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  1. the coyne family

    Biloela Queensland

    Hi,hubbie got back last week and thinks it looks fine, it is a little remote but the town has everything you need a shopping centre, supermarket a few pubs, decent schools and a swimming pool. We currently live about 35 mins outside Coffs harbour and have a 40k round trip to a decent supermarket, so I think it will be nice to have everything close by. Your dead right we are from Dublin we have 3 children 12,10 and 5. They love it here there's so much for the kids and the schools are great. Hubbie has been offered the job but has to have a medical, fingers crossed if all goes well we should be moving up in January. It will be lovely to have another Irish family near by. Were in Ireland are you living bet you cant wait to get here. Talk soon. Maria.
  2. the coyne family

    Biloela Queensland

    Thanks guys for the advice, I still really don't know what to do for the best. We have 3 children and i'm just worried it will be a bit isolated for them. My OH is up there tomorrow for the interview so he will have a good look around to see what he thinks. Maria.
  3. the coyne family

    Biloela Queensland

    Yea was thinking, maybe ok for the odd trip to the beach or into Gladstone but not every day. I do like the look of Biloela seems a nice place. We will have to see how the interview goes first. The job is quite a secure one so finger crossed. Thanks. Maria.
  4. the coyne family

    Biloela Queensland

    Thanks Bobj, OH has an interview up there this week for the power station so we could possibly be moving up from Coffs. Been looking at the commute from Gladstone think it might be a bit too far plus the rentals are expensive. Thanks again. Maria.
  5. the coyne family

    Biloela Queensland

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anybody lives in Biloela or has any information about the area. Housing, schools, shopping etc.... I've done some research on the schools, looking on the my schools web site and trolled through realestate.com.au. Its just very hard to tell what the place is like on the net, so would greatly appreciate some first hand info. Thanks a mill. Maria.
  6. the coyne family

    Most 'Powerful' Scene In A Film.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=neO5fnwQjqge http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=8hGvQtumNAYhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Vd0xx29jX-whttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Vd0xx29jX-w
  7. the coyne family

    Electricians In Australia

    Hi Heidi, we applied for our PR visa in jan 2010 and in sep 2010 my husband was offered a 457 working as an electrician. I'd seen many times on PIO people saying that one visa cancels the other so I decided to do some research. The general opinion on PIO is that the 2nd visa granted cancels out the first, say if your PR visa was to be granted before your 457 and then the 457 was granted it would cancel out the PR. I spoke to 4 different people in the department 2 in Adelaide and 2 in the 457 processing centre in Melbourne not one of them could give me a definitive answer all 4 said that a temp visa can not cancel a permanent visa but they weren't 100% sure as none of them had come across a case .So even if the so called experts don't know theirs not much hope for the rest of us. Basically you can have a 175/176 and a 457 running at the same time you just need to be careful about which visa is granted first if the 457 is granted first no problem, but if your 175/176 is approved first you will need to cancel your 457 straight away.This in fact is exactly what happened to us. As regards licencing my OH went through TRA for the 1st skills assessment then back to TRA for an ARTC after the visa was granted, then on to peer in SA for the wiring regs course, he was granted an SA electrical licence (on the back it says all types of electrical work) don't know if that the norm?? He then applied to NSW for mutual recognition and was granted a NSW electrical supervisors licence without any problems. I know theirs so much to get your head around these ozzies don't like to make things easy for us. I was only talking to a plumber this morning and he said its taken him 2 years to get his licence. Best of luck with it.
  8. the coyne family

    Good areas in north Brisbane

    Hi, we are currently living near Coffs Harbour in NSW. My OH has an interview for a job based in Albion Brisbane. Not counting my chickens or anything but I've been looking at suburbs in north Brisbane places like Redcliff, Mango hill, North lakes and Burpengary its very hard to tell the good from the bad looking on the net so I'd really appreciate any advice I really like the look of Burpengary it looks really nice. Can anyone recommend some good suburbs with good public schools we are a family of 5 looking to spend about $350-$450 in rent. Top of the wish list would be firstly he will get the job :wink:, a large back garden and no more than 30 minutes to the beach. Thanks.
  9. the coyne family

    Is there any irish thread???

    Hi if your case is straight forward its easy enough to do yourself, you will need to do a bit of research but its worth the effort as the agents charge a rather large fee. A rough outline of costs are State sponsorship usually around $300 depending on the state some states are free. Visa application fee $2960 then you will have your English exam ( i think that's about €300ish), your trade recognition costs and your medicals. Thats about it. Here a link for DIAC all the info is on the web site http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/990i/professionals-outside-australia.htm. http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/visa-options.htm Best of luck with it whatever you decided to do.
  10. the coyne family

    Is there any irish thread???

    It seems I'm not the only one having trouble with this particular CAREless company. My husband spoke with them last night, we will see if things progress if not I think legal action could be on the cards. As regards what to bring, I think it depends on what you have and how attached you are to it we shipped almost everything apart from my sofa fridge and dishwasher we had to leave them as we rented our house. Furniture here is'nt as expensive as I thought, you can get a decent package starting from about $1300 depending on the quality your looking for, try Fantastic Furniture or Super Amart. http://www.superamart.com/home/product_list_DB.asp?CategoryID=8 White good's are more expensive. We rented a top load washing machine for the first few weeks it was great, I gave it back 3 weeks ago as I thought mine was on its way, so unless your washing machine is new or nearly new, don't bring it, mine is fairly new so we shipped it, my poor hands will be raw with all the hand washing by the time it gets here. Also stick a few 4 way sockets, coat hangers and if you have young children plastic sheets into your luggage they come in really handy. Maria.
  11. the coyne family

    Is there any irish thread???

    Hi, Just a word of advice regarding shipping company's. This is our story so far, The shipping company we used were not the cheapest but I found the sales lady very nice and professional (OR SO I THOUGHT) Our goods were wrapped up and taken out of our house mid may with the promise they would arrive at my door in oz by mid to late July. We were told in no uncertain terms 6 to 10 weeks door to door, its now been 13 weeks and counting. Once I paid the fee we had no communication from the shipping company, nothing at all. I never received a receipt nor did I receive an insurance policy, thought I should as I paid over €500 for one. No one called to tell me when the container left,what ship it was on or when it would land. As far as I was concerned my container was going to land in Brisbane as its much closer and thats what I was lead to believe, but when I rang them to see what was going on (4 weeks later) I was told it was in a container with lots of other shipments heading to Sydney and it was due to arrive on the 13th of july. The 13th of July came and went and I heard nothing so I called the company dealing with it here in OZ and was told to wait until I revived an e mail telling me when the container will arrive in other words I was being told not to bother them. So ignoring that I called again and was told the container was delayed and would be in by the 20th of July. You guessed it, that came and went, again nothing so I was on the phone again and this time told the 27th of July, so on the 27th of July I received an e mail telling me I owed them $480 for a customs inspection fee, the shipping company in Ireland told me it would be $250 I made sure to ask about this charge on many different occasions as I didn't want to be hit with a big bill and was assured it wouldn't be much more in her words it will be aprox $250. So at this stage i'm really p#/*&ed off and decide to e mail the company in Ireland and inform them how badly i'v been treated and to ask were my receipt is and why i'm being asked to pay nearly 50% more than I was quoted for the inspection fee. Sorry I ment to add the container hadn't even landed yet it didn't arrive till the 30th of July so needless to say I was wondering where or how they were getting this figure from. They e mailed me back the next day saying they would look into it ASAP, two weeks passed and I heard nothing in the mean time my good's were due to be delivered on Wednesday the 3rd of august Brilliant I was delighted hubbie booked the day off work so as to be here when it arrived. Then late on the Monday before I revived a call telling me the van that was booked to take our good had mechanical trouble and couldn't do it.AHHHHHHH............:arghh: So again I e mailed the company in Ireland and this time let rip I still haven't received a reply the customer service is just awful awful awful I'v never been treated so badly its appalling I definitely could not recommend them at all their just terrible a joke. I still haven't received my good's I'm sick to death of it, its just a joke i'm calling every day only to be told sorry I have no one to take it to you, we're waiting on the company to get back to us, ever day i'm told i'll ring you back later and she never does I was told today it could be 2 more weeks I am getting nowhere its costing me a fortune. We are in an unfurnished rental and have been for over 6 weeks my children are sleeping on the floor my husband need's his tools for work I ended up having to go out and buy loads of stuff and the laundry situation is a joke. I just don't know what else I can do Sorry I no I'm going on and on but really all i'm saying is be very careful about who you use as I said I can defiantly not recommend them, they lied about the charges the $250 is clearly printed on my quote and as far as the customer service goes, all they are interested in is the money soon as they have it your on your own. If you look back at my posts you can see who they are or you can PM me and i'll tell you.
  12. the coyne family

    Visa granted!!!

    Congratulations Tasha, delighted for you and your family, enjoy your new life in OZ. Maria.x
  13. the coyne family

    "Long" Long Haul Flights... Q...

    Hi Susie, The flight we were on from London with Qantas went on to Melbourne it had a stop over in hong kong. The passengers flying on to Melbourne had to get off the plane for an hour and a half, so not to bad, they could leave their hand bags on the plane but needed to take their boarding cards and passports. we had 3 kids with us and found it great we choose to fly out of London at night which helped, the kids slept the whole 1st leg to Hong Kong. Best of luck with booking the flights. Maria.x
  14. the coyne family

    Getting there & Intial 2-3week costs = $total

    Hi Caz, We flew with Qantas via Hong Kong, we signed up to their frequent flyer program. They e mail you about special offers, that's how we ended up getting it at that price it was a special offer for paddies day on one way tickets. Its gas our kids are sleeping on blow up beds at the moment poor things and have been for the last 5 weeks. Because of the hiccup with the holiday let we quite literally have nothing one bed, a tv and some kitchen stools. The sofa we bought wont be ready till the 4Th of august so dont have that either. Its amazing what you can do without when you have to. I cant wait for our container to arrive its due Wednesday I was told 12 to 15 days to clear customs so hoping for 2 more weeks. It will fly in for you don't think about all that rain just think you wont have to look at gloomy grey skies for much longer, the weather here has been great I'm amazed at the temperature its 20c most days and that's winter, cant wait for summer. Best of luck in Perth. Maria.x
  15. the coyne family

    Getting there & Intial 2-3week costs = $total

    We have been here 6 weeks and here are some of the up front cost's we encountered. 20ft container with insurance €4700 from Dublin to Sydney (still waiting on it) Flights for 5 from Dublin to Sydney €2380. Car hire 4x4 needed due to all the luggage, 5 days €436 When we arrived we stayed with family in Sydney for the first week but we were moving to coffs harbor so we booked a Holiday let $2000 for 4 weeks, we ended up getting our money back as when we got to it, lets just say it looked nothing like the photos. Ended up taking an unfurnished let for 6 months. Anitial cost was 4 weeks rent and 4 weeks bond so $3120. We needed to buy some furniture and essential's because of renting the unfurnished let and our container wasn't due till the 13th of July. It still hasn't arrived, its 2 weeks late its due in on Wednesday and will probably take another 2 weeks to clear customs and be delivered. So cost for bedroom furniture, Sofa, fridge, TV, iron, kettle, toaster, pots, cutlery, plates etc etc...$5000 approx. Bought a car $12400 and another $400 stamp duty when we registered it. 3rd Party fire and theft insurance $210 brilliant considering its a 4.6 v8. Cost of changing licence to an oz one valid for 5 years, approx $300 for me and hubbie, its not necessary to change it straight away I think you have 3 months but its great for ID. School uniforms for two $130. Books $60 Bottled gas for house as they were both empty €221 Should last 6 to 9 months. Husbands Licencing requirements he's an electrician. Licence exams $1300 approx. licence $377. CEC exams 1st stage $300. Weekly costs. shopping $300 Rent $390 petrol $100 Bills $50