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  1. Evening all... I was hoping someone out there may be able to clairy things a little with regards to teaching in Aus with UK qualifications. My wife is an experienced primary school teacher. She has a 4 year B.Ed and over 10 years teaching experience. We are just looking at the possibility of getting some local, supply or short term contract work but weren't sure about whether she would need to have complete any courses. She seems to think that she would and that they are very expensive. Will do some research this week but thought I'd throw it out there and see if anyone could shed some light. We're in Melbourne if it makes any difference. Cheers Sencer
  2. Hi I have a property in the UK which I tenanted but with no mortgage. I am now living in Australia and would like to release some equity in it but am unsure of my options. Can anyone recommend a good broker or provide me with some advice on the process to achieve this. Thanks in advance Jibbah
  3. I have returned to Oz having spent the past 20 years it he UK and ai feel as if I have just slotted straight back in! I was originally from Adelaide but we moved to Melbourne as I thought Adelaide would be too quite. Great decision and now have a great job and are living on the Mornington Peninsula which really offers you the best Australia has to offer. my wife and 11 year old daughter are gradually getting there with regards to steeling in, but my 7 year old son is absolutely loving it and is never in the house! I love the UK but having been here 10 months I am even more convinced that we made the right decision for 'us'!!!! Good luck!! ;-)
  4. Jibbah24

    Beach/Sun shelters ~ Do you have one?

    We bought one of those with the poles from Kmart to start with but whilst they are fine with no wind....they are a bloody nightmare when it blows! I bought a Wanderer from BCF last week for $50. It's a good size and is a pop out! It's great and saves soooo much hassle.....just be sure to figure out how to fold it up again before you go to the beach. We didn't and after 15 minutes of messing around on the beach we gave up and stuffed it in the car!! Had to go on You Tube to get some 'instruction'!! Cheers S:wink:

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    <p><p>Hi Ashley.....</p></p>

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    <p><p>Just seen that you have two kids at Derinya Primary. My two who are 7 and 11 will be starting in Feb. Would be great to hear your thoughts on it and how well your two have settled in.</p></p>

    <p><p>We are located in Frankston South and would be nice to catch up sometime!</p></p>

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  6. Jibbah24

    Central Coast Schools....

    Morning all.... We are deep into the planning of a relocation from Victoria to the Central Coast and are looking for some advice on the best public schools in the area. We've been up here for a week and like the area around Terrigal but are also considering the corridor from Terrigal through Erina and Gosford as this will make my commute to Sydney a little easier. I'll be doing the commute two or three days a week and am fine with that but it is the school which is the driving factor. My wife is a teacher and we have both done a lot of research online particularly with the Better Education webiste and many of the schools get very similar rankings so we are now looking at the location of the school, facilities etc....! Hope you can give some good insights. Cheers S
  7. Jibbah24

    Xmas BBQ Mornington Park

    Thanks Bordy for organising this at such short notice. Lisa and I really enjoyed it and you all made us feel very welcome. We look forward to catching up again at the next one!! Cheers Spencer :biggrin:
  8. Jibbah24

    Xmas BBQ Mornington Park

    It looks like the weather is going to be set fair for Sat!! Hope I haven't just blown it now!!! :eek: We are all packing frantically now ahead of the movers on Friday! Will certainly be in the mood for a beer and a sausage on Sat!! :biglaugh:
  9. Hello everyone... Me and the gang are relocating to Frankston South on the 16th Dec and are really hoping that there might be a get together somewhere on the Peninsula around Christmas time. We moved over in April this year and initially got a 6 month rental in Lilydale, however, we've decided that as we'd always lived near the beach previously we wanted to be near the beach now. Have a lovely (but bloody expensive :wideeyed:) rental in Olivers Hill so have the kids enrolled at Derinya Primary School and my daughter will be able to get in at Frankston High School the year after! This is my wife's first Christmas in Australia and away from family and friends and I really want to make sure she enjoys it and I'm sure a catch up and BBQ somewhere would really help. Getting yourself a network of friends if crucial so here's hoping you're all up for arranging something. Not really sure of the best places to organise something like this so will through it open to those of you who are already in and settled. Will also post this on a couple of the other pages and forums to see what we can sort! Cheers all and hope to catch up soon! Cheers Spencer
  10. Jibbah24

    Xmas BBQ Mornington Park

    Yep....we're all in!! :biglaugh:
  11. This sounds great! We get the keys to the new place on the 16th and will be hopefully having everything moved down on that day so catch up on Sat would be great fun! Keep us in the loop!! Cheers S :biggrin:
  12. Jibbah24

    Better education - UK or Australia?

    Hi.... I brought my family back to Melbourne after 20 years in the UK, and schools and the kids generally has always been a driving factor for returning. My two have been in our local primary school since June and they have been doing really well. The school is very well equipped and they are enjoying the teaching style whilst still being challenged. Both are making really good progress and have settled in very well. We did a lot of research using the Better Education website which gives a guide as to how well a school does in the standard tests, however, this is only a guide as you can sometimes have a poor year with results in even the best schools. The kids have so many more opportunities to try different things at schools in Australia and I am yet to see one that hasn't been very well equipped. My wife is a primary school teacher so she is pretty thorough!! :laugh: Good luck and don't worry about this issue.....you will not be disappointed!
  13. Have just collected my car from the docks and though I'd post a couple of things of interest. In general the process has been pretty straight forward, however, I have just encountered my first bit of frustrating red tape! I have booked the car in with an engineer to have it checked for compliance and just before saying goodbye having made the booking the lady checked to make sure the import permits I had in my hand were blue...? No they were white! Apparently they will not send the blue originals to a non Australian address and in order to have the compliance an registration sorted you need the blue originals. Am sure it must have been written somewhere (probably nice and small) but I missed it so am now having to wait 5-7 working days for the blue docs to arrive from Canberra before anything can move forward!!!!! Another thing to watch out for is the 'steam cleaning' at the docks. I had heard so many people getting charged for this despite them having already done it in the UK I simply had a friend take it through a normal car wash in the UK and budget for the cleaning at this end. I paid the $360 for a full steam clean but the problem is......it bloody filthy and I can see no sign of any cleaning other than a quick hose under the arches. I have contacted the shipper to complain! I sent the car RORO and except for a couple of scuffs on the front bumper, all seems to have gone well. One car down and one to go!! Cheers S
  14. Jibbah24

    First car collected from the docks....

    Just had an estimate for insuring ours and it's only around a $100 more than a 'normal' one. :yes:
  15. Jibbah24

    First car collected from the docks....

    Thought I'd post some prices as a few people have been asking and it's always good to get an idea before committing.... Shipping using RORO - £1,600 Duty/GXT and Entry Fees - $1,691 Port and Stat Charges - $360 Australian Quarantine and Inspection - $229 Customs Clearance - $475 Valuation of Vehicle - $350 Steam Cleaning - $360 Inspection by Engineer for Aust Compliance - $260 Niddrie Import Plate - $86 Booked in for Roadworthy Certificate on Friday and then need a trip to Vic Roads to register it! Hope it helps...
  16. Jibbah24

    First car collected from the docks....

    I was OK collecting the vehicle from the docks without the blue originals which was a relief but seems like it's one of those areas where they seem to make it up as they go along! Having passed its AQIS inspection and cleared customs I paid $70 for a 28 day unregistered vehicle permit which allows me to drive it from garage to garage getting the various checks done. I think it's pretty straight forward now as once the vehicle has been inspected for compliance (for which you may or may not need the blue docs :confused: ) I just need to get any issues sorted such as seat belt anchors and the like. Once I've done this I'll need to have a normal roadworthy certificate arranged at a local garage and then make an appointment with VicRoads to officially register the car. The plates take around 2-3 days to arrive apparently but this may vary from state to state. Good luck with getting yours all sorted!!
  17. Jibbah24

    CGT on UK property

    Hi Andy.... Yep.....I've gone with Alan already so he will be sorting all this for me!! :wink: Regarding main residence though, my thinking on this was from reading the HMRC website and a variety of other sites: Private Residence Relief? When you sell or dispose of your own home you don't usually have to pay any Capital Gains Tax - as long as for all the time that you've owned it both of the following apply: it's been your only home or main residence you've used it as your home and nothing else You may also qualify for this relief if you sell part of the garden that's attached to your home without selling your home at the same time. I do appreciate that it can sometimes be a little more involved than this but I think it's fair to say that in the majority of cases main residences are exempt from CGT.... Either way.....like I say......this is what you pay a professional for...:wink::wink: Cheers S
  18. Jibbah24

    CGT on UK property

    Hi.... I would really suggest you get some expert advice on this as I too thought about making some decisions based upon the responses I got from various forums. Unfortunately, everybody seemed to put forward slightly different opinions. I have been in Oz since April and as yet haven't actually sorted this out as yet so in answer to your query regarding deadlines, I hope not!! :wink: I am also under the impression that an estate agent's valuation is acceptable which means you should be able to get a valuation that is slightly higher than one that a surveyor would give you. The ATO class this as a self-assessment issue and so long as you don't put in a valuation that is waaaaay off, they are OK. Any profit made on the sale of your main residence is exempt from UK CGT. So long as you don't buy yourself another property in Australia before selling your main residence in the UK you will not be hit by CGT here either. However, please don't take anything I have said as red as I will getting the final 'sign off' on all this from my accountant in the next few weeks. Remember that the money you pay for expert advice is tax deductible and if you get a good one they should always more than cover their own costs anyway. Good luck!! :biggrin:
  19. Jibbah24

    car insurance for import cars

    I did an online quote a little while ago with Coles and I don't recall them asking if the vehicle was an import???? If they don't ask, do I need to declare....?? All cars imported to Oz are fully compliant with all Australian safety standards so am a little confused as to what the issue is unless it is a particular make/model that isn't available in Oz. :unsure:
  20. Afternoon all... Thought I'd post my query just in case anyone else has encountered the same issues as I'm currently facing. Have just collected my vehicle from the docks and taken it to a LPG specialist here to get the system certified only to be told that the LPG tank is not compliant and will need to be replaced at a cost of $1200!!!! :swoon: The system was fitted in the UK in 2008 and I have all the certification to support it and had expected that getting it certified here would be fairly straight forward. I have looked in to thinks and the tank manufacturer do show that they comply to Australian standards so will have to push things a little and am awaiting a response from the LPG Association Australia, but in the meantime was wondering if anyone else had any experience of importing an LPG converted vehicle. Thanks in advance. Cheers Spencer
  21. Jibbah24

    Melbourne suburbs...

    We've been in Lilydale since April this year and really love it! We're actually on the edge of Lilydale and Mt Evelyn. The kids are in a great local school, good selection of both small shops and big malls, the beautiful Dandenongs are all on your doorstep. We go swimming at Croydon Leisure Centre which is fantastic and everything is really accessible thanks to Maroondah Highway! I commute to Melbourne and it's a pretty no hassle commute of an hour. Plenty of parking at the station which is free....unheard of in the UK! I run round the lake pretty much everyday so some of us should maybe start wearing name badges!! :wink: Good luck on your search!!
  22. Jibbah24

    Import Car to Oz?

    I haven't been asked to show any insurance document as it's not on their list of essential documents that must be provided at the start. They do leave the door open though and they may ask for them at some stage but fingers crossed they won't!! I also provided just my Rego docs and a hand printed receipt for proof of ownership. My first car is arriving next Monday so am hoping everything goes smoothly! Cheers S
  23. Afternoon all... Just realised that my car will be arriving on the 19th Sept and I will need to secure a customs broker to see it through the arrivals procedure. I was thinking of doing this myself but just don't have the time. Has anyone got any idea as to the likely cost of this and also, recommendations of a good broker would also be great. Thanks in advance
  24. Jibbah24

    Worried about the cost of living

    Hi.... We've been in Melbourne since April and have been really surprised at all the fuss about the high cost of living here. We really haven't seen much that's more expensive. Food is pretty much the same with most things cheaper, fuel is half the price, clothes are just the same as are most electrical items such as TV's etc. Our electric and gas prices are pretty much the same as are our telephone bills. Rents are dearer as are cars but these are obviously not things you buy on a daily basis. Mobile phones are also a nightmare. A lot of people bring up the cost of healthcare but we have always been to bulk billing doctors and have been charged nothing and the service has been very good and better than we received in the UK. My son is having to see a specialist next week which will cost $200, however, things move much much quicker here and remember that you do not have to pay any NI contribution......you only pay for what you use. As everyone has said.....once you are earning $AUD it gets even better!!! Don't be scared off by those bleating on about high costs........!! Good luck
  25. Evening all…. We’ve been back in Oz since April 11 and I thought it about time that I post a quick update to put my thoughts down on our experiences so far. Always useful for those still debating about the move!! As a bit of background I grew up in Oz but have spent the past 19 years in the UK and this is the first time my wife and kids have been here except for a couple of holidays. We moved from a beautiful part of North Wales and are now living in Lilydale which is a lovely part of the world located at the bottom of the Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne. We have kept our UK properties and let them all out which provides us with enough money to cover our rental in Oz. So far I can honestly say that I am loving it!!! I had spent a lot of time reading some of the posts on the site and have even read a few more tonight that have been complaining about the high cost of living in OZ. I honestly don’t see it?????? Wages are higher and the price of foods in the shops is pretty much the same with many items (including meat) much cheaper. So far we have had both a water bill and our electric bill and both are cheaper than we had in the UK. Fuel is laughably cheap which is great as it is something you top up with constantly and in the UK it depressed me everytime I pulled into a petrol station! I think I will list some of the other items so you can scan over them…. Parking charges Am yet to have to pay for parking anywhere including the train station. Public transport Very cheap, clean and efficient. Libraries Well stocked and no charges for CD’s and videos Weather Bloody great (yes, even in Melbourne!!) Cars Bloody expensive to buy (am importing two from the UK) Schools Great so far. Much bigger and very modern facilities. TV Just the same as UK. Foxtel shows pretty much the same as Sky in the UK. Kids Clubs Plentiful and well supported by volunteers. Jobs Plenty to choose from. Medicare Bulked billed everything so far. Very thorough and had scans and x-rays same day!!!!!!! Traffic Heaven!! Lots of traffic lights though? Speed cameras Bloody nightmare. Speeding fines much higher although not points on licence. They hide the cameras though!!! People Very friendly and generally positive outlook on life! Food Fruit & veg is much better as it tastes great and looks like ‘real’ fruit and not the homogenised stuff from Tesco! Graffitti Can be pretty bad is some areas which is something we never really saw much of in North Wales. Houses Rental market is crazy as so many people renting. Standard of houses is pretty poor and can be expensive! I hope the above will give some of you some food for thought and would be happy add to the list with anything you may think of. My wife is obviously missing her family (mine are all now back in Oz) but phone calls are pretty cheap and Skype and FB are great. I love the UK and would never run it down to anyone, however, I really can’t compare the two if I’m being honest. There are some real issues in the UK at present with the financial crisis and the effect this has on society as a whole. I feel that the life on offer for my family and I in Australia is far superior and we are determined to enjoy it. Back to watching the cricket now…..! ;-) Cheers Spencer