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  1. Hi, I'm English (now an AUS citizen) looking to marry my Dutch (PR) girlfriend in The Netherlands. I was wondering if anyone on here has had experience of the application process. There's guidelines online but I'm finding it a bit overwhelming. We both have a NO RECORDS RESULT cert from the Victorian Births, Marriages and Death dept. Now, we have to send that to the DFAT in Canberra...and here's where I get confused because I don't know what else they want and whether my UK birth certificate is relevant to them, the Dutch Consulate, or if I have to get it signed in the UK. Any relevant advice would be much appreciated. Regards,
  2. kenbartos

    Slightly tricky de facto question

    Ah, ok. So at what point do they add the no further stay clause? Assuming the visa is electronic, how would we find this out? Kind regards, John
  3. kenbartos

    De facto partner waiting times??

    Hey Acham, When you quoted those figures to me about the amount of time you've waited for the visa to be granted, were you referring to the first part (the temporary visa) or the second part (the PR bit). I'm not so concerned about the PR section I just want her to come back to AUS as soon as she can.
  4. kenbartos

    Slightly tricky de facto question

    Thanks for your reply. I've read through the 3 month visa details and it says - "An eVisitor cannot be extended. If you want to extend your stay after arriving in Australia, you should apply for another visa before your eVisitor ends. Another visa may be granted if you: have complied with the conditions of your eVisitor meet all the requirements of the visa that you are applying for." So I take it the first sentence means the holiday visa cannot be extended BUT we can apply for the de facto visa while she's here as long as we meet the requirements. Would you say that's right? Thanks, John
  5. kenbartos

    Slightly tricky de facto question

    Hi, I wonder if anyone could help me with this query. I'm an AUS PR and I met my Dutch girlfriend when she was in AUS on a one year WHV. She returned to Holland when the visa ended but we still kept the relationship going as best we could. She later returned to AUS on a one year tourism visa and we lived together for the full 12 months. She returned to Holland before the visa expired. This was 3 months ago and we want to apply for a de facto partner visa. We have 2 options - we apply for offshore visa, she waits in Holland for a year, quite possibly more and returns to AUS when it's granted. Option 2 would be an onshore visa.... My question is this - 'IF' she was to apply for a 3 month visa to AUS and lodged her application from here would she then qualify for a bridging visa until a decision is made on the de facto? I've researched this but I'd like to get the opinion of someone with experience. Our relationship is legitimate, I'm just concerned that immigration would look unfavourably on her visa history. Thanks in advance for your valued opinions, John
  6. I'm just in the process of applying to get my partner a de facto visa. An offshore application is now $3085 Onshore is a whopping $4575 Then I spotted something about subclass 300 which would make the application $1450. Could I really save $3000 by simply being engaged? Cheers, John
  7. kenbartos

    De facto partner waiting times??

    Cool, I'll look into that. Cheers for your help, John
  8. kenbartos

    De facto partner waiting times??

    Thanks for that. Just one more thing. She's had a WHV, came back and lived with me on a one year tourist visa and returned to Holland before that expired. Now, could she return to AUS again on another one year tourist visa and live here with me whilst awaiting a decision on the de facto? In which case, could she get a bridging visa while she waits? Kind regards, John
  9. kenbartos

    De facto partner waiting times??

    Thanks mate. She's back in Holland I'm afraid so looks like we'll have to sit it out.
  10. kenbartos

    De facto partner waiting times??

    I know, I know. There is NO definitive answer to this; I've spent enough of my own time in visa queues over the years. But does anyone have a ballpark figure for the processing time for a (partner) de facto visa? Maybe you've been through the same process. I'm AUS resident, she's Dutch, the relationship is all legit and the forms are almost ready to be sent. I've heard six months mentioned, in this case I would have to give up our apartment and house share as I can't afford to keep our place on my own (she was living here with me for a year on a tourist visa). My mate did the same with his girlfriend and the visa was granted in 2 weeks! However, it was different as he's here on 457 and she's in AUS on either 457 or WHV. Cheers, John
  11. Hello, My girlfriend and I are currently filling in the application forms for a de facto partner visa (309 and 100 I think it is). We both need to write statements about the history of our relationship and attach anything to it we think might be able to assist us. This is the bit we're struggling with. There's plenty of help on the immi website but it's all a little ambiguous and we could use some help. Has anyone had experience with this who could offer some advice please? I know the relationship details are of a personal nature but what sort of things could we also attach to this section? Many thanks, John
  12. kenbartos

    25, Just Moved To Preston - Needing Tips & Advice

    Hi Scott, I did something similar to you when I moved to Coburg. There isn't much of interest in Preston but look on the bright side - you're just next to Bell station so it's only a few stops to Northcote which is pretty cool. Two more stops and you're in Rushall (which is more or less North Fitzroy), two more stops and you're in Collingwood and then Richmond. Plus there's a great cycle path going right by your place which takes you to North Fitzroy in no time. Private message me if you need some advice. Cheers, John

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    <p><p>Hi Ashleigh,</p></p>

    <p><p>I've been in the same boat as you; I came here on my own three years so if you need any advice on the best places to live just ask. You'll love it here, so many cool places. My girlfriend has moved over from Holland and she doesn't really know anyone here so let me know if you'd like to arrange something.</p></p>



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  14. kenbartos

    Five-a-side players needed Sundays in Carlton.

    Hi, ours is a mens team but there's also a mixed league which are always looking for players. Send me a PM for the organiser's details John