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  1. Thanks Guru! Centrelink visited today to verify ID and AOS submitted. The documents were uploaded at the very end. Appreciate your help!
  2. OK, so I have figured one thing out - I missed a word when I reading the form, so I can fill out the form no problems regarding income, but are you able to advise how I upload the documents? Their help section says 'Answer all the questions. Each screen has information to help you complete the application. This includes how to submit your supporting documents.' However, I can't see this - on each screen when you click on help, it just gives you generic information on how to fill out the form. When I click on upload documents via the centrelink homepage, there doesn't seem to be an option for AOS documents on the drop down box. Or do they ask for specific documents once you submit the application? Many Thanks in advance for assistance, (which gratefully received!).
  3. Many Thanks for your reply! I have started the application already online, but I cannot see how to upload the documents? Is that done via the documents and appointment section on the homepage? When I fill out the income section, it's asking for our income for 21/22 however, we don't actually know what this is in total as we are waiting for investment statements which will only be ready at the end of August so we haven't done our 21/22 tax returns yet. On the services australia website, it says we can submit the 20/21 notice of assessment along with two payslips but the application won't let us progress if we leave that answer blank. Hence why thought it may be easier if we got someone at centrelink to do it for us.
  4. Hi! Does an assurance of support have to be lodged online or can you go into a centrelink branch and do it there? I am trying to do it online, however there doesn't seem to be anywhere on the application that allows me to upload documents such as tax assessments, payslips etc. Many Thanks
  5. purplealster

    Parent visa application timelines (143 & 173)

    My mum has been requested to provide more documents. Application date 13/09/2016
  6. purplealster

    143 Sponsorship - Redundancy

    Hi Westley, I have submitted a request via your website. Many Thanks.
  7. purplealster

    143 Sponsorship - Redundancy

    Hi Westley, Thank you for your reply. Am I able to contact you? Happy to pay for your time. My mum just last night received request for further documents, so we have 28 days from them to submit everything. Many Thanks.
  8. Hi Everyone, We lodged my Mum's visa in Sept 2016. Unfortunately, early in 2021 (thanks Covid!) my partner was made redundant. It has taken a little while to secure the right role, however he has been in his job for a couple of months now. He is listed on the application as Mum's financial assurer/sponsor. Due to being unemployed/having a break, his tax assessment for the 21/22 tax year will not be sufficient in terms of the earnings amount required to sponsor, however, his current salary way exceeds the amount required, plus I work too, so collectively, our income is way over the threshold. Does anyone know what will / could happen in this circumstance? Will his contract of employment outlining his salary etc be sufficient for immigration - or do we need to consider another financial sponsor/assurer? Many Thanks
  9. purplealster

    Parent visa application timelines (143 & 173)

    Perhaps the people that migrated made their decision to move here on the basis of there being a parent visa available - which until a couple of years ago had a processing time of 18 months attached to it on the Immi website.
  10. purplealster

    Private Schools Gold Coast Qld

    Is this an advert?
  11. purplealster


    Where in Australia are you planning on moving to?
  12. purplealster

    143 CPV acknowledgement - Urgent

    Unsure what your query is? The processing time for applicants of this visa is 10 years at an absolute minimum.
  13. purplealster

    Selling House in Qld

    We have just sold our property and filled out and submitted the form ourselves. It took 2 weeks to be issued as it needed manual processing (as we were late submitting this last year's tax return.) Provided you have lived in the house since you bought it and not used it to earn any income (hence no Capital Gains to pay), the money you make from the sale is yours. You can do whatever you want with it. If you leave the money here and you earn any interest, you will be liable for tax - however as said above, it is best to speak to someone like Alan from Go Matilda as I am unsure of what the tax laws are with regards to double taxation.
  14. purplealster

    804 visa - lack of information on queues

    No advice - except the suggestion you remove your name off your post!
  15. purplealster

    Sydney property

    Thank you for your input - you are right there is lots to consider, especially as it is the family home. I do not like to big note so I wasn't very clear in my original post about the numbers we are talking about - after all selling expenses are paid, we will be sitting on close to $2 million in cash. This allows us a myriad of investment opportunities - not only on the share market but in property other than our place of residence. To be honest, our mortgage is rather large and my husband is heading towards 60 so his earnings will eventually reduce as he winds down his career. We feel it is time to move on so he feels less stressed about maintaining the house and the costs associated with raising a family of 3 teenagers. We know of several families in our area that cannot afford to buy here however happily own many investment properties around the country - hence my suggestion to the OP that perhaps renting in his desired area and investing elsewhere may be a good option.