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  1. pommekate

    Pregnant on a temporary visa

    You will be covered under Medicare. I had a baby when I was on a temporary visa. The reciprocal agreement is for urgent or necessary treatment. Obstetrics is considered necessary treatment. I also work as a midwife and have cared for many English couples in Australia who are on temporary visas. Like Australian families sometimes there are some costs you have to pay for in some areas such as USS etc.
  2. pommekate

    Due To Have A Baby Not Long After Emigrating To Oz!

    As others have said definitely take along your pregnancy records from the Uk. You will be offered the opportunity for another elective LSCS if that is your choice. Don't be surprised if most of the midwives that care for you end up being british, I work on a birthing suite with 8 other british midwives. Good luck with the move, a great time to met lots of new mums.
  3. pommekate

    need advise from people living in cairns and canberra

    Another point just to mention, if it is a private hospital your wife is being sponsored by she may find it very frustrating as a british trained midwife. As you work as an obstetric nurse rather than a midwife. A midwife will care for a women in labour but as she comes to birth you have to call the obstetrician to actually birth the baby. Initially I was sponsored by a public hospital but after 5 years we moved and I worked for a private hospital, although a very nice hospital but very demoralising as a midwife. Thankfully I am back in the public system.
  4. pommekate

    need advise from people living in cairns and canberra

    Yes I was sponsored, so applied for job whilst in the UK and the hospital sponsored me. When I questioned them on relocation costs they said very unlikely as there would be many applicants who would take up the opportunity and pay their own costs, so if i went ahead with the application I would probably be unsuccessful as they would rather sponsor someone who paid their own way. They did tell me not to let this affect me applying but I didn't want to risk not getting the job. I have since asked other midwives to see if they were paid relocation costs and none of them were successful. It may be different if one of the jobs your wife is applying for are in desperately need of midwives. I know some remote areas do offer financial incentives to encourage applicants, however I can't imagine Canberra being one of them. But if she has already been told they will give her a relocation package then go for it and have it written into her contract.
  5. pommekate

    need advise from people living in cairns and canberra

    Cost of housing and living would be so much cheaper in Cairns and I think those on 457 visa's don't pay school fees in Queensland and NT, in Canberra it is about $9000-$13000 for each kid. Some people may get this waivered if their occupation appears on the SOL. I am one of 7 british trained midwives where I work, and we were all sponsored by different hospitals not one of us successfully got money to help with relocation. Unless your wife has been head hunted as clinical research midwife or clinical midwife consultant then it may be different. I would be fascinated to hear if any other midwives successfully got relocation costs. Good luck with the move.
  6. pommekate

    Central coast commuting

    My other half use to commute from central coast to Alexandria in Sydney. He worked 6am to 6pm use to leave at 4.30 in the morning and get home at 7.30pm. Thankfully working 12 hour shifts he only had to do it three times a week. But even that was very tiring. Put loads of kilometres on the car and costly on fuel. After 6 years of the commute he took voluntary redundancy. Traffic in north sydney was always a nightmare coming home. Wouldn't recommend it but loads of people do the commute. We eventually moved from the central coast to the mid north coast.
  7. pommekate

    Port Macquarie - New South Wales

    We use to always come here for holidays and loved it so much that we moved here 3 years ago. Truly is paradise. Still feel like we are on holiday. We have a regular Koala that sits in the tree in our back garden. The only down side is job opportunities, unless you work in health, teaching and tourism. We don't have a great variety of shops so do most of my Christmas shopping online. However worth the sacrafice to live in such a beautiful town.
  8. pommekate


    No wasn't urgent. I was expecting a 6 month wait so was surprised myself. One of my friends has recently got citizenship in Port Macquarie and hers took just 10 weeks.
  9. pommekate

    Fees for primary schools for new migrants

    School kids bonus is being phased out, last payment is July 2016.
  10. pommekate

    OnShore Partner Visa - Your Experience? Timeframes?

    I did get permanent part of the visa immediately. I had been in Australia for 4 years and had a newborn baby with my aussie other half when I applied. This was 10 years ago, I submitted my application by hand in parramatta and they said could I go back in 3 weeks for an interview with my partner. They didn't really ask any questions they just looked through my application and all the documents. Just out of interest what visa have you been on since your redundancy? Wouldn't your 457 be voided since 2014. Please excuse my ignorance.
  11. pommekate

    457 visa that's only 1.5 years long!?!?

    When I came out on a 457, it was initially for a year, then after 8 months of working they asked if I wanted to extend it to 4 years. I just presumed they wanted to check out what I was like first. I did have to do my medicals again but that was the only cost I paid. This was 14 years ago.
  12. pommekate

    Can my baby get British citizenship?

    If your not planning on living in UK at the moment I wouldn't bother getting one. They can use an Australian passport for visits to UK. However it was quite nice not having que in the international passport line at heathrow.
  13. pommekate

    Can my baby get British citizenship?

    I applied for their passports last year online. I think many years ago british citizenship could only be passed down through the britsh fathers not british mothers. However that has all changed now. If you are a british citizen then your child will automatically be a british citizen. I think I just had to send my british passport and birth certificate along with my childrens application. To be quite honest I do think it was a waste of money as I got them their british passport as we went back to the UK for a holiday and thought it would just be quicker to go through customs. However as my kids were dual Australian/british Nationals, they had to have an australian passport to enter and leave Australia. But they arrived in the Uk on their British passport. So it is quite expensive to have two passports. If your child has Bristish citizenship through hereditary, they can't then pass on British Citizenship to their children. Also British passport doesn't automatically entitle them to NHS, only urgent and necessary treatment, you have to prove residency in the Uk for treatment. That doesn't worry me as I pay taxes in Australia not UK. The babies father needs to sign the application form. it was really easy online, when you apply online you submit it and then it prints out a page that you need to get a British citizen to sign the photographs. You then send that form and birth certificates etc to the UK. It didn't take long at all only about 3 weeks. Can't remember how much I think it was about $100, but you have to send it all recorde delivery. Also when you get passport pictures done you do need to state that it is for a british passport, the sizing was slightly different to australian pictures, (so Australia post told me).
  14. pommekate

    Can my baby get British citizenship?

    Yes you can. My 3 kids were all born in Australia my other half is australian and I am british, all 3 of my kids have british passports.