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  1. Hi ... We are looking to move, but are staying within the manly area of Brisbane. We wondered if anyone could recommend a good, reasonable company? We've considered Wridgeways and Grace but they are pretty pricey .... unfortunately we don't have enough burly strong mates that we could do it ourselves - sad, but true :twitcy:
  2. Daffod1lly

    Childhood studies and early years

    I had my degree assessed in QLD and was assessed as being eligible for employment up to and including the position of director/co-ordinator of a childcare centre. If you want to be primarily 'responsibility-free' to start with, you may want to consider a position as a Childcare assistant or Kindergarten assistant - a role which you would be easily able to do. However, these are pretty badly paid. Though you may be okay with this, if you just want to find your feet and get yourself known initially. A Group Leader can earn anything upwards of $40 000 a year and they really do vary from centre to centre - be aware that some are quite strict about wanting people with current and relevant curriculum experience. Another option at first, may be to consider relief work with C & K kindergartens - they pay 'roughly' $22 an hour for a kindy assistant, $24 for a childcare centre assistant and around $28 an hour for a Group Leader within their C & K centres. Also, try having a look on Seek.com.au - put Education & Training and Brisbane into the search bars and you'll be able to get a view of the roles and wages on offer.
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    Childhood studies and early years

    Hi .. Just thought I'd pop by and add my experience as you are in a very similar situation to me. I also qualified with a First class BA (Hons) in Early Childhood Studies. As Sammy1 said, you won't be eligible here as you need the extra year - to make up to the 4 yr full time duration expected to enable you to teach here. The one thing I will say though, after applying to three different Uni's, I found I was not eligible to complete a post-grad. After each Uni explained why, I still couldn't make head nor tail of their explanations. Roughly speaking though, it was something to do with the set up of our degree and the components of the study programme. Each Uni however, would accept me onto their undergraduate programme .... Though this wasn't straightforward either. Two of the Uni's would only give me 2 years worth of credit ... Leaving me with two more years to complete. In the end I signed with USQ as an online student as they were happy to credit me with my 3 years of study..... Leaving me with only the 4th year of study to complete. I have to say they have been great - supportive and very well-run for online students. I definitely agree with Sammy1 on her point about doing your study here - this will really benefit you in enabling you to familiarise yourself with the different early years curriculums and will be a positive aid to helping you when you seek your first teaching position here. I was originally tempted to do the Graduate Teacher Programme in the UK before I moved - what a waste that would've been, as its not recognised here at all ! One last thing, please bear in mind I'm in QLD and so can only advise on what happens in this state .... This may well not be the case elsewhere in Australia. Good Luck :wink:
  4. Ahhh ..... We've only been here two years, but even we struggled a little .... we have season tickets for Queensland Reds, so had a teeny bit of mixed loyalties. Still not enough to stop me getting my Welsh gear on though :wink: Same couldn't be said for my 11 year old unfortunately .... though his parents are both Welsh - he was born in England and insists he's English, though he's now starting to feel like he is 'nearly Australian'!! Oh dear - where is the loyalty :wacko:
  5. Ooh .... that is sooo below the belt :sad: Though .... I'll have you know welsh boys don't cry ..... they come out fighting .... wait and see .... :tongue:
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    Brumbies vs Wales

    Don't even get me started on the decision to kick away our possession in the last two minutes ... unbelievable! Real shame .... thought we had it in the bag :cry:
  7. Hmmmm! Am jealous! Just missed out on bumping into (or should that read stalking?!) them at the pool at southbank in Brissy .... not meant to be :cry:. Shame ... 'cos I love being surrounded by the sexy lilt of the welsh accent .... :wubclub:
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    Bill Bailey Qualmpeddler

    You'll start to think I'm stalking you .... :twitcy: But .... we love Bill Bailey .... looked this up and found he's in Brissy too. Yay! Off to book our tickets now - thanks for posting
  9. Daffod1lly

    Brumbies vs Wales

    Awww we were gutted! Atmosphere was fab though and a fair few Welsh turned out. Unfortunately our lads looked slow and half-hearted compared to the Wallabies. Mind you, I'm blaming jet-lag :wink: Have to say though, it was a tough one for us to watch as we are avid Reds supporters and have season tickets. Had to fight the urge not to cheer when Genia and Higginbotham both scored tries. I still reckon wales can do it ... they just need to show some of their Grand Slam magic ... and maybe send home one or two that played last night!!! Hope your game will be a better one for us!
  10. Daffod1lly

    Brumbies vs Wales

    If they were, they might not tell you in case you suggested joining them :twitcy: Mind you, I'm off to see them in Brissy tonight and have my flag cape ready too! Hope they have a fab tour ! enjoy your game!
  11. Just wondered .... On the off-chance .... Is anyone here planning on going to this at the Suncorp? I can't wait!! I have all my welsh gear (sad but true) and am raring to go .... We haven't come across many other Welshies here - but I think the OH is hoping there'll be a fair few of us cheering on Wales, probably so that I won't be the only one with a blow up daffodil :laugh:
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    Wales v Australia rugby union in June - anyone going?

    We'll look out for him :laugh:
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    Those that are living in Australia now...But not forever....

    I agree with this wholeheartedly! It's really lovely to see people having respect for the diversity of others' feelings and offering words of support :wubclub: Really feel for you! Having read many of your posts over time, I can see how things have been very difficult for you here. We are in a different situation as we are very happy here and have all felt very settled since day 1, but nonetheless have faced other difficult challenges that have cropped up along the way. The emigration process is a massive one - full of so many different challenges. Nothing can prepare you for it and no-one can possibly know how the process will affect them until they are here and in the midst of things. There's far too much in the way of unnecessary 'slagging off' that goes on regarding the Oz v UK argument and it's refreshing to see someone willing to discuss their difficulties without turning it into a vendetta against one country or the other. It's lovely that you've started this thread as a means of support for those who are experiencing difficulties and it's great that everyone can support each other. I wish you all the best and really hope things get easier for you soon :wubclub:
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    I need help from the ladies....

    Yep ... Same in Brisbane. They all seem to be very busy too ....
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    Free Brumbies ticket

    Would've loved it - if we were nearer! Especially with the result as it was :wink: Looked so freezing there though!
  16. Daffod1lly

    Wales v Australia rugby union in June - anyone going?

    Worked in The Bull for a good few years and spent many a happy weekend pub-crawling in Caerleon too...... think everyone did :laugh:! Needless to say I didn't pub crawl in Pontypool!! We've been in Brissy for two years and love it here. Funnily enough, was gonna post it here a few posts back ... But figured most people have seen it by now. Sooo good!
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    $19 for a paperback book!

    Some great advice here .... I am a real bookie and though I do use a kindle, I never get the same pleasure from it as I get when I curl up with a paperback. Books here can be extortionate but I shop around ..... I use the charity shops, the library, the discount book shops and also the book exchanges in our area.
  18. Daffod1lly

    Wales v Australia rugby union in June - anyone going?

    :twitcy: No comment! Now you are supposed to be my mate .... surely you wouldn't snitch?? :wideeyed: Can't help with the Melbourne one, but for ours in Brissy, the stadium had all the info and then the tickets were going through Ticketek..
  19. Daffod1lly

    Wales v Australia rugby union in June - anyone going?

    Newport eh?! Not sure I'd advertise the fact :laugh:. Can't talk though .... As I'm originally a Pooler girl! Hubby's from Caerleon! Loads of places to have a few beers before the game .... in Caxton street - just a stones throw From the stadium, it's where everyone hangs out beforehand.
  20. Daffod1lly

    Wales v Australia rugby union in June - anyone going?

    Not sure where you are but I don't think the tickets are on public sale for the Brissy game until 22nd May. We managed to get ours on Pre-sale as we are Queensland Reds members..
  21. Daffod1lly

    Finding it hard need a little support

    I have no idea - sorry
  22. Daffod1lly

    Wales v Australia rugby union in June - anyone going?

    My son is a bit the same! He considers himself English (born in England!) but has well and truly embraced the Australian way of life ... So it's a tough call for him too! Ps ... If u want one of those attractive daffodil hat things, let me know - my auntie posted it to me specially for the game. Now I am Welsh through and through .... But I draw a line to what I will do for my home country :laugh:
  23. Daffod1lly

    Finding it hard need a little support

    Really feel for you ... Read you last few posts and it seems very unfair! Unfortunately the whole migration process takes over your whole life and it's very easy to eat, sleep and breathe nothing else while it's all going on. To have that pulled away from you is very cruel! I do hope you can keep at it, stay positive - I really hope something gets sorted ASAP and things get better for you. :wubclub:
  24. Daffod1lly

    Wales v Australia rugby union in June - anyone going?

    We'll be going to see them in Brissy .... Though I think they are also playing in Melbourne and Sydney too ....
  25. Daffod1lly


    Can't give your a definite answer but this was my experience in Queensland ... I had already completed a three year degree and contacted a university directly to gain advice as I knew I had to have a four year degree here (to teach). They told me they wanted transcripts and full module descriptions so they could assess what I had already done and see where I would fit within their degree program's. I was eventually given the three years' credits. Friends of mine have been in similar situations .... One who had only completed a year, had to restart completely and another who had previously completed two years, was given one year's credit. It seems to vary according to each Uni and also the specific program itself. It's definitely worth contacting a few uni's and also, in my experience, the program leaders are often the best source of personalised advice - rather than general study advisers, as they take ages to reply and often just shunt you around the system. Good luck - hope you get the advice you need.