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    Rental Available Perth (Carramar)

    Hi Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. (Had a few probs with my Internet) House is a 3x2 how ever it has a large study whichever have used as a 4th Bedroom / nursery. The house is available due to a lease break and is currently priced at $525 a week however there may be some negotiation on this. ‚ÄčLet me know if your interested in a viewing.
  2. Hi, I am in the process of buying our first home which means the rental we currently occupy will be available at the end of May/early June. It's a very new and modern home which has cinema room, study and also next to a very nice park and excellent school. If any one is interested please let me know.
  3. Hi, myself, wife and two small children will be arriving in Perth, WA on the 27th August 2012 and I will be immediatley looking for work and was wondering if there is anybody out there who could comment on the current job scene in Perth for procurement and supply chain personel as well as project co-ordinator/managers as my role in the UK has been based on a combination of both skill sets. I have worked for the last 15 years for a large multinational and am qualified in Engineering disciplines as well as a HND Business Studies, PRINCE2 Practitioner and skilled in Microsoft Project. Be really greatful if there is anyone out there who could provide me with an insight or even potential employment leads. Many Thanks
  4. Hi we are moving out to Perth in 4 weeks time and our container will be Oz bound shortly carrying amongst other things Christmas presents from relatives for our to youbg children. Theres nothing there of any substantial value but obviously they are new. Do you think these will need declaring !!Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Ferrisian

    Securing Oz employment whilst based in the UK

    Thanks for the reply, it's reassuring to hear of a success story.
  6. Hi, we recently took our medicals for Australia and were also really concerned about our chancing of passing the medicals due to our daughter being diagnosed with leukaemia 5 years ago. We took with us a letter from her consultant who stated that her long term prognosis was excellent but he did mention that she would require check ups and a heart scan every 3 years. After submitting our medicals I could see via the DIAC tracking system that my daughters medical had been refered to the MoC but 3 days later we were issued with our visa's. I know our situations are not exactly the same but i would imagine that as you are able to prove that the medical condition is under control you will be fine.
  7. Hi, Was wondering if any body can share any experiences that they have had when it comes to securing employment in WA. We have recently been granted our 176 visa's and intend to enter Oz round about Sept 2012 however would come out before if I was able to secure employment before hand. Just wondering will it be easier to attract potential employers using sites such as Seek now that I am elegible to live and work in WA. In the UK I am a Inventory manager for a large company and also a experienced production planner/scheduler. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Ferrisian

    WA 176 State sponsorship proof of funds

    Today, 01:51 PM * #25 (permalink) hia hia is has no status. Senior Member * Join Date: Aug 2011 Posts: 141 Thanks: 9 Thanked 6 Times in 6 Posts My Mood: Ahh right...so thats what you meant.. Wel do u think SS can be approved / rejected just on the basis of proof of funds? * My SS had already been approved it only took 4 days. I was just wondering if any future proof of funds was required but I doesn't appear so.
  9. Ferrisian

    WA 176 State sponsorship proof of funds

    Once my house sale is complete all being well free up an amount that is greater than this. However I decided to be prudent and put down a conservative amount. For example just in case my current buyer pulls out and I have to reprice the house to get a quick sale. My original question was to cover potential eventualities such as deciding to rent my property put and not freeing up the equity.
  10. Ferrisian

    WA 176 State sponsorship proof of funds

    I thought I would be honest and put down a conservative amount of money that will be freed up during the sale of my house. My only concern was if our pending house sale fell through or we opted to rent out our property in the UK we would not free up the amount if cash specified. Would this then stop us moving out to Oz.
  11. Ferrisian

    WA 176 State sponsorship proof of funds

    Thanks Jem32 , you don't fancy swapping as approval forms do you lol
  12. Ferrisian

    WA 176 State sponsorship proof of funds

    Thanks for the advice it's appreciated.
  13. Hi I would really appreciate it if anybody could give some advice on the below. This morning I received approval for state sponsorship for western Australia however one of he condition set out is that I bring $120k with me to cover relocation costs. This amount will not be a problem once my house sale completes however currently I do not have this amount of money in a account. My question is do the DIAC require proof of the $120k qt time of lodgement or is proof required on entry to WA or is proof even required at all. Many thanks
  14. Ferrisian

    WA state sponsored question

    Thanks for advice, think I am probably worrying over nothing.
  15. Ferrisian

    WA state sponsored question

    I am in the process of completing the WA online application form for state sponsorship. Our intentions are 100% to settle, live and work in WA. However the potential issue I have is that my brother lives in QLD and I am paranoid that when my application is processed the people at WA will doubt my commitment to WA. I intend to be honest when completing the application and mention my brother in the family & friends in Oz field. Just wondering what peoples opinions are am I right to be concerned or just being paranoid any advice would greatly appreciated. Thanks