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  1. IrishDigger

    Finally, decision made, back to the UK

    Interesting to read the comments on how the UK has changed after being absent for 10 years. I have been in Australia for 55 years and so I reckon there would have been a few changes since I left under the £10 Assisted Passage Scheme.
  2. IrishDigger

    Sell in May....

    Retire on Dividends - https://www.retireondividends.com/peter-thornhill.html I don't know Peter Thornhill and have no association with him but I found the above interview very interesting given that I have a swag of shares in a Listed Investment Company that provides me with capital growth and income through dividends.
  3. IrishDigger

    What are you watching tonight?

    New series of Poldark starts tonight on the ABC and so that will be our watch for tonight. Cheers
  4. IrishDigger

    Favourite tv cop.

    Forgot to add Inspector Foyle.
  5. IrishDigger

    Favourite tv cop.

    On the British side, Inspector George Gently followed by Vera. On the American side, Blue Bloods. Going way back we were avid viewers of The Bill until it 'jumped the shark' and the same goes for Hamish McBeth. On our visit to Scotland in 1999 we visited the town of Plockton were the Hamish McBeth series was made.
  6. IrishDigger

    Port Fairy - Great Ocean Road

    We have always enjoyed our visits to Port Fairy which was originally called Belfast. Another nearby town steeped in Irish history is Koroit and well worth a visit, http://www.koroitirishfestival.com.au/about-us/about-koroit
  7. IrishDigger

    Anzac Day - Lest We Forget

    Could you please quote the source of your information. If it did occur and I repeat IF - I would be in disagreement, my reason being that they should not be singled out and placed in a group according to their race; they should parade with their respective service and then according to their Unit/Ship/Squadron.
  8. IrishDigger

    Moving to Geelong on 187

    I suppose you are now a Cats supporter? http://www.geelongcats.com.au/
  9. IrishDigger

    Melbourne shop bans blacks

    'The Blacks Of Europe' is a quote from the book ‘The Commitments’ by Irish author Roddy Doyle and was made famous in Alan Parker’s film version. The scene portrays Jimmy Rabbite Jnr. trying to set up a band which he will manage. He is trying to convince the assembled musicians and singers that the band should play soul music. The line is his sales pitch to convince them that it is a North Dubliner’s right to play soul music. It is meant to be glib and not meant to in anyway claim the historical experience of the Irish is on par or equivalent with that of Africans or African-Americans.
  10. IrishDigger

    Melbourne shop bans blacks

    I can understand his frustration but at least he left the Irish out of it. http://irlanda.ie/wp-content/uploads/no-blacks-no-dogs-no-irish.jpg
  11. IrishDigger

    Illegal for Children to travel to school alone

    I was going to quote the above article but well and good, you beat me to it. In regards to the quoted ABC article, I think the comments by Emma Aldersea from the law firm Slater and Gordon puts the 'walk to school issue' into perspective.
  12. IrishDigger

    Are we heading for WWIII

    Worthwhile pondering on what this bloke has to say, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KU5taO5vRDo
  13. IrishDigger

    UK Police Officer moving to Victoria

    Which means that the person you spoke to really didn't know, best way is to submit the application and let it go through the process. Best wishes
  14. IrishDigger

    Wagga Wagga

    It is also a garrison town but there is nothing wrong with that.
  15. IrishDigger

    UK Police Officer moving to Victoria

    Matt, I take it from the topic heading that you are a serving police officer and so I reckon you ought to use your investigative skills and do some research. If you wish to continue in the job in Victoria, here is your first clue, https://www.policecareer.vic.gov.au/ The Victoria Police is about to launch into a big recruiting campaign and so now could be the right time. You do not need Australian Citizenship but you do need permanent residence status.