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    Moving to Darwin October 2013

    hi, How did your move go? I am maybe moving there for work soon and would like to know how you got any, make any friends? cheers
  2. Hi all anyone got a copy of the above on PDF or for sale I can buy? If you can help please pm me I'm sor Thanks gary
  3. Gaza


    Thanks both, here now so it's not a prob any more!
  4. Gaza

    Car hire and accommodation

    Thanks will do gary
  5. Gaza

    Car hire and accommodation

    Hi, is that all inclusive, insurance etc etc? thanks
  6. Gaza

    Komatsu- interview offer?

    Hello all, all gone quiet? anyone secured a job with Komatsu or other out of interest? i got fed up waiting for an email, can't wait round forever! just interested really to know good luck gaza
  7. Gaza


    Hi, we leave the UK very soon and are wondering about taking out travel insurance to cover us until we get settled in Oz and during our 3day stop over in Dubai, any one any ideas? Im also unsure about life insurance cover, I have been told by my UK insurer that if I'm leaving the UK they can not cover me or the mrs, anyone any ideas about this one? I would like to keep some sort of cover just Incase, you never know ! Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks gaza
  8. Gaza

    Applying for kindy next year

    Hi, how much is it so send them to a community kindly? cheers
  9. Ian, that's good news for you. is TA same as restricted licence? do you actually have to have licence to work as TA? Hopefully we can meet up for an expensive beer when we're earning the top dolla ! good luck gaz
  10. Ian, Have you done the college course yet? Any idea when you will? Can you work as a TA without the licence? What's the difference in the money TA -restricted-A grade How long you been there? It's all abit worrying we arrive 18june, I'm booked on ETL for mid July and need to be working very soon after, I was told by a mate out there agencies get loads so I presume your right you need licence before u get a sniff! Good luck get me a job! Let me know Gary
  11. Hi ian, are you in Perth at the moment? I have been told theres loads of work if you call the agencies, not sure if that's for assistants or A licence though. Let me know cheers gary
  12. Gaza

    Almost a month in Perth - story so far

    Thanks appreciated gary
  13. Gaza

    Almost a month in Perth - story so far

    Hello, that would be great if Trudys cousins husband had some advise, I'm currently project managing which is what I hope to get back into as soon as poss after landing and getting the A grade licence. Looks like ther is plenty of work over there at the mo just hope it continues, you never know in uk at mo from one week to the next! Cheers gary
  14. Gaza

    Almost a month in Perth - story so far

    sounds great very positive, we will be there very soon and its daunting as you know!! whats your line of work? Im a spark, just looking into the agency thing now and am also happy with the contract working idea, hopefully more money in the short term! which agencies would you recommend? thank and good luck Gaza
  15. Hello, Heading over in June, we have the 176 for WA so Perth, I believe there's lots of work, but it's always who you know rather than what! imhave sent my cv to a few agencies and as always they tell you there's work and to get in contact when I get there. so unless I land a job before leaving, which I doubt, it will be everything crossed! Cheers