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  1. If someone looking flights from Pakistan to Sydney in November please contact to Mubasher Niazi +92320 5010542
  2. Depending on your application mostly people got visa in 2 months
  3. Flights have been landing in Australiawith fewer than 30 passengers, and as few as four economy passengers, as airlines prioritise more expensive tickets to remain profitable under the caps. The caps were introduced in July and are designed to ease pressure on states and territories' hotel quarantine system.
  4. Your visa is your travel permission just need to find right flights hopefully soon tickets available
  5. Yes send them all medical reports of pregnancy they will give you priority
  6. Travel to Melbourne (MEL) No international passengers are allowed into Melbourne effective 1 July 2020 until 24 October 2020.
  7. If you fail to provide your biometric, it could result in significant delays in your application.
  8. Ok tell me where are you living we are in Islamabad and we done biometric in Islamabad I think you can do via VSF office
  9. We can’t find any flights for Melbourne? if someone knows let us know thanks