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  1. chrisandelaine

    keep fit and learning self defence.

    Not yet but I will. Thanks
  2. chrisandelaine

    keep fit and learning self defence.

    Anyone living in Perth or moving to Perth, that has trained in world ju jitsu association.NOT organisation or WJJA. I am very interested in training together of even starting a wee club in Perth.
  3. chrisandelaine

    ju jitsu assocation..

    Anyone living in Perth or moving to Perth, that has trained in world ju jitsu association.NOT organisation or WJJA. I am very interested in training together of even starting a wee club in Perth.
  4. chrisandelaine

    child minding NEEDED

    :rolleyes: hi we live in Currambine near joondalup, we only moved here few weeks ago, at the min chris works and i dont, but will start work ina cpl weeks time in Joondalup Hospital. our problem is, he leaves for work about 6.45 and my work is shifts which are 7-2, 2-7 and night shift, which means we will struggle to get the kids to school etc in the mornings, and maybe after school too, at the min after school isnt bad as we can use a centre, but would prefer to have someone or somewhere that can do both, and at a reasonable price too. thanks chris and elaine:notworthy:
  5. hi Derby, elaine said she text u about meeting, but hasnt had a reply. she says next week end will be better as we flat out trying to sort our long term rental as yet, and jobs, car, and schools still to sort yet. pheww lol
  6. hi derby ans sarah, my wife is a nurse too, and she still hasnt found work yet, we only been here since last wed, but was hoping to have more done by now lol. id say it would be great for her to have a meet with u guys some time very soon, we live in currambine atm till we find are long term rental. Sarah i think a chat with u ref nursing mite settle her mind a bit. i can pass on a moblie number if you want to PM us. thanks chris
  7. we have moved to north perth last week, and we only have rental car and place until 1st FEB, so we looking to buy a car before the 1st and looking a long term Rental also. chris
  8. chrisandelaine

    lorry driving license !

    does a UK class 2 lorry license carry over to OZ. incase i need to look for work driving lorries etc.
  9. chrisandelaine

    Recently arrived in Perth

    hi all, we are chris and elaine of course lol, with 2 girls aged 5 and 10, and we will be arriving in Perth of 18th JAN, we would like to meet plenty of families, we have a few friends already in Perth, but one can never have to many friends lol if you would like to PM us we can swap email address and facebook if anyone has it. thanks
  10. chrisandelaine

    Fishing in oz

    love the info bob thanks, i am also one of these ones that would like to try fishing in Perth when we move over in Jan. always had miserable time in N.Ireland fishing and cold and wet lol. what is the best time to fish, i will prob be fishing near the quinn rocks area or that direction. thanks again chris
  11. chrisandelaine

    Extra baggage for migrants

    yes as pintpot says Qantas do the migrant allowance, but only from manchester or London, as we are flying from Dublin to London - Hong Kong - Perth, But as we fly BMI to london BMI will not let you bring that amount of weight on there flight so we would end up having to pay alot for that flight.
  12. chrisandelaine

    Feeling sick thinking about going...

    i so know how you feel Joob.. we fly out on 16th Jan and it was only yesterday when i was at my inlaws, and they talking about bringing us to the airport, my wife siad yeah we going to chris's mum on the 15th as it is her birthday and meet everyone before we go, then her mum said yeah be the last time we see them, and i thought ohhh ****. never realling considered that before. as my dad has been ill for about 5 years and he cant fly over, and maybe it will be the last time i ever see him. But i know i will miss my wee mummy lolol and theres gona be a hell of a lot of tears to deal with. But for sure it is not going to put my off in anyway, i so cant wiat to experiance OZ and what it offers and even the hard times . BRING IT ON
  13. chrisandelaine

    Perth Rentals...

    try these 2 contacts and tell them i ( chris Johnson ) put you in contact with them. Lets- Perth [letsperth@hotmail.com] contact Simon. Relocate Rentals Perth [relocate_rentals@yahoo.com.au] contact Edith cheers chris
  14. PM me and i will pass you a contact we have used for a rental in currambine, Joondalup, she is very nice.
  15. chrisandelaine

    Irish People Perth Bound!!!!

    we are moving to Joondalup, on 16th Jan.