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  1. Do we all have to give the IELTS again for 887 visa
  2. My son who was dependent at the time we migrated has a full time job and he meets 52 week criteria. Can he become the main applicant and can me and my wife be sponsored by him?
  3. Thanks i better look for another job
  4. Well I am paid on a fortnightly basis and that means I sometime get 5 days one week and 2 days the next and this does not reflect in the pay slips only the total hours. How will they consider that as I usually have more than 60 hours per two weeks.?
  5. Hi I am on a 496 visa and want to convert to a PR applying for a 887 visa. My question is I have been working around 60 hours every two weeks and have totally worked more than 1 year required during my two year stay. My question is would it be okay if I have worked less than full time but more than the one year requirement over the two year period of my stay here to migrate to PR. My hours would definitely cross 2000 hours during the two year stay.
  6. This is real bad and i feel for all those affected. My best wishes to them.
  7. Hi It has been a while since i have posted but its been over a month since I have been in Australia and its not all hunk dory. There are a lot of struggles involved even after coming here. All those who get their visas should be aware of this.
  8. It took him a lot time for his medicals as he had some cyst in the lung which was benign but they did keep taking additional tests.
  9. Sorry sigmaz, the person had applied August 29, I confused the two of them. My mistake. It took him some time as he had problems with his medicals.
  10. Hey one more 496 applied August 31 2007 got visa
  11. Hi, I will be moving on May 28 reaching May 29. Will see how it goes from there.
  12. Sigmaz congratulations and best of luck with your PCC and medicals. want kind of a idiot is this agent of yours that he failed to inform you. Please keep us posted on your progress.
  13. sigmaz why dont u ask your agent to check and to inquire. I again confirm Aug 31, application has recd CO.
  14. Sigmaz, do check with your agent if u have used one, he might be sitting on it.
  15. Usually it takes a 15 day gap between CO allocation and notification to you. Could be they have allocated but not informed you. Keep your patience.