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  1. I have taken the plunge and done CPV and am now moving permanently. I have left $10 with government. What exactly does this cover? Have been told it is for healthcare? Do I get it back? Do I get interest on it? I land on 10 November 2014. Is that when I a permanent resident or does that just 'activate' my visa. Can I then move in and out of the UK as much as I like until 2019? Also, I need to buy a home. Will I get the first time buyer grant and how much is that as I think the recent budget changed things? I believe that 'pensioners' do not pay the full stamp duty - so what percentage do they pay? I have looked on the government website and are still not quite sure what is what. Can anyone recommend a good book on moving to Australia? BB
  2. I have applied for offshore contributory parent visa, but am considering changing to offshore non-contributory parent visa as I have property in the UK and my pension will be frozen and I would like to get some money together before I actually live in Australia. I am staying here on a Visitor Visa and it is soooooo expensive. I know there is a long waiting list, but in the meantime I could carry on visiting with a Visitor Visa. Can anyone tell me what are the pros and cons of each visa? Also, could I buy a house if I am waiting on a non-contributory parent visa when I have sold mine in the UK?
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    tax query

  4. brooks

    tax query

    I am coming to Oz soon and applying for residency. Questions: a) if I put money into an Australian bank will my interest be taxed in UK and Oz till I get residency? b) I have been told that 'foreigner's' putting money into an Oz bank will be taxed at 50% - is this true? c) would it be best to put my money into a long term fixed rate account as interest rates seem to be falling? Anyone got a crystal ball? and finally: ............. with regard to the crystal ball - shall I move my money in case the £ falls further - or wait, hoping that the £ excahnge rate will get better for me!!!! sincerely, Confused
  5. I want to move to Australia and need to sell my house. Is anyone interested in lovely, modern two bedroomed detached house north of Bury? If you are moving back, let me know.
  6. It's all going round in my head: Tho' my daughter lives there, not sure I should give up my life in England. If I do move - conrtibutory, or non-contributory parent visa? What if I pay and I don't like it and want to come home? Also, my state pension will be frozen and my income is limited as it is! I CAN'T sell my house - should I rent it out and wait for things to get better? Should I pay to send furniture over, or buy new in Oz? I own a flat which I rent out - should I TRY to sell it at a 'knock-down' price, or wait till the £:dollar ratio gets better and ... and.... and.... I would hate to get to Australia and find that after all the expense (and loss of either income, or a greatly reduce price on property) I can't afford to live there. Has anyone got a crystal ball to help? or . . . . am I just a whinging Pom?
  7. brooks

    CPV apply in UK or Australia?

    Help! Am I best applying for a CPV in Australia or in UK. I will be visiting Perth in September and could stay permanently. If I want to spend time in UK (I have a business to deal with until I sell it, and a house to sell) I believe I can only leave Australia for 90 days max - what is the situation applying for a CPV offshore?
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    My daughter lives near Hillary's Boat Harbour and keeps a horse about 30 mins drive away. She just rides and turns the horse out into a paddock - no mucking out in the freezing cold etc like in UK. She loves it and has made quite a few friends and has just returned from a riding holiday in Melbourne and had a fantastic time. So, if you are used to horses, go for it.
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    Parent Visa questions

    What are the differences between applying for a Contrib Parent Visa while in the UK and waiting another six months till I go on holiday there and applying while in Australia. A difficulty I have is that I have rental properties in England which need attention from time to time (I am embarking on selling them). If I apply in Oz I am not allowed to leave the country for more than 90 days - so what about if I apply while in the UK - does the same rule apply and - does is take longer to process the Visa? Any help would be appreciated!
  10. brooks

    Information needed, please

    Where can I get info re Aged Parent Visa versus Parent Visa? ie how long is the waiting list for Agent Parent Visa versus Parent Visa? Can I get a two year visa while I wait? Can I then buy a house in Australia while I wait and, if so, can I get a first time buyer grant? How much will the two year visa cost? Where can I find all this information