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  1. harrybhmra

    Applying Citizenship online and stuck on page 6

    Thanks Raul and Westly.
  2. harrybhmra

    Applying Citizenship online and stuck on page 6

    Since spoken to Home Affairs Support Centre, They informed me that I still can apply for citizenship and can explain the situation since it was unintentional. Do i have to select any exemptions or not?
  3. Hi There, I was applying for Aus citizenship and received an error at page 6 stating that I am not able to continue as I don’t met the citizenship requirements and page was showing to calculate if I am eligible or not. I got my PR in 2011 living in Melbourne from 2005. In Sept 2017, when I traveled overseas for two weeks and didn’t noticed that PR expired in 2016 and have to renew it. When coming back from overseas at Melbourne airport, I have to apply for RRV in Oct 2017. So now I have explained these to Home affairs over the call and they told me that you can still apply for the citizenship with paper based option but here is very less chances that you application get enter prior to July 2018. Support Person informed me that I have to explain about those two weeks in a letter to processing officer and since I am living here from 2005 they may exempt me. Just wondering have anyone seen these kind of situation and how much success I have If I will explain the overseas visit and other circumstances? Otherwise I have to wait for Oct 2018 and since rules are changing after July 2018 . Then According to July 2018 new rules I might have to wait for another 4 years. Harry
  4. If it's been expired go for a medicals because my case was delayed due to medicals, i have applied for medicals on 28th July and it took whole month and a week, i have called in between to medibank they told me they got around 400 medicals cases going on only in Melbourne, so that is why they taking a long time to process medicals. Harry
  5. I have submitted my ACS re-assessment on 31st MAY so it's around 3 months but in processing it's around 2 months if we remove fixed 5-6 weeks of escalation to CAT 4.
  6. hooooorayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, after six years from 2005 to 2011 till now, waiting for PR............. now a got it........................................................... my application approved. Thanks for all people who helped me on this journey of WAITING FOR PR, and I wish all people get their residency soon. Harry
  7. yes, i followed up about the status but after exact six weeks after submitting my ACS re-assessment, and also if they moved me from 4 to 3 category. it all depends upon the documents and CO. i have received a CO after 2 days of that PLE.
  8. yes, i think coz i have received the same email and after week or so, i have been assigned a CO.
  9. Hi all, can someone please answer these questions and help me, thanks.
  10. Hey guys, Just a quick question, for applying 309 and 100 visa for my wife which is a partner visa, do i have to submit two Australian citizen's passport copies to show that these people knew me here in Australia. Is it necessary or is there any other alternative. Harry
  11. emily is absolutely right, also if you put your case through Agent, do not contact CO straight as he/she will return you an email stating you that you already nominated an Agent for your case, so there will be a waste of couple of days.
  12. it's been expired in five months ago, CO didn't ask anything just overseas PCC may be coz i have travelled to India on Dec 2010 for two months. Also just to confirm do i have to fill FORM U as well or not. I m just confused.
  13. but do i have to apply through indian consulate from australia. how long will it take, any ideas.
  14. mine i have send to my agent and he straight away send to CO and if you do not have a CO, then you have to send it to the center email where you lodged the case stating that "Changes of circumstances" in the email with filled forms. Hi guys, i received an email from CO and she asked me my Indian Police clearance since it's been expired, does it take long these for it, also can someone please guide me how to apply indian PCC, thanks. harry