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    ACS Skills Assessment Application Approval Time

    Mine took 3 weeks. Couldn't believe it
  2. Hi Guys, long story short... I turn 40 in November so I'm against the clock. I currently have 55 points (Age: 25, IETLS: 20, Experience: 10) so I'm 5 short of the 60 required. I've been assessed as 261312 Developer Programmer but I also have a trade qualification - NVQ2 in Plumbing and Heating. I've read that you can be assessed for a qualification that is not related to the nominated occupation. Does anyone have any views on this? I can apply for NSW state nomination but this window does not reopen until 1st October which will not give me enough time before I turn 40. Thanks, getting desperate now.
  3. Yes, that’s what I thought. I actually didn’t use my qualification as as part of my ACS Skills Assessment - I went the RPL route. Here’s another stab in the dark. I actually have another qualification which is NVQ Level II in domestic Plumbing & Heating which I do have the certificates for. Bit I’ve never considered using these.
  4. You might be right, maybe I am seeking the right opinions. But it's a bitter pill to swallow when the DIBP make a change every July that always effects me...it's almost like it's personal. Anyway...I noticed as I was filling out the Visa application forms that it clearly stated Please enter the details of your latest English test. Which is what I've done. In the meantime I 'm going to try harder in getting hold of my certificate. Ta.
  5. millholl

    Online Visa application doesn't recognise me???

    No, I didn't get anywhere with it. Still got the problem
  6. Here is my situation... I entered and EOI earlier this year and received an invitation to apply for a visa in May based on these points: Age - 25 points Work Experience- 15 points English Language- 10 points Qualification- 10 points Total 60 points However I have been unable to get my hands on the certificate for the qualification I hold so therefore I can't claim 10 points for it. So I have since re-sat my IELTS and gained 8's and 9's so I can now claim 20 points for superior English. So I’m considering proceeding with the current invitation and explaining to them that I couldn't prove my qualification so I've re-sat my English to make up the points. I still have 60. The problem I have is that the new rules that have been brought out regarding skills assessments means mine will not be valid after July 1st. And as I turn 40 in November this year, I realistically won't have time to have a new skills assessment done and receive another invite. I will lose 10 points once I hit 40 so this really is my last chance of applying for a visa. My current invitation expires on 26th June so I have to act quick! Aaarggh! Does anyone think the DIBP will be sympathetic to my situation? Thanks in advance for any views Dave
  7. millholl

    Developer Programmer -- need 70, not 60 points?

    Should be fine. I'm ANZCO Developer Programmer and I got an invite last month with 60 points, took about 4 months. Unfortunately I miscalculated my points and actually only had 50 so I've got to wait until this invite expires and update my EOI when I've retaken my IELTS (hopefully bagging 20 points).
  8. millholl


    Before you can lodge a valid EOI, you must have your skills assessed.
  9. Hi guys, I've been recently told by a senior agent at a reputable migration firm that although the ACS will place an expiry date on a skills assessment, DIAC do not recognise this. Therefore they will allow an expired ACS skills assessment to be included as part of my application. Anyone come across this?
  10. millholl

    Anyone had to do ACS (RPL) again?

    Yeah, thanks Nerak123. I'm just going through it now and adding stuff I've done over the past 4 years, it's not as bad as when I had to do it from scratch. Christ, when I look back at how I used operate and the technologies and methodologies I used only a few years ago it seems prehistoric now. Cheers
  11. millholl

    Anyone had to do ACS (RPL) again?

    Hi all, my ACS assessment is going to expire on 10th May 2014 so I'm going to have to bite bullet and get re-assessed. My previous assessment was via the RPL route having to write 10k+ words around Key Areas of Knowledge. Anyone know if I can just re-use it again? Anyone else had to do this? Cheers
  12. Thanks GetMeDownUnder, I appreciate your views. I have just spotted something that has given me hope however. If you see the snapshot of my original assessment. The ACS actually see my skilled work experience commencing in 2000. At the time they deducted 2 years. As I've continued to be employed as a Developer Programmer up until now, that gives me 14 years experience. As you say, they will deduct 8 years leaving 6. So I can still claim: Age = 25 points Superior English = 20 points Experience (5 years) = 10 points State Nomination = 5 points 60 Points It's a long shot but it's a chance.
  13. During my research tonight I have read that I'm still able to include all my experience during the visa application process. DIAC use the ACS evaluation for consideration and will make their own judgements.
  14. @GetMeDownUnder - My previous ACS assessment considering me 'experienced' from 06/2012. So carrying this through to today (as I have the same occupation), I would have 12 years experience. It's looking like I will have to be re-assessed by the ACS via the RPL route again. Are you saying the ACS will deduct 8 years from the 12 leaving only 4 years I can claim points for? This seems wrong and a bit harsh. @ozee - My current skills assessment expires on 10th May 2014 so I won't have time to re-take IETLS exam
  15. Yes, your right. I just assumed that as I was assessed via the RPL route and had to have 8 years experience that this would demonstrate I have skills and experience equivalent to an Australian Diploma. Looking like this isn't the case. Massive bummer as this now reduces my 60 points to 50 therefore I can't apply for a visa.