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  1. Looking to hire a car when arrive in Perth but will need at least a 6 seater! Any recommendations for cheap car hire?o
  2. Wrightx6

    Referred to medical officer of the Commonwealth!

    I just heard today my medical has been passed and visa will be granted tomorrow. So less than 3 weeks processing time! Still no idea why it was referred though!
  3. Wrightx6

    Referred to medical officer of the Commonwealth!

    Well we haven't booked flights yet luckily but we are due to exchange on our house sale any day now, which is stressful when you're not sure you're going to pass the medical and get the visa! Does anyone have contact details for the MCOs in Sydney?
  4. Wrightx6

    Referred to medical officer of the Commonwealth!

    How do you find out the reason for referral. My agent doesn't know and the case officer says she doesn't know either!
  5. Has anyone found a UK annual travel Insurance policy that will cover the outward flight to Australia? Heading to Oz end of the year but looking at an annual policy which could cover summer holiday to Europe first.
  6. Wrightx6

    Enrolling in primary school in Perth

    Thanks for the replies. Really useful information. We know roughly which area we want to live in as did a recce in Feb. I am trying to figure out does it matter where we book our holiday let or should I try and rent a holiday let in the catchment for our preferred primary school. I guess I need to contact schools directly to see whether they accept a holiday let address or need a lease agreement.
  7. We are planning on renting a holiday let for the first 2-3 weeks after we arrive in Perth. Can we enrol our children at school whilst in the holiday let or do we have to wait until we have secured a long term rental?
  8. Wrightx6

    Referred to medical officer of the Commonwealth!

    Thanks for replying. Did you get told the reason for the referral? I have no idea and now my imagination is imagining allsortts! Blossom 79 - so do you reckon it is taking about 2 months at the moment for processing? Do you have to have further medicals/ doctors reports?
  9. I have just found out that my medical has been referred to MCO! As far as I know I am fit and well with no Past medical history. My husband is the main applicant for 457 and has passed his medical. We both work in healthcare so had to have blood tests , chest xray etc... Does anyone know why this could be and how long the delay is likely to be?
  10. Wrightx6

    Perth modern school

    We have 2 kids at grammar school in the UK and plan to move to Perth at the end of this year. We were told the only way to get a place at Perth modern is by doing the GATE tests. The deadline for applications was March. The exam papers were couriered to the UK and the kids sat the exams this week at their schools. We will find out in a few months if they are accepted. Fingers crossed! The exams are only held once a year. You can apply for entry to any year if they have places.
  11. Hi Iron Chef We have 2 quite old cars and wondering if it's worth bringing any of them to Perth with us? I am a bit worried about the cost of buying two cars upon arrival as second hand cars look expensive!! Car 1 Honda civic 5dr hatch 1.6 2004. Air con. 100,000 miles UK value £2100 Australian value $9300-$11200 Car 2 Ford Galaxy 2.3 (people mover) 2002. Air con. 60,000 miles UK value £1600 Australian value unknown ( not found in redbook) Many thanks for your help.
  12. Hi I am thinking of applying for a temporary resident visa just because I think it will be quicker - then apply for permanent residency once in Perth. We have 4 children so I need to know can the children attend school with temp residency ( without paying??). Is the situation the same for primary and secondary?
  13. Wrightx6

    general schooling info

    We are in exactly the same situation as you with children aged 10 and 12 and hoping to go to Perth initially for a couple of years then either come back or stay if we love it. Hubby has a job offer so thinking go for it and have an adventure but same as you worried about how kids could fit back into uk school system in a few years time. One post I read is that many Uk Universities require 5 gcses as well as A levels so there could be a problem later down the line for Uni entry. If you get any other info e.g how easy is it to get in for A levels if don't have gcses I would love to hear. Good luck!
  14. Wrightx6

    Best State Schools in Perth

    We were thinking of moving NOR and hoping to get my daughter on the GATE programme. If we lived in Northern Suburbs which of the above schools are closest. Are they too far from areas like Ocean Reef?