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  1. Aussie2B

    Canadian Criminal Check

    I think you should just try a few other police stations until you found one that can help you with your fingerprints. There are a lot of students in Australia that require this service for their student visas, so it's a pretty 'standard' procedure at several Australian police stations. Where in Australia are you at the moment? I got mine done at the local police station in Maroubra (Sydney) and you can just walk in there and they will help you right there and then. You just have to make sure you have EVERYTHING with you (forms, bank cheque, pre-paid envelope etc.), because they will not give the fingerprints back to you. They will post it to Canada themselves along with your other documents (hence the pre-paid envelope)... Good luck!
  2. Aussie2B

    Canadian Criminal Check

    Mine took about 4 months in total.. It's a long wait compared to other countries, but try not to get too frustrated. Just wait patiently and you'll receive it in the mail after about 15/16 weeks..
  3. Aussie2B

    Canadian Criminal Check

    Hi Rachter, I actually organized my request from Australia and arranged an international bank draft with Westpac. That was accepted, so you won't have any problem with an Australian bank cheque. Also, the address details are correct - no worries. Good luck!
  4. Aussie2B

    Question about luggage allowances

    Hi Purpledonna, Can I ask - did you email them before or after you booked your ticket? I'm also planning on booking with Singapore Airlines, but am just wondering if I need to have their permission on luggage allowances before I actually book the ticket.. Or is it a matter of booking the ticket first and then emailing them afterwards so they can give you the permission for extra luggage? Thanks!
  5. Aussie2B

    Canadian Criminal Check

    Yep, I know, but unfortunately the ability to submit fingerprints electronically to the RCMP is not currently available outside Canada. Says so on the website. Would have saved LOADS of time otherwise... urgh.
  6. Aussie2B

    Canadian Criminal Check

    Hey Mtlboi, Thanks for letting me know! I was starting to wonder if you had already received your clearance.. Looks like they were correct with their "15/16 weeks" timeframe.. Means I have to wait another 4 weeks or so... Not the end of the world, but you're right - compared to the UK and other countries it's just insane how long it takes them to process such a request!!! WHY??? Good luck with your visa application and hopefully the grant is now not far off!!
  7. Aussie2B

    Canadian Criminal Check

    Wow... 15-16 weeks it is then. That's soooo long.. I really hope that is actually the max of time it will take and that in reality it's not all of a sudden going to exceed those 16 weeks. Well, thanks for sharing that email and good luck to you! Please keep me (us) posted on any progress... Would be good to hear when you'll find that certificate from the RCMP (or CFSS?) in your mail box. Hopefully sooner rather than later!
  8. Aussie2B

    Canadian Criminal Check

    Hey Mtlboi, Urgh... I know about the long processing times of the RCMP. I sent my request back in August, but I was under the impression it would take about 10-12 weeks..? That's what it says on their website.. Is it really 15-16 weeks? Did they tell you they haven't entered your info in their system just yet? It's amazing how processing times for police clearances differ per country. I've had to arrange a few since I've lived in several countries over the past 7 years and the other clearances I received pretty quickly. It's just the Canadian one I'm now waiting for, which also means my visa can't be granted until I've received it. I guess there's nothing we can do but be patient!
  9. Aussie2B

    ACT, Canberra State Sponsorship - WHERE ARE YOU NOW

    Fantastic news - congrats Big Bob!! Very happy for you!!!!!
  10. Aussie2B

    ACT, Canberra State Sponsorship - WHERE ARE YOU NOW

    Congrats Big Bob!!!!! It's a fantastic feeling, isn't it?? Good luck with the rest of your application!! :-)
  11. Aussie2B

    ACT, Canberra State Sponsorship - WHERE ARE YOU NOW

    FANTASTIC NEWS, BREEZER!!!!!!! Congratulations and well done... Exciting times ahead! :-)
  12. Aussie2B

    ACT, Canberra State Sponsorship - WHERE ARE YOU NOW

    That's fantastic, Orion25!!! Congratulations and all the best for the future!!!
  13. Hi Auzzycrazzy, No, you don't have to lodge a new application if you are successful in obtaining a State Sponsorship nomination. I did this myself - my original application was lodged in September 2008 and I got SS from the ACT on July 7th 2011. DIAC has now confirmed my file has been moved from priority group 5 to group 3. So yes, pre July 2010 applications are still able to do this, even under the new criteria. Hope this helps! Aussie2B.
  14. Aussie2B

    Canberra Arrival Report 9 days in...

    Hi Journeydownunder, So lovely reading your post. Glad to hear you are loving Canberra so far! I completely agree with you on the whole Sydney vs. Canberra thing. I am currently in Oz on a holiday and have friends in both Sydney as well as Canberra and even though I've always been a big fan of Sydney, it wasn't until this current trip that I really started to prefer Canberra over Sydney for the exact same reasons you mentioned... It truly is a lovely, clean and calm place that offers serenity, whereas Sydney would drive me mental at times I reckon! I have actually kept an eye out for your posts, since my nominated occupation is also Advertising Specialist and I received SS from the ACT last Friday. So we have a few things in common.. :-) I am currently waiting for a CO to be assigned, which hopefully won't take too long so my own journey to Canberra can begin! I am very excited... :-) Anyway, again - really nice to read your post and do keep us posted along the way. Good luck and ENJOY!!
  15. Aussie2B

    ACT, Canberra State Sponsorship - WHERE ARE YOU NOW

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Good luck!! :-)