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  1. JoRed4

    Pharmacy Tech ANZSCO 311215

    Hi. My sister works as a Pharmacy Tech but doesn’t have a formal qualification, we’ll she does have a Bachelors Degree but not in that field. I’ve read on an Immigration website that in some cases 3 years of relevant experience may substitute for the formal qualifications; how do you find out if that will be the case per individual? Thank you
  2. JoRed4

    Pharmacy Tech ANZSCO 311215

    Thank you so much Raul for your help with this, so regarding this, what type of visa are they referring to please? Pharmacy Technician job description, duties and education requirements UNIT GROUP 3112 At least three years of relevant experience may substitute for the formal qualifications listed above. In some instances relevant experience and/or on-the-job training may be required in addition to the formal qualification
  3. JoRed4

    Pharmacy Tech ANZSCO 311215

    She’s looking at the 489. We were thinking she might come out on a Working Holiday Visa (417) first as they’ve upped the age to 35 for Irish citizens, but she’d still have to acquire all this proof etc eventually & I think that might be easier to do from home rather than from here, so I think she should just go for the 489 from the beginning.
  4. JoRed4

    Pharmacy Tech ANZSCO 311215

    I apologise if I’ve annoyed anybody. I never said that my sister was a Pharmacist. I thought this forum was here for people to ask questions. Thank you Marisawright I’ll have a look at some agents for her as well.
  5. My sister is hoping to immigrate from Ireland on a 489 she has worked in a Pharmacy for over 5 years in a small country town & while her employer has been very good to her & will supply her with references he isn’t the most organised man in the world or best at keeping his paperwork up to date. Will she be required to provide payslips etc as well? Thank you
  6. JoRed4

    IELTS.. Irish Citizens

    Can anyone tell me if Irish citizens can take an IELTS exam to boost their points for a 489 application, please. Thank you.
  7. JoRed4

    IELTS.. Irish Citizens

    Thank you very much, I’ll look at the PTE.
  8. JoRed4

    How strict are the 176 visas?

    OH has been looking for jobs as a Landscape Gardener before we emigrate next week; he's been looking for several months now. He has several interviews lined up but hasn't be able to help notice that even though we were sponsered by SA there appears to be alot more jobs in Melbourne & Canberra for Landscape Gardeners; how strict are the terms of the visa i.e having to stay in the state that sponsors you before being able to move freely about the country?
  9. JoRed4

    Travel Cot?

    Hello, wasn't really sure which part of the forum to post this question on; we're moving to Adelaide in 3 weeks; our daughter will be 7.5 months old. The most recommended travel cot at the moment is the Little Life Arc but it sits on the floor how will that fair in Oz with much bigger creepy crawlies?! Just wondering if anyone had bought a travel cot & taken it with them & if anyone has any recommendations. I had thought about getting one when we arrive but we will be knackered after the flight & if our flight is delayed that might not be an option. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. JoRed4

    Christening Candle

    Morning! We move to Oz in May. We had our daughter Christened/Baptised yesterday & we were given her baptismal candle in a box to keep the candle was lit once during the cremony & then placed back in the box, the only thing it says is 25% Bees wax. Does anyone know will we be able to bring this with us either in our container or in our suitcases?
  11. We're making the move to Adelaide later this year; what do people do regarding their UK bank accounts? Do we close everything or do we keep one open so we have a credit card should we need to make some bigger purchases etc. Do we inform our bank that we're immigrating? Silly questions perhaps.. Any help will be appreciated.
  12. Hello; shot in the dark I know, but just wondering if anyone has or knows of any coastal unfurnished long term rentals in Adelaide available from June - 3 bedrooms please. Thank you.
  13. JoRed4

    Should we close our UK bank accounts?

    Thank you for your quick response. Do you mind me asking; were credit cards offered?
  14. Morning! My family & I are due to move to Adelaide later this year; we're managed to narrow our choice down between two companies. Crown Relocations & PSS International Removals; just wondering if anyone has dealt with these companies & their experiences with them. We've been told international shipping fees increase on the 1st March so to wait until after then for a quote?
  15. JoRed4

    176 do i need visa label in passport

    Hi there, just wondering; can you send away the whole family's passports for the visa stamp or is it just the main applicant?
  16. JoRed4

    Completing 176 Visa Online?

    I was wondering if anyone who has applied for the 176 visa online recently could offer some advice. We have completed the form and were about to press submit when we remembered our certified docs that need to accompany the application, so I've gone on DIAC & found out that once you've submitted your visa application you get a TRN & you log back in using this number to upload any additional docs; however on the 176 visa checklist form it says that the checklist is for paper applications and should only be used as a guideline for online applications; apparently the checklist for online applications becomes available once you start your online application, we've been back and forth 10 times and we can't see where this checklist is!! We are just a bit worried as we don't want to submit the form without seeing this online checklist first to make sure that we have everything it's going to ask for... Regardless of whether you complete a paper application or an online application does everybody need to complete Form 1276 & Form 80? Help!!
  17. 176 eVisa has been lodged. Case Officer has been assigned. Supporting docs have been uploaded. Had an email from CO confirming that everything we have sent to date is sufficient and that our application will be put on hold until after our baby is born at the end of Sept. If anyone else has been through a similar process, could you share with me roughly how long afterwards did the process take. We plan to register her birth asap. Does a birth cert alone suffice or will we need to get her a passport as well. Once we've notified our CO of her birth, I will then be able to go for my medicals & we'll submit our police checks at the same time. How long should it take after that to get an answer. Cheers
  18. Thank you for all your responses... So we need her birth cert, have bubba registered and have her passport ready for our medicals. Does our baby have a medical?
  19. Hiya. We lodged our visa at the end of March & our CO was assigned at the beginning of May. We received an email from our CO requesting our supporting docs, we uploaded them and responded with an emailing her informing her that I was pregnant and due in September.
  20. Hello. A case officer will be assigned to you within a few weeks. You will receive an email he/she will instruct you as to what you need to provide. You will be given 28 days to submit your information. We submittted our 176 eVisa on 26th March & had our Case Officer assigned on the 3rd May, we submitted our supporting docs on 13th May; however our application is on hold as I am nearly 6 months pregnant & have to wait til after the baby is born to have my medicals. Hope this helps. Jo
  21. Afternoon everyone! We submitted our 176 visa online on Sat 26th March, we uploaded everything that was required at that time i.e. passport copies, marriage cert, qualifications etc.. However whenever we log back in to track our progress it says this items are still required... Is this normal... How long roughly will it be until we're assigned a Case Officer? Is it the CO who then requests medicals and police checks from us?
  22. JoRed4

    176 Granted

    Congratulations. We applied online for our 176 on Saturday. So what are your plans now... When do you plan to go... Very excited for you. 8th June Applied for AQF III - 26th Aug '10 Passed AQFIII (Landscape Gardener) - 2nd Nov '10 Applied to TRA - 28th Nov '10 Passed TRA - 11th Jan '11 Submitted SS to South Australia - 28th Jan '11 SS Docs received by SA -22nd March '11 SA SS Approved - Lodged 176 eVisa 26th March '11
  23. JoRed4

    Continue or Delay with 176??

    My OH has had SA SS Approved. We have submitted our 176 Visa application online this weekend & attached all our docs. I am 14 weeks pregnant. From other people's timelines it looks like a CO will be assigned in about 4 to 6 weeks and then Meds requested about a month after that... I've read with X ray machines being far more advanced these days that as long as you're not in your 1st trimester; having a chest X ray is considered to be fine. However if we have the X ray say end of May beginning of June & a decision is made not long after; baby isn't due til 22nd Sept we will then have to pay according to other posts I've seen around £1200 for a child visa and wait approx 7 months or do we ask the CO to delay things slightly for us; I have the X Ray after baby is born and then just submit a form re change of details i.e. an additional member of the family and do it that way? The changes that are due to happen on 1st July won't affect us regardless, will they as we have already lodged our visa application? Assuming we are granted our visa we weren't planning on going til next summer anyway.. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated... 8th June Applied for AQF III - 26th Aug '10 Passed AQFIII (Landscape Gardener) - 2nd Nov '10 Applied to TRA - 28th Nov '10 Passed TRA - 11th Jan '11 Submitted SS to South Australia - 28th Jan '11 SS Docs received by SA -22nd March '11 SA SS Approved - Lodged 176 eVisa 26th March '11
  24. JoRed4

    SA SS received today!!!!

    Woohoo!!! We got the email this morning... God I thought it would never come....... State Sponsorship Approved!!!! Will be rushing home this evening to get everything sent through to DIAC!! 8th June Applied for AQF III - 26th Aug '10 Passed AQFIII (Landscape Gardener) - 2nd Nov '10 Applied to TRA - 28th Nov '10 Passed TRA - 11th Jan '11 Submitted SS to South Australia - 28th Jan '11 SS Docs received by SA -22nd March '11 SA SS Approved.
  25. OH is currently filling out 176 visa application online, he had points on his licence which have now been removed.. On the form the question is Have you or any other person in this application, ever been convicted of a crime or offence in any country (including any conviction which is now removed from official records)? Does anybody know does he need to include this information or does he leave blank; is this considered a crime/offence?