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    BBQ in Stuart park Wollongong

    Bugger - just saw this! Will there be another one this year?
  2. HIya all! We arent Irish but Welsh if thats close enough? My mum is 100% Irish though! We've been here 3 years and are in Port Kembla. I work with a Northern Irish guy and 2 Southern Irish guys, 1 of whom is originally from the Philippines I think (so you can imagine his crazy accent right)!! We have a very social 6 - nearly 7 year old if yous are looking for play dates
  3. Cruella2949


    Hiya! We were in your boat 3 years ago. We did a rekkie trip to Melbourne and decided we didnt want to be there. We came home and a recruiter rang and said "How about Wollongong?" We shrugged out shoulders an said "what the heck - lets give it a go'! The problem is that everyone is different and has different expectations. For us, this is just the place we want to be. We love it. 7 mins walk to the Beach, Port, Train station, school and Mall. We have everything we need. Sydney is far enough away not to drive the cost of living through the ceiling but close enough to be able to jump on the train and go for a day out there. On the down side, while my hubby waltzed into his job, I found it very hard to get work initially. After over 40 applications for bog standard admin jobs, I ended up going back to the motor trade (I really didnt want to do this) and since then, I have even been head hunted to work at places! To be honest, its not what you know but who you know as it really is a small place at the end of the day. We even found this when trying to get a rental property. A long chain of 'No's', and as soon as we name dropped a well known person here we got a phone call in less than an hour after a viewing offering us the house!!! Happy to answer any questions you might have. This forum was my bible when it came to moving here and I havent really given a lot back to it yet since we have been here. Spending far too much time living and loving life
  4. Cruella2949

    Welsh People in Sydney

    Newport boy, bassaleg / Castleton family here. How'd u go with ur taffy search butt?
  5. Cruella2949

    new poms in wollongong

    Hiya!!!! We are a family of 3. Been here 3 years today HURRAH!!! Send me a mssg if u like. We are in Port Kembla. We're Welsh but happy to bury the hatchet!!! Lol
  6. Cruella2949

    Motor mechanic technical interview with Vetassess

    It was absolutely fine - there was nothing to worry about at all. Whwn you fill in your TRA in the beginning, you tick all the boxes that apply to what you do in work - e.g. abs systems, diff rebuild. You leave out what you dont do so they only ask you about what you know. Simples Think he was in there for 2 and a bit hours. Its just like having a chat. Hurrah - now he has a cert 3 in automotive veh technology!!
  7. Cruella2949

    Lost passport, emigrating in 2 weeks...HELP!

    woo hooo! Where theres a will theres a way
  8. Cruella2949

    Lost passport, emigrating in 2 weeks...HELP!

    lol - glad its not just me. For the record, after being in Oz for 14 months, guess what surfaced inbetween pages of a scrap book....????
  9. Cruella2949

    Areas to live south of Wollongong

    True that Skippy! We have million dollar views of the ocean and the lake, great neighbours and a wonderful life. I have to remind myself every day how blessed we are!x
  10. Cruella2949

    Meeting New Mums in Wollongong

    off the top of my head I think 10.30. I havent been since last year. They were very welcoming and all ages from bubs to preschool. A girl I went with had a 3 month old. Also another lovely one is at Church of Christ, figtree. I cant remember exactly what days but you can ring them - http://www.wgongcoc.org/ministries/children/mops/
  11. Cruella2949

    All Vehicle - Mechanics Thread

    Hey all, we've been in NSW now for 13 months. Its a good life and we made the right choice for us to up and leave Wales in search of something new. We have started the process for PR and hubby has a technical interview with Vetassess on Friday. I've searched everywhere and cant find any sort of information on what to expect. Has anyone recently sat the interview who can shed some light on it - even silly things like what to wear would be great....
  12. Cruella2949

    Taking the plunge in Wollongong

    Hey, how are you going with your research? We've been here for 13 months and loving it. PM if theres any info I can help you with. For the record I agree - the shopping situation here is dire but its such a small price to pay for a lovely life! If only the weather would hurry up and improve!!!
  13. Cruella2949

    Areas to live south of Wollongong

    Port Kembla is beautiful. I live here and I wouldnt change it for the world. Every area has its bad parts no matter how good the rep. The best thing you can do when you get here is drive around and get a feel for what you would call home. Personally I'd stay away from Cringila as it has views only of the steel works. PM if I can give you any other info. We have been here for 13 months now.
  14. Have you fixed anything up yet? If not google beach park motel or bel mondo apartments in wollongong. They are run by a lovely couple Mario and Gabriel who helped us when we got here.
  15. Cruella2949

    Meeting New Mums in Wollongong

    Theres a lovely group in the church across from Woolies in Wollongong that meets on a Tuesday morning. Thats where I started off.