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  1. ChrisH1

    Cairns high schools

    Cairns High in the city is the largest of the high schools. It has a very well respected performing arts program. I don't know.about the beaches.
  2. ChrisH1

    Cairns high schools

    Public (as in a free state high school), or private (as in a fee paying school, I believe still called public school in the UK)?
  3. ChrisH1

    Which 1st. Visa or nursing registration

    Yes, I see your issue with having to present in ninety days to an AHPRA office. It would therefore be worth pursuing your visa first. Before absolutely committing to any one location (even though Cairns is a wonderful place to live), I suggest that you keep your options as open as possible by considering other acceptable locations to live and secure employment. Cairns has only two main hospitals - the Cairns Hospital (a public hospital run by Queensland Health), and the Cairns Private Hospital (owned by Ramsey Health). Whether you can get employment before you exhaust your savings will totally depend on whether there are positions available at whichever hospital you wish to work. You seem to imply that you only wish to work in paeds. There is one busy paediatric ward at Cairns Hospital with an interesting variety of work due to the tropical location and distance from the nearest tertiary hospital with paediatric facilities in Townsville (four and a half hours by road). We typically refer our very unwell paeds patients in ED to the paeds referral centres in Townsville or Brisbane via our on-site paeds team. I gather that it is common for the Cairns Hospital to initially recruit nursing staff on short term contracts, often into a casual or floating position. I would discuss this with them as early as possible, as you may find yourself obliged to work in adult patient care areas for at least some of the time. I would also strongly suggest that you discuss your education and experience with AHPRA as early as possible, to make sure that your paediatric education and experience to date does not require you to undertake further clinical placements to achieve RN registration. We do not have a special category for paeds only nurses (it's a long time since I worked in the UK, but such a category was present when I did) - you will be expected to be competent in all areas of nursing to achieve registration in Australia. Some hospitals around the country are willing to offer such experience to achieve registration, but then require you to work for them for a fixed term. Don't forget to factor indemnity insurance into your costs as well. There are various ways to arrange this. We are not nearly so litigation obsessed as the USA, but AHPRA requires you to have it. Hope this helps.
  4. ChrisH1

    Which 1st. Visa or nursing registration

    As an RN working in Cairns, I would suggest that it will be difficult to motivate the hospital to show any interest in pursuing your recruitment until you are registered with AHPRA. A crucial issue is whether you a RN/RM or only RM? I gather Cairns Hospital and Hinterland Health Service (CHHHS) are reluctant to employ RM only midwives as this limits role flexibility (what I have heard, not a declared position by CHHHS). I would also pursue registration first in case you have any areas of practice to make up - AHPRA will tell you.
  5. ChrisH1


    Piriton is NOT Polaramine Polaramine is: dexchlorpheniramine See: https://www.medicines.org.uk/emc/product/20/smpc Piriton is: chlorphenamine
  6. ChrisH1

    Fly to Cairns on 4th april for a reccie

    If it wet again tomorrow consider Jump Mania. Our children. Love it, and it leaves them exhausted: http://www.jumpmania.com.au/ Sent from my SM-N920I using Tapatalk
  7. ChrisH1

    Need advice, thinking of heading home

    May I suggest that your problems appear to be four fold: Home sickness, Loneliness, potentially bordering on clinical depression, Dissatisfaction with your current location, and A feeling of entrapment and powerlessness, with your partners keenness to pursue citizenship, and the implications of residing permanently in Australia Having grown up in Gloucester from 2-11 years of age, and spent quite some time in the Cotswolds then and subsequently. And a year working on the GC in 2007, I feel that I can understand the dissonance that you are experiencing. Personally I found the GC a souless artificial place. So much more so if your reference is the Cotswolds, The Slaughters and Chipping Camden! In my opinion there are many better places than the GC, places with soul and community in Australia. But still they may not address what appears to be the key issue you portray, even in this very artificial environment of a forum, the air of being profoundly home sick. I do not think that any location change will overcome that. So I would suggest: Very in depth conversations with your partner about each of your desires and goals, Counselling with a psychologist regarding your current perceptions and whether clinical depression is present, and Some detailed self reflection on whether what you are missing is an idealized version of what your life was, or in fact you have lost the key essential features of a good life. I wish you the capacity to make a decision that offers you a peaceful, and enjoyable future. Sent from my SM-N920I using Tapatalk
  8. ChrisH1

    Fly to Cairns on 4th april for a reccie

    And blue skies, low 30s today. The forecast is low 20s at night, mid 30s during the day (usually achieved mid morning). Humidity is currently 80%. If mountain biking is any of your children's hobby, we have some of the best in the world, and sea fishing is apparently excellent. Outdoor games can be played all year round. It would be worth calling into some of the tourist information centres to see what is around.
  9. ChrisH1

    Fly to Cairns on 4th april for a reccie

    Hi www.realestate.com.au and www.domain.com.au are the two biggest websites. Select type and size of property, then suburb(s) that you are interested in. The Cairns Post Saturday property feature is also useful. LJ Hooker have an office at the Edge Hill roundabout. They would be keen to arrange viewing of property. Ray White is another large real estate company covering Cairns. There are many local companies including: Joan Robb; Remax; Professionals (I think that they focus on the beaches); First National; etc. All of the real estate companies have their own websites which list the properties they have on offer. If you just want to see what is on the market, rather than appear particularly interested, open houses are advertised on www.realestate.com.au and in the Saturday edition of the Cairns Post. The system of selling property is different in Australia. You will only meet the vendor after the contract of sale is signed, and then only maybe. All viewings are conducted by the real estate agent. You will be required to give name, address and sometimes proof of ID to view, as the real estate agent generally stays at the entrance. Each suburb has better and less good sections, with some suburbs probably best avoided, as in all cities.
  10. ChrisH1

    Driving in queensland? Tips? Advise?

    Some random thoughts. See:https://jointhedrive.qld.gov.au/ And various YouTube videos by Queensland Transport. Consider carefully any driving at dawn or dusk in kangaroo populated areas. They jump across the road at speed, and have no concept of vehicles. A kangaroo can write off a car and kill the occupants. Just because a beach in the tropics looks pristine and straight out of a magazine , does not mean that it is crocodile and/or shark free. It probably has crocs in the shallows. When turning left at a green traffic light with pedestraian crossing, the pedestrians have right of way if the green man is illuminated. If there is a turn left filter lane, it will be signposted that you can turn left as long as you give way, at any time. The emergency numbers are 000 (our version of 999), and either 000 or 112 from a mobile phone. Always check how far it is to the next petrol station. Most cars will do 450-70kms, but in some cases it may be >1200kms between the first and third. Undertaking is legal in large parts of Australia. Check local road rules via relevant websites before driving. If you break down never leave your vehicle. Always have emergency water if driving in rural waters. If driving during bush fire season, in bush fire prone areas, always check local fire conditions and listen to local ABC radio stations for fire reports: http://www.abc.net.au/news/emergency/
  11. ChrisH1

    Site Upgrade

    Do you anticipate that Tapatalk will still the the preferred app for accessing the forums, or would you suggest another strategy? Sent from my SM-N920I using Tapatalk
  12. ChrisH1

    If a disaster happens

    But if I remember correctly, on an iPhone, only if your phone is not locked (I certainly would not advocate leaving your phone unlocked). I have had considerable trouble trying to find the next of kin while we resuscitate a tourist or local on several occasions in ED. I am aware of only one app (and only available on Android) that permits the rescuer to access essential contacts on a locked smartphone, and then call using the victim's phone a preselected list of numbers: In Case of Emergency by appventive.com, also on Google Play. While not perfect, for example it does not permit linking images of medicine boxes. It would save so much angst of having unknown people in ICU, while their smartphone has the essential information locked away. Disclaimer: I have no association with any app developer or phone provider. Sent from my SM-N920I using Tapatalk
  13. ChrisH1

    Having a baby in the public system

    20% of births in the Netherlands are at home, 0.4% in Australia (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4399594/#!po=5.69620). Same neonatal survival figures in Australia and the Netherlands (http://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SH.DYN.NMRT). For every anecdotal report of adverse outcome during home birth, there is at least one similar in hospital report. I am not advocating home birth as a practice (all three of my children were born in hospital, and had obstetric emergencies). But I would suggest not getting too carried away with the interested parties rhetoric proposing a single system over all others, without looking a little more closely at why such a system developed. Sent from my SM-N920I using Tapatalk
  14. ChrisH1

    Having a baby in the public system

    Compared to the NHS, birthing is much more medicalized in Australia than the UK. Australia has some of the highest Caesarean section rates in the world. Midwives are still actively involved in "routine" deliveries in Australia. Obstetricians have successfully lobbied to essentially outlaw home births in Australia. Sent from my SM-N920I using Tapatalk
  15. ChrisH1

    Traveling up the coast to Cairns.

    Avoid any suburb beginning with M: Manunda, Mooroobool, etc. Also Woree, Edmonton. Many rumours abound about the quality of the ex-agricultural land around Cairns, especially in Gordonvale. Some suggest having the land tested due to heavy pesticide use in the past when it was cane farming land. I would suggest talking to some of the local real estate agents. By email.would be a good way to start. The best property and land never gets to realestate.com.au. Sent from my SM-N920I using Tapatalk