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  1. mrsb


    Does anyone know if or where I can buy tinned roasted chestnuts, I want to make my grandmothers chestnut stuffing for christmas but all I can find are water chestnuts! Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm also after some bread sauce mix if anyone knows who sells this although I might just end up making it. TIA Bel
  2. mrsb

    eatons Hill- what's it like?

    Hahaha! Of course! How silly of me! :laugh:
  3. mrsb

    eatons Hill- what's it like?

    Hi all! We are committed most sunday mornings too but would be able to come along later in the morning, will check the calendar and get back to you, sounds like fun! Is this invite for the husbands/partners too? Bel
  4. mrsb

    1 year left to make the move

    Yes, 5 years from when your visa was granted, but it sounds to me like you have already made your decision. Best wishes.
  5. Hi Katyb, First of all don't panic, you'll be amazed what you can get done in 3 weeks! I know most schools will be very understanding with enrollment, even if you don't have a permanent address, I know ours is. Our daughter went in 4 weeks before the end of the school year last year and is fine. I can highly recommend the area I am in which is Bray Park, we have 3 very good state primary schools all within 5 mins drive of each other and a handful of private schools too. We purchased our house through David Deane real estate, they have plenty of rentals too so I would suggest looking on realestate.com.au When does your shipment arrive? Please shout if you need any other help or advice, am also happy to pm you my phone no if you want someone to contact when you get here, there are plenty of meet ups going on too! Best of luck Bel
  6. mrsb

    Where to stop over?

    I can highly recommend Singapore Airlines, the service was amazing, they are great with kids too, we stopped in Singapore for 4 days once and it was amazing, we found it very reasonable too, it's o clean and a very safe place to visit.
  7. mrsb

    Drivers Licence

    must be different in QLD, I had passed my test in July and we got here in November and I didn't have to have P plates, just got put straight on an open licence. :smile:
  8. mrsb

    eatons Hill- what's it like?

    Yes absolutely agree, my mother in law had it on last christmas so we could eat in comfort! It was quite nice to see air con in this house, we know it's there if we really need it! :yes: Bel
  9. mrsb

    eatons Hill- what's it like?

    Hi Jane, To be honest having no air con wouldn't bother me, this will be my 5th summer here and you do get used to it, we have air con in our house but we don't use it, we just put the ceiling fans on to get the air circulating. Also I think you notice the heat a lot more when you spend time in an air conditioned place, you go from being cool and comfy to what feels like walking into a furnace when you walk outside, I think if you can put up with the heat then do. :smile: I look forward to hearing from you re a meet up. Bel x
  10. mrsb

    eatons Hill- what's it like?

    Hi Jane, Albany Creek is really nice, my husband lived there his whole life, went to Albany Creek State School then onto the high school. There are some really nice parks very close to where I am and I would love to meet up sometime. Where are you living at the moment? Bel
  11. mrsb

    eatons Hill- what's it like?

    Hi guys, my husband commutes to the city and is originally from Albany Creek, we live in Bray Park and AC is about a 10 min drive away, I do my grocery shopping there I love it so much! We have two kids 7 and 4, our 7yr old goes to Strathpine West State School and loves it. Am happy to help with any queries too, sometimes feel a bit lost when my husband is at work!
  12. mrsb

    Petrie and surrounds....?

    Hi there, we live in Bray Park, about 5 mins from Petrie, we have a 7yr old and a 4 year old, we live in an area that is mostly low set brick houses, ours is 10 years old. Our daughter goes to Srathpine West State School and absolutely loves it, it's about 5 mins from where we live, and our son goes to a daycare centre that caters for babies to school age, he finishes at christmas because he will start school next year. We are so happy here and the area is beautiful, we are so close to everything and my husband only has a 35 min commute to the city for work, much better than the hour and a half to London he used to do! I think Petrie and the surrounds is an excellent choice, I wouldn't be going any further north if you will be working in the city. Bel
  13. mrsb

    Moving August 2011!!! Contacts welcome?

    We live in Bray Park and love it, so close to everything, you can literally walk from one suburb to the next in some places!
  14. mrsb

    Converting driving license

    You get to keep your british license, my husband and I changed ours 3 weeks ago and we weren't asked to surrender our british ones.
  15. mrsb

    Travel Insurance

    One Way Travel Insurance We used this company for our reccie trip and found them very reasonable, they do one-way trip insurance. Regards Bel