like? Any stories to share? Is it easy to get another electronic visa whilst in Australia to extend the time (since processing seems to currently be 6 mths plus). Thanks!
  2. JulieFreo

    Assets on 300 visa

    Hi all... We all know our future 300 Marriage Visa partner have lots of admirable assets of the personal kind, but seriously, what if they have limited liquidity and are coming with a small amount of resources instead of loads of savings? Anyone experienced any difficulty in the acceptance process because of this? Or in the context of the bigger picture, didn't it matter at all? Love to hear. Cheers!
  3. JulieFreo

    Processing Times 300

    Hi Smish Hope all goes well, has been useful getting your information so keep in touch...
  4. JulieFreo

    Processing Times 300

    Hi Smish, thanks for your reply. How did it all go? Would be great if you can let us know when you get approved! Gives us some kind of guide...
  5. JulieFreo

    Processing Times 300

    Hi everyone Anyone had a 300 Prospective Marriage Visa granted through London office recently? (Late 2010-2011) What was your processing time? Did you front load medicals? Ta all!
  6. JulieFreo

    Medical Certificates

    Hi all Any thoughts on preloading medical certificates and possible benefit of doing so? We were advised in Jan not to, because of backlog of applications. Also my partner will be getting medical certificates re. 300 prospective marriage visa. He'll be attending in Manchester. Any thoughts on type of medical? and cost etc? he's got no history of medical problems. ALSO he has two daughters 15 and 14 that aren't emigrating. Will they also need FULL medical check etc? Thanks everyone!
  7. Preparing a 300 for my partner to come to Oz. He has two teenagers well established in another family unit, and they won't be migrating. In regards to the health requirements, the way it's worded, it seems like they are saying the children would need health checks EVEN if they are NOT migrating, which seems rather weird. Also, since government agencies aren't involved in his custody arrangements, would it be savvy to get a stat dec from his ex-wife stating the long-standing and successful agreement they have concerning the children? Thanks.